O Bekhabar…epilogue

Hi guys. Bonus gift for giving me 40+ notification in 2 days. This is specially on public demand .

Ten years later
YuvAni room is shown. Lots of photos on walls such as yuvani marriage photo,couple photo of valentine’s day, yuv and his maa photo, suh and yuv s photo with a girl , a small boy and a little elder boy.
Suhani is sleeping with herself turned towards the right side . Light snores can be heard when u go near her. Suddenly a 8 year old boy comes and sits beside her while the lil 4 yr old boy and girl of the photo come and hug her from behind on bed and cutely say,”mummaaa”. Suh yet snores lightly making the 3 lil ones giggle. They kiss her . Yuvaan and yuvani give her so many kisses that she gets compelled to get up. Yuv laugh is heard across the room . Saiyam goes up to him and hugs him and says dad … See your work is done Mumma is now awake u were saying correct she really is a lazy one….
Suh: yuv u say such things about me in front of our kids I won’t talk to u now. Yuvaan and yuvani giggle . And say. Mumma pls don’t be angry with dad na. He loves u !!!.
Yuv: ya suhani I love u
Suh.: Liar liar liar
Yuv : offo I said na baba I m sorry I want call u lazy ever now. And saiyam y Ru telling our conversation to mom.
Suh. This is nice u do mistake and scold my baby. Come here saiyam
Yuv ya right Mumma s boy
Yuvaani : Papa I m there na your girl
Yuv ( lifting her up ) yes baby your mine
Yuvan whose m I then
Saiyam : u re adopted
Yuvan. Ma see bhai is again teasing me
Suh: saiyam !!! Come yuvaan u re also mine and yuvaani u want only Papa not Mumma???
All three kids go to her give her light kisses and say Mumma we love u
Yuv saiyam yuvan and yuvani s Mumma I also
love u

All of them giggle
Ramesh enters and tell se children that prat called them the trio go happily
Yuv : suh. Happy 11 the marriage anniversary
Suh : omg I completely forgot same 2u
Yuv : yes miss bekhabar aapko kuch bhi maalum hota hai kya. (Pulling her cheeks)
Suh: sorry magar tumhara gift taiyyar hain
She goes to cupboard and pulls out a gift
Yuv says. Wait first u go brush and freshen up
Suh. Ok mr safai ka keeda

When she comes out of washroom she is wearing the saree kept for her in the washroom by yuvraj. She exclaims sadu ramhaath mein nahi de sakte the kya gift
Yuv is wearing the blue blazer and white shirt she gifted him. She is in a yellow jingling saree .
Yuv can u believe it suhani 11 yrs have passed
Suh maybe u can’t believe it but I m not surprised with u I don’t come to know how time flies. First saiyam used to consume all of my time and u were so jealous and now u re jealous of yuvaan also buddhu woh dono bhi toh tum hi ho
Yuv accha me and jealous ha ha. Mind u suhani today no saiyam no yuvaan yuvani no somu no maa no Krishna
( Author s note dadi died 5 yrs ago in an accident Krishna ( somu s hubby) died while saving her . Sonya then named her daughter Krishna who is saiyam s bff ( bonus for kriyam fans) somu lives with her mom and recieves ex-employee pension from Birla company for Krishna s death compensation . Unlike the serial somu yet loves suhani and vice versa. )
Suh. Accha thike today all of me is yours waise bhi tum Na….
Yuv tum grasshopper se toh better hi ho. Yahi kehna hai na
Suh. Yuv!!!!!
Yuv. Kya. Suhani grasshopper Ko kiss karne se se wo prince mein nahi Badal ta. Mein jaanta Hun tum ne yeh Jaan bujh kar liya hoga
Suh. Kyun mere paas tum ho na mere sapnon ke Rajkumar (and kisses him)
Yuv accha ab mein batata Hun ye Rajkumar kaise grasshopper se behtar hai(and winks , starts kissing her all the way down her neck…..

Done guys. Ab mein epilogue ka epilogue nahi dungi aur mujhe bahut comments chahiye. Thank u for so much love guys and sorry .. I am not writing until next yr now .Note saiyam is yuvAni s elder son while yuvaan and yuvani are their r yr old twins Shawna and Golu r in Lucknow as Sharad got a job there. Anuj handles Mumbai branch of Birla while Saurabh is abroad with rags and their daughter riya

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  1. SUPERB ONE SAMYUKTA…Thanks a lot for the epilogue dear…Waiting for ur next ff…Write it whenever u r free..

  2. Yuvani

    This is soooooooo cute…………loved the kids sooooooo much…….Thank you…………..

  3. awesome dear cute n sweet YuvAni family

  4. wow sweet nd cute family of yuvani..
    nd kids… luved them…
    thank you…

  5. nice epi….sweet nd cute yuvai family i love them….

  6. Neethu

    Thank you soo much for giving such a cute epilogue!!❤ I loved it throughout. Try to write another wonderful ff like this one.

  7. dear tis was my dream tat yuvaan, yuvani n saiyyam all r YUVANI’s kids.. u made my day.. was so happy to read tis part.. thank u a lot best wishes for u n take care…

  8. Awesome epilogue!!…best part was DADI’S DEATH?…happy family..good luck dear

  9. Lovely epilogue… Thnq dear for the ff…
    This is my last comment in ur ff I’m not going come in this site again which reminds me of YuvAni…. Anyway good luck dear for ur exam… Rip ssel.

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