NRI girl shot 5 (KB)

Hello everyone. In previous shot Ani has asked me my name. I thought to say about my writings firstly to the person bcoz of whom, I started reading fanfictions. I don’t read fictions but first time I read Maya sis’s U R N ALWAYS BE MY LIFE fiction. I love that fiction , so slowly I started reading all the fictions n I was mostly a silent reader. Recently I thought to write n now I’m here. I want to say to Maya sis at first but now she is so much under stress bcoz of her clg. If I say this , she will definitely read even she is busy ( for me). I don’t want her to became more stressed. Maya sis I love u…….

I’m Anusha n I’m from Andhra Pradesh. I completed my B.Tech last year n u can call me with any name u like.

Now coming to shot 4……

Pragya excused herself n left to room. She is not sad. She has mixture of emotions. She is happy how Aaliya supported her , how Abhi’s n purab’s hands formed into tight fists when Tanu said those words. When she is thinking , Aaliya came there like a Thunder followed by Purab and Abhi.

Aaliya : Darlu, I’m warning u too. By hearing Tanu’s words, if u also think like that na , I will kill u too.

Purab : Oye , Aalu how can u kill my sister for that.Don’t worry pragu I’m there na . If Aalu do like that na , I will lock Abhi & Tanu in one room.

Abhi : What ? Hey Purab what r u saying? How can u do like that to me Yar ?

Purab : How can Aalu say like that to my pragu then ?

Abhi : She is just warning man so that Pragya can’t think like that.

Purab : I’m also warning Yar so that Aalu can’t do like that.

Abhi : No , u r not warning her. U r scaring me . ??? Hey pragya if u think like that na I will also kill u. See how ur brother is scaring me by the name of warning my princess.

Purab : What u also kill her ? Wait I will call Tanu now to ur guest house and……

Abhi and purab are arguing n it’s keep on increasing with Aaliya support to her Bhai. Pragya don’t know what’s going on. Finally pragya fed up of their noises ..

Pragya : Stop it. I will kill u all 3 if u say a single word.
All r shocked n burst into laugh. All shared a group hug. All settled near on the bed and are discussing on various things.

Abhi : Princess, Pragya, what u both decided to do in future??

Aalu : Bhai, we both decided to start an NGO for children. O know I told. * Signs sorry to Pragya*

Pragya signs like it’s ok. Leave it.

Abhi & Purab : Do u have an idea how u both run that ? I mean it’s not like u can’t but u need experience na to start a business.

Pragya : We know Bhai. We have an assistant who will find the required members to run. We both don’t run that. We guide our employees how to run n we provide financial expenses.

Shock is not the suitable word to express the situation of both Abhi and Purab.

Abhi : Can u two explain about how u run all that in detail??

Aaliya : Bhai , we have a friend not friend but junior of different course.

Pragya : His name is Ronnie n he is also an Indian. He is so honest n not at all greedy.

Aaliya : We need Honest workers who are down to earth, not greedy .

Pragya: & also the person’s who show Empathy not sympathy to children.

Purab : what is Empathy ? What’s the difference between empathy n sympathy ?

Aalu : Purab , sympathy means ability to know the feeling of another whereas empathy means ability to feel like others are feeling

Abhi : How does it matter anyways?

Pragya : Here we are not only providing education, accommodation etc…but also a feeling like family to orphan children which can be given by person who can feel the same like other.

Aaliya : So Ronnie is Manager who select persons who are working for our NGO.

Abhi : How are u selecting ??

Pragya : For example for accounting section, we advertised about vacant. We received huge no.of applications. Out of them few were finalized. Yesterday night Ronnie gave information that out of 20 members one person is not at all greedy for money. So he has to undergo one final test that how he treats children only.

Purab : How r u deciding that a person is not greedy for money??

Aaliya : Purab , for dealing with accounts of our NGO, a person should not be greedy right. So we test that person like by anyway we give a money suitcase to him. If he is greedy he will use some amount of money n if not he will not even open that suitcase once n will return that suitcase to us.

Abhi : What if he escapes?? Don’t u have loss of money n how he will return ??

Pragya : Every suitcase has GPS n we can trace location n there is contact numbers on suitcase handle to contact us.

Abhi : How did u two done this? I mean u returned yesterday only na then?

Aaliya : Bhai, we told u na Ronnie is in different department . He came India 2-3 months back itself.

Purab : So , u both are CEO’s of NGO ???

Aaliya : No we r founders only.

Pragya : We see once a week how it’s running. When all works of NGO are completed na we will do job.

Abhi : Y ? What’s the need to do job when u two can manage NGO ??

