NRI girl shot 4 (KB)

Namaste everyone.

Shot 4

Pragya’s pov…..

In this whole world, I have only my dad. He is my everything. From my childhood onwards we live in Australia. When I’m was going to school, I saw children have parents n relatives. So I used to ask my dad about my mom. He told me that we don’t have any relatives & my mom , my elder sister died in an accident. Some neighbors adviced my dad to marry another woman so I can get Mom’s love (as it’s quite common to marry twice in those countries) . But he rejected their ideas. I remember now also what my dad told them

“I don’t have any heart to give to my new wife as I gave my heart to my wife ( my mom). My wife only died not my love for her.Only some persons can fall in love twice but I am not among them. Whereas about mother’s love to my pragya, I don’t think that a woman only can give mother’s love. Any person who love immensly can give love like mother. My life is her. I’m her mom n dad. In future, she will definitely get love ( sister’s love / brother’s love ) too by God’s grace”.

So my life is only my dad.I like to play Guitar, violin n piano.l like to dance too. As I was the only child my dad didn’t restrict to do anything. He gives me full freedom to learn anything. But he never allows me to stay somewhere other than home. I have friends in my school too. Some are good whereas some used me, some teased me but I didn’t felt that comfort with others which I felt with Aalu. So I asked about her n she told me that she stays in hostel. I asked her to stay with me. I took her to my house n told Dad that aalu will stay with us so he have to talk with her dadi.My dad convinced dadi. Then Aalu stayed with us.

Aalu has an elder brother, dadi who brought them & a best friend. I talked with Dadi so many times. She treats me like her granddaughter. I feel that if I had a grandma, she will be like her. I talked only few times with Abhi – Aalu’s Bhai as he is quite busy in his work. Even though he is unwell or too busy, he doesn’t forget to call her. I talked so many times with Aalu’s friend Purab. One fine day …

Prag : hey aalu, y r u sad dear?

Aaliya : Today is Rakshabandhan pragu.

Prag : Is it a festival to stay sad ???

Aaliya : ??? hahaha. No pragu. Every year I used to tie Rakshabandhan to my Bhai * says about festival* I always believe that if I tie rakhi, he will be safe there n Bhai will give gift to me.I send rakhi to him this year as I can’t go there due to schedule dear.

Pragya became sad by thinking that she don’t have anyone to tie rakhi at least. Aaliya who say this thought to cheer her.

Aaliya : Don’t be sad pragu, u can tie rakhi to my brother next year. We both celebrate that next year double.

Prag : Do abhi agree to be tied rakhi by me? I know he is possessive about u. I don’t think he will agree.

Before Aaliya give reply they hear calling bell sound. There is a gift for Aaliya from Abhi n there is a letter n gift for pragya. Pragya uninterestedly open them. There she receive a platinum bracelet which has a tag ” To my sweet sister”. Pragya was shocked n excited so much. She opened the letter.

Hi pragu, surprised right. I always became sad by seeing Abhi n Aalu’s bond that I don’t have a sister. I’m not jealous on them but there is no one to call me Bhai, to irritate me, to fight with me. U know when I talked with u first time, that day is the most wonderful day. I thought that God gave a sister to me in the form of u. Will u accept me as ur big brother my dear pragu…

Ur brother Purab.

On that day I realized I too can get tears ( here happy tears). There is only few times I get tears which can be counted with fingers. I immediately send the sacred thread from Temple to purab Bhai as rakhi by speed courier so that he can receive that day itself. That day I got the love (brother’s love) which my dad told bcoz of Aalu.

One day, I received a call from my dad in college hours. Dad never calls me in my clg timings. Even though, class is going on , I excused myself. Aalu also took permission. Then I lifted the call n collapsed on the floor by hearing the news. Dad’s colleague told me that dad had heart stroke. We immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctor informed that it is first time. But chances are very lessfor my dad to survive as he is very weak. We entered the ICU. He smiled by seeing us. All the time Aalu is crying but I wasn’t. I have faith that dad is s fighter and he never leave me alone. We both reached there, he gestured us to give our hands n gave my hand to Aalu. The last one he told is Take care of her Aalu (To Aaliya).

Aalu informed her family n purab Bhai reached through next flight. Dadi has health problem so Abhi is taking care of Dadi. Purab Bhai done rituals of funeral as elder brother. All the time, I didn’t talk with others. I can’t able to accept the fact that Dad is no more. He can’t do like this. What is the reason for me to alive? Aalu doesn’t see me like this. So she always try various methods to cheer me up. After nearly one n half month, one day I poured my feeling through tears. My father is not a person who will die n who will leave ne. He is my everything so now also my father is alive in my blood, in my mind, in my heart.

After our degree, Aalu talked with me to shift to Mumbai permanently. I agreed bcoz I only have Aalu in this life now. I can’t lose her too. I can’t see tears or sad expression in my Aalu’s face.

Today I got a new friend – Abhi. When he told me that I’m also a part of family, it touched my heart. Unknowingly tears formed in my eyes. I got a brother, dadi, friend, – a complete family through my Aalu who treats me like own family, what else I wish rather than praying for MY NEW FAMILY’S HAPPINESS.

End of pov…..

