O Bekhabar…episode 3

O Bekhabar…..
Last episode :
I don’t know why today I was getting so nervous like if something special was gonna happen tonight I took out a saree from my cupboard and I was gonna change when somu entered my room in a pink and yellow saree .
Somu : suhani yaar ye kya hai , kaisi behenji ban kar jaa rahi hai chal ye pehan yuvraj birla ki dost nahi wife ban kar jaa rahi hai
She handed me over a netted bottle green saree . it was sleeveless yet I agreed as it was about his reputation.
(somu exits)
POV ends.

Somu : Krishna its done she agreed to wear that saree which yuvraj bought … don’t worry I didn’t tell her…
Lata : sacchi soumya yuvraj aaj suhani ko….
Pankaj : lata ji shhhhhhhhhhh…… suhani sun legi toh… uske liye yeh surprise hai
Lata : accha thike …….. shukr hai bhagwaan ji ka meri bacchii ko uski khushiyaan waapis mil rahi hai
Somu: Krishna I m so happy at last meri suhani ko uska saccha pyaar mil raha hai
Krishna : haan soumya suhani and yuvraj desrve this happiness after so many long yearns…
(suhani enters.. she was looking quite beautiful her hair was up in a curly bun with flits at the right side of her partition the saree hugged her petite figure she had pinned it up her shoulder exposing her waist
Her blouse had many doris and totally backless . she had wore a diamond set with the khandani kadas yuvraj had made her wear . she wasn’t uncomfortable with her look today as she was looking so only for him to look at she didn’t care about others today she couldn’t explain to herself why she felt so much about him today she had been controlling her feelings since so many months why couldn’t she control herself today???)
Somu , Krishna and her parents stared her in awe . then kriya and suhani left for the party in the car birla company had gifted Krishna for his hardwork and as a promotion facility

Yuvraj was wearing a black shirt and waistcoat with a blazer. the eagerness in his eyes was clearly showing how mad he was getting just to tell suhani hi s feelings .his bros were encouraging him rags and menka were making faces . dadi hadn’t turned up for the party as she was quite shocked after yuvraj told her that he loved suhani and was going to get her all that she deserves and dadi better not interrupt in his love life by saying anything against his love. Pratima was so elated that her son finally understood what his heart always said through his eyes..yet she couldn’t come due to(leave it not important)
Suhani finally entered the party banquet . yuvAni s eyes met .he couldn’t help but admire her beauty he wondered how he missed her out while she was close to him he was indeed a fool. He stood with her while people took photos of the couple. Some client came and requested yuvraj and suhani to join the salsa . they couldn’t deny
Suh: yuvraj I don’t know salsa
Yuv : just let yur hips sync with my hands (smirks)

Suhani was astonished at his bold statement she thought what had happened to him suddenly
(sholon si sholon si from shabd plays )
Sholon si sholon si teri aankhon ki yeh roshni kiske liye hai kiske liye hai( yuvraj holds her by her waist she hesitates a bit he gestures towards his shoulder she places her hands there)
Chandni chandni tere chehre ki yeh chandni kiske liye hai kiske liye hai(he twirls her around and moves his hands down her shoulders sending shivers through her spine )
Tera muskurana nazre yu jhukana mere liye hai bas mere liye hai (he lifted her up by her waist and rotated once )
He moved his hand through her hair hed her by her neck and bent her downwards romantically moving his hand through her waist . she pulled away and without looking towards him went out of the party. Yuvraj followed her .
She is walking alone on road whispering to herself: nahi suhani nahi control urself yuvraj tujhse pyaar nahi karta woh toh sirf dance kar raha tha …suhani for gods sake apni feelings ko apni dosti ke upar bhari mat padne de nahi to tu uski dosti hi nahi use bhi hamesha ke liye kho degi
A car comes up to her and honks , the screen opens and yuvraj invites her into the car so he would drop her home she agreed.
Yuv: suhani y did u leave d dance floor
Suh: I felt uncomfortable
Y: with me??
S: no.. uh . with d dance I am not used to this type of close dance
She didn’t even realize when he took her to BH.
S: yuv v came here but …
Y : its ur house only suhani just come in
S : (thinks) wats on him today
Y: (leading her inside ) I m very hungry and I know u must be too ill fetch something from the kitchen and ya don’t disturb my maa she must be asleep and don’t worry about dadi she wont say anything
S: hmm

