Hi!! Guys this is Shivika on duty with 1st episode of “”O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S””.

Thank you guys for all the energy boosting comments all they many didn’t comment but all those who did made my day. Thankuuuuuu.
So here I present you with the very FIRST EPISODE OF



A lavish mansion is shown the screen zooms on the name plate of the mansion and the words written on it are
The mansion is tightly secured and guarded by many guards who are fully armed. The mansion is under CCTV surveillance 24/7.
Lets go inside this big and beautiful mansion three ladies are seen doing puja in the house temple. They are none other than dadi, Jhanvi and our O My Mata queen ? Pinky. Before the puja ends they are joined by Shakti. Right then some one is seen coming from the staircase, holding his head high and pride and arrogance clearly visible on his face.

In the suburbs of the city a beautiful villa is shown with lots of greenery around the house or shall I say the beautiful
Although it is one of the most spectacular sites of London city yet very simple and pretty.
Tring Tring
Before The door ? bell could knock an elegant yet beautiful women opens the door with her most gorgeous smile and serenity is clearly visible on her face which means she already knew who would be on the door ? of her house, she welcomes the person standing on the door and leads that person into the house ?,
The first thing she does after that person is settled is
Lady: Abhishek go and wake ur princess’s up no one can wake them up except you and Karan. I am fed up of these three. They never leave a chance to irritate me and trust me its easy to bang ur head on wall rather than waking them up.

Yes guys the man who entered a while ago is none other than leading business tycoon ” Abhishek Singhaniya” .
He without arguing with his sweet wife move to first floor but only after giving a smile to his beautiful wife and pecking her cheeks while moving upwards or I shall say while running upwards so that his wife shouldn’t scold him any further he winked at her, and went on his every day mission to wake his princess’s up.


1st Floor
Centre room
Three very cute boys are seen sleeping the first one is our sweet and innocent lady killer Rudy, who is sleeping less on the bed and more by cuddling to his long hair creature Omkara who is sleeping with an adorable smile which shows lot of satisfaction and next to him is billuji giving his million dollar ? frown ? look like even in his sleep ? , he is dreaming about some business.

Suddenly some sound is heard, whose sound is this, screen shifts to the side table where an alarm clock is kept



It’s not that


Screen shifts to main hall where a war is going on between Pinky and her jethaniji and definitely this is enough to wake up the not so sound sleeper billuji or SSO.

Back to the room
Shivaay gets up from his bed as soon as he hears the loud noise of his mom he shakes his head in disbelief and wakes up Om as he was getting late, as soon as om was about to get up something happened that made the two OBro’s to forget the fight of their mothers and left their mouths open in a perfect and big O. Lets see what happened as soon as Omkara was about to get up

Rudra: Hey! Beautiful where are you going and that to without giving me a kiss.
And without listening to anything and with closed eyes ? he began to lean on om and om being terrified moved back but when it was getting difficult to control Rudy so he pushed him

Rudy on the floor
Back to cry baby ? mode
Gives annoying looks
Complains like a lil bro

1st floor
Centre room
The big and beautiful room with a king size bed is seen and a big photo ? is there hanging on the back of the bed which is of none other than our four adorable heroines.
3 girls are seen sleeping with an adorable and content smiles on their faces.
A man enters their room and he is none other than Abhishek he smiles seeing all his daughters cuddling to each other and sleeping. He moves towards the bed and while slightly caring the hair of his daughter he sits on the bed and in a very slow and sweet voice says
Abhi : Hey my sweet little princess ? get up my bachaa.
No responce
And now a bit louder but with the same sweet tone he continues get up ishu , get up bachaa
Ishu , Soumo together: Ohooo alarm clock please thodi der soona do na bahut aachi neend arahi hai (let us sleep ? our dear alarm clock)
While saying this Ishu who was nearest crept into his lap.
Anika : Pops aap bhi chup chap soo jao I know ma nai aap ko subha subha utha kar marathon Mai bhagna ka liya bhej Diya ho ga
(Pops you also sleep as I am sure mom would have sent you to run a marathon early in the morning)
Abhi (in a bit monotonous tone replies) : Ha Vo tho hai after all you know. Ur mom so well
Saying this he to gets inside the comforter as Ishu was constantly dragging him.