Next day morning,
Purab is feared to face Aaliya and Abhi as he thinks that now Abhi also knows his love matter. Abhi is coming to hall like a volcano which can explode anytime. Now purab is in tears. When Abhi is in front of him, he fell to his feet n is asking forgiveness.

Purab : Abhi please please forgive me , I didn’t do this intentionally. It just happened Yar. Pls Don’t break Ur Friendship with me.

Abhi : Purab , first get up Yar. I’m not angry on u.

Purab: I know about u Abhi. U will talk like this but later u won’t talk with me. If u want beat me……(keeps on blabbering)

Abhi shouts purab. Bcoz if his loud voice all assembled in hall. Pragys n Aaliya are in fear as Abhi is in angry mood and dadi Don’t know what’s happening.

Abhi : I told u na, I’m not angry on u anymore then y u r not believing me ??

Pragya and Aaliya are relieved.

Dadi : What’s this Abhi? Y purab is asking ur forgiveness n y u r not angry on him? What’s happening here?

Abhi explained everything (how pragya made him understand n what Aaliya told). Purab is super duper happy.

Pragya: But Bhai , I am angry on u.

Purab: Y pragu?

Pragya : U didn’t told me about ur love to ur sis n u didn’t introduced yet to my Bhabhi na?

Abhi / Aaliya / Dadi : S , we r also angry on u. Y u didn’t share this with us before? Y u suffered alone?

Purab : I’m sorry guys. I told u na, I was afraid that how abhi will react Soo….. Pls next time onwards I won’t hide anything. Pls pls forgive me pls….

Ok….. all agreed.

That day ends with their laughter, chit chatting all.

Next day….
Hi Aaliya screamed Tanu when all are having their breakfast.

Aaliya’s pov……

This Tanu came early morning itself. She is my classmate in 12th. She has no friends bcoz of her attitude n ego. We talked like hi n bye. When Bhai became famous, she became more friendly with me so that Bhai can suggest some modelling works for her. As she is my friend, Bhai worked with her in one album n through that she became famous for some time. After some months, she didn’t get any offers so she spread rumors that Bhai n tanu r in a relationship. Bhai told all that it’s false and she is my friend. So, her career has downfall.

Now , as her rumour has not worked, she stooped low by her present plan which is seducing . She always try to seduce my Bhai. He always felt so uncomfortable. I thought to slap her for behaving like that to my Bhai, but Bhai told me that LET IT GO. He don’t want that I have enemies that too like Tanu. So I’m bearing her. Yesterday she called me and asked about my marriage blah blah.. I lost my patience n told her all. Now I think she came here to pacify me n to get into my bhai’s good persons list. But she don’t know the fact that she is not even a human to my Bhai. ????

Tanu hugged both Aaliya & Abhi (touched abhi with wrong intentions). Poor Bhai he is bearing all this only for me. U have to do something Aalu to get rid of this Tanu.

Tanu : Abhi, what’s this purab is doing here? He cheated u and Aaliya. How can u forgive him easily?

Abhi / Aaliya : We know Tanu n we forgave him. What’s the big deal?

Tanu : *notices pragya* Aaliya who is she?

Aaliya : She is my darling Pragya.
Purab : My sister too.

Pragya smiles at her

Aaliya : Let me introduce, Darlu she is my classmate Tanu.

Pragya : Hi Tanu..

Tanu : What she is doing here?

Abhi : She is also part of family. She stays here only.

Tanu : why ? Is she an orphan ?

Aaliya slapped hard Tanu across her face.

Abhi/ Purab / Dadi : all shouts Tanu but shocked. By seeing Aaliya’s act, Dadi, purab are smiling but poor abhi only smiling inwardly.

Aaliya : Don’t u dare to say a single word against her. If u don’t want to get insulted by me , kindly don’t enter my house next time. What to u think that I don’t know how u touch my Bhai ah? My Bhai was silent bcoz he don’t want u became my enemy. He can slap u too but raising hand against women is not good one , so only he didn’t do that. U know y my Bhai n dadi didn’t talk to u bcoz we can’t talk with egoist animals like u. Purab doesn’t like u bcoz of ur attitude. Only bcoz u r my classmate, they don’t say anything. But not anymore. Who gave u rights to say against my pragu?


Now get out of my house permanently.

Security, secury ….

Security guard : Yes mam..

Aaliya : If I see her next time in my house or in front of my gate too ,
Remember I had a License Gun ( to Tanu and security) .


How is today’s shot ?

Hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

I hope this is long shot as it is 7 pages .

Hope there should be no spacing errors like last shot which happened while copy – paste functions.

Happy Hanuman Jayanthi

Keep smiling all.

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  1. Lovely work aaliya did love u aaliya and Abhigyalover and that tanu is shameless fellow stupid

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  3. THAT WAS JUST FAB…ME SUPER DOOPER HAPPY…MY HEART’S JUMPING OUT WITH HAPPINESS…i juz cant control…thank u so much didi…this was a wonderful shot…i loved it. i loved pragya’s bonding with aalu and the family bond. then the last part…aaliya became an animal coz tanu started badmouthing pragya!!! i literally loved it…
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    one of the best chapter it was !
    waiting to know what was pragya’s reaction after tanu’s disgusting words but I know abhi and aaliya is there for pragya as an biggest support !
    so eagerly waiting for your next update !

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