Suhani sat idly on the sofa when suddenly yuv turned up with a plate of maggi
Y: nothing in fridge so I made this which I used to eat in midnights during boards sorry only one packet and one plate available other all plates rameshh I don’t know wat he did to them (he had on purpose hid the plate )
S: it s fine (enthusiastically) lets eat the special dish the great yuv birla has made for me
They were slurping the maggi into their mouth when suddenly their lips clashed with each other . suh pulled back and said sorry.yuv had enjoyed even that slight touch. He decided he was gonna tell his feelings to her now.
Yuv: suhani u know I m getting deaf and blind ..
S: what??!!
Y: yes
S: why didn’t u tell me before I would have taken u to a doctor.. yuv yuv
Y:(holding her waist whispering into her ears)so blind that I couldn’t notice how beautiful u r my eyes regained their sight just a few months ago…
S:( sighs) yuv..
Y: shh meri chappar chappar queen sh….. so deaf that I couldn’t hear my heart shouting out through its beats how much i love u
S: yuv u really mean wat u say I just cant believe my ears this is just like a dream sequence
Y: no it s real and perfect I love u suhani I m nothing without u u complete me
S: ( hugging him ) I love u too
Y(smiles) accha did u ever fantasy kissing anyone except that grasshopper who got lucky that night
S: shut up yuv that was an accident I never fantasied anyone except u
Y: then fulfil ur fantasy
S: wat
Y: ya come on be bold Jhansi ki rani
( she gave him soft light kisses on his cheeks )
Y:( holding his forehead ) suh seems like I ve to teach u something
S: wat??
Y: that u kiss me on my lips u understand

Suhani blushed yuv held her face gently and they shared a light liplock which ended claiming each other vigorously
Y: so how was it? kissing me after that lucky grasshopper
Suhani shyly smiled and said I never knew u felt such for me
Y: well u r very much bekhabar of wat u do to me suhani (kissing her forehead)

With this I come to an end u guys get my ff s next year now
Too tired with this hectic episode it took a lot of effort to fulfil this ff in one day
My thank u list:
Mumma for letting me try my first
Ampu my sis for the Maggie kiss idea
Napsha , shilpa ,shreya ,aqsaah ,neethu, somi, bhargavi,tejaswi u better read this fast I tried for u guys
Yuvani anshi sri and radha thanks for being my fist commentor and encourager

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode

  2. Yuvani

    It was just wow………………!!!!!!!! Enjoyed every bit of the episode……..What a confession………just amazing………..I could just visualize it……….Thank you sooooooooooo much……….will be waiting for your next ff……..

  3. superb fantastic excellent…
    its just a short story but beautiful story… thank u..
    and all the best for ur study..

  4. So sweet of u samyukta… It was awesome… Nowadays I’m not watching that stupid ssel… But ff was awesome …. Good to see kriya helping yuvani… N all the best dear .. after exam try to write 1 more ff

  5. Sarita

    superb superb superb while epi was superb specially maggi wala scéně

  6. Samyukta u nailed it sis…episode was mind blowing..im speechless..Finally suhani was happy…plz write more ffs if possible..good luck dear

  7. Nice one

  8. NAPSHa J

    its lovely dear.. I blushed hard while reading.. well done.. n all the best for ur exams.. by the way is it next month or next year?????

  9. lovely epi…very beautiful story but short,it really taken us to old memories.evey line is superb i just love it …plz come back soon.and all the best for exams..

  10. Samyukta

    Hi guys commenting 2 Ur comments. Thank u so much for so much love. Napsha my exams are next year in March. I gotta study. My mom won’t allow me to sit for hours at the laptop then. The last EPI took 4 hours yet I feel it to be incomplete yet I wanted to show more ….. Well guys I’ll write an epilogue for u .

  11. Samyukta dear i dont knw that ur going to end this ff so soon.anyway its a wonderful attempt.we will be waiting frvur next ff.thanks to ur mom who ecouraged u to do this.ending was nice.bye dear.

  12. Thanks a lot for writing this samyukta…U rocked it dear..Especially that maggi scene…But I felt very sad that this was short….ALL THE BEST FOR UR EXAMS DEAR..I was not feeling well today..But ur ff made me feel better…Sry for commenting late dear

  13. Neethu

    Sorry for commenting late dear..This was a fabulous episode!? The way you explained their emotions were beyond my imagination. I don’t have enough words to explain how happy this ff made me! You’re a very talented writer Samyukta. I hope u come up with yet another wonderful ff!!??

  14. Shilpa-Saraj

    Dear.. im sosrry.. i became late to coommemt.. it was amazing dear . . Something which i hv always wanted to see in the serial.. but the cvs just destroyed my dreams..but sweetie… you have once again recreated my dream scenes in a wonderful way.. love you.. just loved rhis epi to the core… pls come up with more ffs and ss an d os of yuvani . Waiting to read more from you dearie…

  15. Samyukta

    Thanks to all of u for Ur appreciation

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