Pragya : Oye , how can I donate money after my money gets over?? So I’m working n coming to Aalu , she wants to donate money which she earned on her own so…

Abhi & Purab are proud of their sisters n friends who are thinking in matured way. Even though they have money, they donated to organisations. This thought of starting an organization never crossed their minds.

Abhi : So dear founders, if u gave a chance can I also donate money????

Purab : Me too want to donate money?

Pragya : Mission NGO *gave her hand n all others placed their hands*

Abhi : Then what u both r doing now??

Aaliya : Bhai, we bought a land. Tomorrow we should finalise the building infrastructure, colors all. After this week we both are free until NGO finishes completely.

Purab : Then how can we 4 go to a trip ???

Pragya : Then what about Dadi??

I go to Ludhiana to stay with Indu came a reply from door. Dadi entered the room and they told her everything. Dadi is super happy by knowing about her children plans.

All gone to their rooms to freshen up.

During dinner….

Robin came to serve the dishes.

Aaliya : Darlu , he is Robin , our cook. Yesterday only he came from his home town.

Robin : Hello Mam .

Pragya : No , don’t call be Mam. Call me by name or di.

Robin : No mam. It’s ok.

Pragya : Call me di understood * in loud voice*

Robin : *shaking * ok mam , sry ok di.

All look at each other by knowing it’s Pragya’s prank to shout loud n laughed.

Aaliya watched Dadi to see pragya lovingly without a blink.

After dinner , Aaliya entered Dadi room.

Aaliya : Hi , Dadi.

Dadi : Aaliya beta. U came at this time??

Aaliya : Yes Dadi. I saw u were watching pragu without a blink so I came to ask about it. Do u have any issues with her??

Dadi : No beta. I saw her like that bcoz I am liking her more.

Aaliya : Liking more? Means??

Dadi : Beta, u know na how pragya made abhi understand n how she treats all. So , I ….

Aaliya : so u …. What Dadi? Tell me na?

Dadi : U know na beta. Any girl should get married , pragya too. With her , our home is always filled with laughs only in these 2 days. So I have a desire to get Abhi marry a girl like pragya or pragya itself.

Aaliya : U know na Dadi that Bhai have no interest in marriage.

Dadi : but we can’t get a girl like Pragya for Abhi na. If pragya get married to another person na she will leave us & ….

Aaliya : No Dadi. How can she leave me?? No I can’t let that happen Dadi.
*thinks some time*
S Dadi, no one will be better than my Darlu n no one will love her like my brother too

U see how Aaliya mehra do to unite my Bhai with my darling.


Pls forgive me for mistakes as I haven’t checked another time as my niece came.

Keep smiling all…

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  1. Prathi

    Hey! Anu hope I can call u so! This is so good and Abhi trying to run away from Tanu 😀 😀 😀 Purab threatening him in Tanu’s name I am enjoying it a lot.. Continue writing dear. Even I read Maya’s stories first then only I read Srimathi’s stories…

  2. Maya

    Oh god! Sis! It’s a pleasant surprise that u are writing story!????? Actually to say the truth I always feel u can write something good from the way u converse with me sis. So actually I am very suprised again! I had read the first shot sis. It was awesome and I tried commenting but not sure whether it was posted sis. So sorry for that. But I haven’t read the other shots yet. Sorry for that sis, and u could have told me earlier but this is also nice, a very sweet surprise??? I think the word surprise is more here? Ok sis I will read all the rest of the shots whenever I am free. Happy writing venture sis!???☺☺

  3. Reshma_Pradeep


  4. Sissy its nice

  5. Purab threatening abhi using TANU’S name made me laugh and please continue this and waiting for Abhigya’s love and aaliya’s next move and please di shall I call you as anu di pls and I am becoming fan of you and your update anyways waiting for next update

  6. Honey

    Hii anu, fromap, whr r u frm.I’m frm vizag but stays in Hyderabad …..episode was superb

  7. Honey

    From ap

  8. B_Ani

    its awesome anusha… nd i hope i can call u anu di or akka…also, me too telugu!!! nd i also first started with maya didi’s ff… ‘WILL U B WITHOUT ME’
    coming to the story…i really love pragya and aaliya in this. purab is so gud…and he threatening abhi…hehe! that was funny…nd me waiting to see wat aaliya will do…
    post soon…

  9. Saranya24

    Wow wow tis is so awesome in real kkb fed up of seeing alia separating them but here opposite wow waiting to see it and ngo idea hats off da love it love u??????

  10. superb update anu !
    waiting for your next update !

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