O Bekhabar…episode 1

well hi guys i m samyukta this is my first ff i had a gap of 2 days before my 12th so i thought why not this so pls read it i shall be writing more next year i shall not stop reading ur works my exams went quite well and so i m very happy and decided to gift u guys how i wanted suhani to move on as .kriyam s confessionyesterday was the kind off ssel i missed i mean scenes that would give me goosebumps which i would to enact in my dreams…dedicated to napsha shilpa shreya(A fan ficwriter ) and all other yuvanians who however disappoint ed i was with the serial didnt let me get off yuvani through their ffs

O Bekhabar……………
(yuvAni os by samyukta ssk )episode 1
Intro : characters same as that in serial actually I m extending it after the day when beloved yuvAni found dada ji s formula ….
Location: suhani ‘ s room
Suhani POV:
Thank u thank u thank u bhagwaan ji apne hamaari bahut madad ki yuvraj ki madad karn e mein !!!!He would be so happy today !!! Seeing him , maa and dearest three bros so happy today I just cant explain how happy I m feeling !!
Somu s life is settled oooh! She and Krishna look so very perfect together. That very perfect which I once deemed my and yuvraj s relation to be. well even his friendship is accepted !!! but one thing wont change forever Mr. yuvi birla I loved u , I love u and shall always do… but I wont express it I don’t wanna force my love on u….

( Yuvraj barges into the room )
Suddenly I felt a pair of familiar hands around my waist which turned me around and pulled me into a tight embrace and swirled me over. “Suhani Suhani Suhani I m soooo happy Yes yes yes we did it dada ji s valuable hard work is now found thanks to yur hardwork!!” he exclaimed . Just friends suhani we r just friends remember that don’t get much engaged in his charms control urself this was all that was going around in my mind and I couldn’t pay heed to all that he was joyfully exclaiming to his so called female best friend that was me .All I could see was his hazel brown eye s shouting out his joy , all I could feel were his hands snaked around my shoulder like a shawl, all I could listen was him exclaiming my name and all I could smell was his cologne !! I came to my senses and expressed to him how happy I also was . Noticing our closeness at that moment I pulled back he did the same . I knew he didn’t want to give me ideas and I didn’t want to look desperate although I might quite be ..
End of POV

Saurabh enters the room with pratima and sharad . yuvAni looked shy and hid their blushing faces by looking elsewhere .the spectators smile they had witnessed all that had happened there a few minutes ago. Saurabh thought ,”may god sort out my bro s life too just like this this problem is sorting out.”
Sharad : well guru this win calls on for a party and anuj is arranging it in the hall come on lets celebrate drink and ya dance. I ve called somya and Krishna also.

Sau: ya sharad drinks!!!
Prat : only juice and cola nothing else sau or else god knows u might leak out the formula to someone while u r high
(all laugh )
At party they dance on” tamma tamma again” .Tired they all sit down on the floor .Dadi doesn’t like the party and heads to leave for her room .Rags follows her and menka is too busy with pakodas to see dadi huffing and buffing.Sharad announces lets play something .
Sau : truth and dare again pls
Yuv : k then …dadi dadi pls play na don’t leave
Dadi: nahi beta …. Accha thhike .

Krishna: yuv I think I and sowmya should leave now its getting late
Suh : no no somu Krishna wait na go after d game .
Yuv : if u want I ll ask driver to drop u after that alright .
Krishna and soumya: thhike
The bottle spins and land on Krishna and menka
Menka: Krishna truth or dare
Krishna : truth
Menka :u know right this somu is very demanding how are u , a beggar able to handle her
Soumya, anuj and suh: Menka bhabhi !!!
Krishna : with love I ll try to fulfil all that she demands I wont repeat my mistakes somu
(all clap)(somu blushes and says oh Krishna!!)

Yuvraj s POV:
I couldn’t much pay attention to what the rest of game my eyes were only wandering around those small stray hair which had got such good fortune to trace suhani s face . This is certainly not friendship that my eyes always look for her . This is certainly not infatuation as she has nothing that I thought would attract me yet I feel so very attracted to her not to her looks not to her body like if my soul was attracted to hers indeed in terms of soul she had the most beautiful one. Is this love gosh!!! I don’t even know what that is and until I come to know I cant even tell her .suddenly everyone was cheering for suhani … some part of game I had missed I started paying attention to d game then.
Soumya: chal suhani tune hi truth kaha batana to tujhe padega . chal bata tera pehla kiss ke bare mein
Suhani : chup soumya pls aur kuch

Sau : haan haan suhani sunao lagta hai kuch I interesting hai isliye soumya itna insist kar rahi hai just censor it a bit
Suhani : bhaiya aisa kuch nahi hai …aap bhi na …accha thike batatate hain” wo first kiss”
I couldn’t believe my ears till yet I believedthat suh had no boyfriend s I wanted to hear abou t my past rivals.. suhani started explaining “ so when I was thirteen there was a wedding at my home town fatehpur for my cousins wedding . I and somu were getting bored so we stole some palak pakori from the kitchen and rushed to the room where the tv was kept . we put on bacchan saab’s don and munched the pakori s .i wasn’t even looking at the pakori s just staring at the tv when suddenly somu screamed . it was a grass hopper I had caught hold of and put it on my lips . so technically that was my first kiss with that insect on my lips u don’t know how much I washed my lips after that . now happy somu getting me embarrassed in front of everyone “.

I was soooo relieved my rival was a grasshopper haha aha I burst out laughing while everyone was giggling suhani was embarrassed she went in . the day ended with dadi taunting suhani to be an insect herself I somehow controlled my anger and went to sleep dreaming suhani to be a hindi film heroine and me the hero. She is bekhabar of the kind of feeling what she transmits through my veins with every single expression of hers..

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  1. Yuvani

    I miss the old ssel so much that i am watching all these episodes in hotstar now……….thank you for taking me back to that wonderful time………….Episode was sooooo very cute…………I will be eagerly waiting for the next part………..Thank you

  2. fantastic episode.. after read yr ff i go back to old ssel.. yuvani chemistry their nok jhok i miss it.. infact i miss old ssel..
    waiting for next

  3. hi samyukta sis….superb episode.its really taken me to old memories of ssel scenes i love them.i like that grasshopper lines.i really missed yuvani cute fights.waithing for nxt epi.
    i know sis now i eneterd in 12 class….very imp yr.. ALL THE BEST FOR EXAMS get good percentage.

  4. Hi samyukta ff is very very nice dear.thank u soooo much fr this ff.all d verryyyyy best fr ff.

  5. Hii dear, it was awesome… All the best dear..

  6. Sarita

    superb dear nice start

  7. Superb epi dear…U will certainly make a gud writer..keep updating..

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