After about half an hour

Someone enters the room and gets highly annoyed seeing her four lazy bones.

Pragya( angry ? but not in a shouting tone says sarcastically) : Seems like all are very busy and tired as well.
abhi who was a bit awake listening to her and without recognising just nods his head in agreement which irks pragya more and now she speaks while shouting
: Tum sab uuth raha Ho ya Mai paani laao
(you all are getting up or shall I bring water to wake u guys)

This was enough and all the four lazy heads who were sleeping till now get up by saying in a monotone rather I should say by singing ? : Goooooood mooooooorning mummmmmmmy.
They all get up and go to hug her and rest their heads on her shoulder
Pragua : Within 30 minutes I want all of you on the dinning table or you all will have to prepare the lunch and dinner today .
All again in a monotone: Ok hitler mummy
(this brings frown ? on pragya’s face but before she says something all disperse to their respective rooms by saluting her and she leaves to the kitchen with a slight smile playing on her face.)

The entire oberoi family ? dines together to have their breakfast and talk a bit about their day and move to their respective works. After coming back pinky takes up her favourite topic of her hera beta’s weddings and asks her jethaniji to choose a good wedding ? planner and Jhanvi promises her to find out best wedding planner for their shivaay’s weeding.
Their day ends with all these discussions going on and the three O bros sweet and cute talks and teasings.
(Shivaay is going to marry a profit package ? of 5000 crores well I mean to say Tia Kapoor)

Scene morning dinning table
Pragya brings food ? for all and begins to serve them.
Anika to Abhishek : Papa when is bhai going to come back.

Abhishek looks at Pragya. Pragya answers
Pragya : Ani don’t worry ? your bhai will return in two weeks as his project has been passed but he wants to stay their for minor detailing so that no flaw is left.
You know how he is in case of work he always prefers perfection.
Satisfied with their mom’s answer they sit on the table and begin their food when Abhishek’s ? phone rings and the name on the screen is shown as “KARAN”. All the S Sisters jump to take the phone but abhi takes it and puts it on.

Karan: Hello sweetheart’s so Ho gayi aap sab Ki subha.
(Good morning sweetheart’s so all of you have got up)
He saw all of them as it was a video ? call.

All the sisters in a monotone: Good morning bhaiyu.

Karan : So kiddos u are ready for your adventure.

Soumya : Konsa adventure.
Ishu and Anika also made a blank face as if they don’t remember anything.

Karan, Abhishek and Pragya look at them in disbelief as they were very excited ? for their trip and now they are saying as if they had a memory loss ????.

Karan : You don’t remember about your trip to India come on kiddos ( he said all this all most shouting at the top of his voice)

Ani Ish Soums : Ohhhh no
hamai toh uskaliya shopping ? bhi karni hai.

Anika: Phel Gaya raita sirf aaj ka din baaki hai aur kitna kaam pada hai.

Ishu (dramatically) : Haya bhagwan kitna Sara kaam hai Jo in Naha kanndhoon par hai ( so much of work is there an these small shoulders)
Rest all banging their hand on their head said together: Chup kar drama queen ?

After talking with Karan and finishing their breakfast all the three sisters leave to shop for their journey to India , their home land. After coming back they pack their bags and go to bed but not before wishing their parents good night ? and sweet dreams.

Pre recap for epi 2 ::
The S sisters land in India.

Anika and SSO meet full of taadi.

Ishu and OSO meet full of misunderstandings.

Soums and RSO meet full of nok jhok.

Guys please do comment as your comments motivate me to continue the ff.
And galliyan and talliyan are equally accepted. So pls don’t hesitate even while giving negative comments.
So the suggestions that I have received for Karan S. Role are
1. Arjun Bijlani ( last seen in NAGIN)
2. Barun Sobti ( last seen in IS PYAAR KO KYA NAM DOON)
3. Any other name you want to suggest

So Pls vote for the role so that I can finalise it.

Luv u ? all
Stay tuned for further updates.
Dil bole Oberoi

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