NRI girl shot 3 (KB)

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Shot 3 ….

When pragya reached the Aaliya’s room, she saw purab n Aaliya talking. She thought they need privacy so she was returning to her room but shocked to hear their conversation.

Aaliya : Purab are u really ready to marry me?
Purab is shocked to the core. He is struggling so much to say about his love matter to all but is afraid of Abhi’s reaction. Even though Abhi is kind, he doesn’t tolerate anything regarding his loved ones especially his sister. He doesn’t know how to react. He hugged Aaliya and started crying..

Purab : I’m really sorry Aalu. U know about the girl na who joined in my company 6 months back as my personal assistant. I donno know how n when but I fell in love with her. I’m struggling so much Yar to say this to all but * crying more* I can’t lose u all. Even though I love her, maybe I will stay alive without her but I can’t live without u all dear. I don’t know what to do.
Aaliya understands the situation. She thought to do something as She knows about her Bhai’s anger. She promised purab that she will set everything fine. Purab left from there.
Pragya is hell shocked. She left to her room n keep on thinking. She know how Aaliya is bound to her word to abhi n at the same time Aaliya wants her best friend’s happiness. After sometime, an idea popped in her mind n she went near Abhi’s room.
*Knock knock*
A reply came from inside “yes”
Pragya : Abhi. It’s me.
Abhi : * opened the door* oh hi. Please come inside. * Signs to sit*
Pragya : Can u give purab bhai’s number abhi ? He is not at home n I need to know one thing urgently so….
Abhi : Ya sure. *Gives the number*
Pragya now is leaving the room but stopped by hearing
Abhi : Is anything serious pragya ? I mean u can ask Aaliya na , but u r asking Purab so….
Pragya : Yes Abhi, it’s somewhat serious n Aalu might be tired of long journey so I thought to ask purab Bhai.
Abhi : If u don’t mind , * hesitates* u can ask me ? I can help u pragya.
Pragya : Thanks Abhi. But aren’t u busy right now? I mean it’s serious matter so it may take some time.
Abhi : No , I’m not at all busy now. *Moves sidewards so she can enter the room*
Pragya sits on couch nervously so abhi thought that issue is serious one so he have to listen carefully.
Pragya : My friend is engaged to a guy as per her father’s wish few months back. In next month their marriage is planned. But recently that guy told my friend that he fell in love with another girl. She told me this n asked what to do? She is confused to take a decision. What’s ur opinion abhi about this?
Abhi : She loved him?
Pragya : No , she don’t. She consider him as her friend. She agreed bcoz his father has decided n she loves her father.
Abhi : Then I think she should say no to marriage. Bcoz even if she married him , I don’t think she will be stay happy as his husband is loving another woman.
Pragya : I also told her the same thing , but
Abhi : But ???
Pragya : His father is short tempered so she is worrying what if her father do something to that guy.
Abhi : But, that guy should be punished for cheating ur friend.
Pragya : I don’t think so Abhi. Bcoz if he is a cheater , he can marry my friend n keep extramarital affair with his lover. But he told the truth to her & loving is not a cheating.
Abhi : I agree loving a person is not cheating. But loving after getting engaged is cheating. What if that girl really love this guy ? He is responsible in hurting her feelings na ?
Pragya : No one know how love hapens Abhi. It just happens. But here she is not loving too, so I don’t think he should be punished.
Abhi : *thinks sometime* hm . Yes, he should not be punished. N Ur friend should say to all these things to her father calmly so that he can understand.
Pragya : S , u r right abhi. But could you please come with me to Aaliya’s room ?
Abhi : ya sure. *Reaches Aaliya’s room*
Pragya : * Shows Aaliya *Abhi, meet my friend who agreed to marry her friend as per her father’s wish & her father is * points her finger to abhi*

When Aaliya is thinking what to do. At that time pragya came.
Pragya : Hey Aalu , what r u doing??
Aaliya : * she hugged pragya n says everything* U say pragu, what should I do
Pragya : u didn’t love Bhai Aalu?
Aaliya : I thought to fulfill my bhai’s wish so that only I agreed to marry purab.
Pragya : Do u felt bad as Bhai is not loving u aalu?
Aaliya : I’m happy as his friend darlu. Like Bhai, Dadi, u , I love him.
Pragya : So what’s there to think darlu. Say to abhi that u don’t want to marry purab.
Aaliya : If Bhai ask about the reason what should I say darlu ?
Pragya : Say the real reason dear. He can understand.
Aaliya : Darlu u didn’t know about bhai’s anger. I know he can understand when he is calm but he is short tempered. Moreover he thinks that Purab cheated me n will beat him blue and black.
Pragya : *thinks sometime* ok Aalu.I will make Abhi understand. Do one thing u say that U didn’t love purab when I came with ur Bhai to ur room. Be strong dear. Ok ?
Aaliya : ok pragu , but take care of yourself dear.

Flashback ends…..

Abhi doesn’t understand what pragya told. Once they entered Aaliya hugged Abhi.
Aaliya : *started crying* I’m sry Bhai, I can’t marry purab. I agreed to fulfill ur wish but purab is loving another girl Bhai. Please don’t beat him. He is our best friend. His happiness is important to us.
Now Abhi’s mind started working. So Pragya’s friend is his princess, that guy is purab n the short tempered father is none other than himself.
His mind is replaying all the things pragya has told n what he answered. At that time only one answer that mattered to him.
Abhi : Princess, do u love purab ?
Aaliya is surprised to see her Bhai asking rather than reacting .She told him what she felt for Purab.
Aaliya / Pragya : Please don’t be angry on him/purab Bhai na .
He agreed to that but he is now really angry on purab for not sharing about his love to him.
Abhi : Thank you so much pragya for making me understand.
Pragya : No need of thanks abhi. I did all this for my ….
Abhi : ur Aalu’s happiness right. ?
Pragya : Absolutely.
N the trio shared a group hug
Purab didn’t come that night for dinner bcoz he is afraid n guilty to see their faces. So he thought to come next day.
After dinner when all are leaving to their rooms
Abhi : Pragya…
Pragya : Yes.
Abhi : * nervously*I am thinking that …
Pragya : that…
Abhi : *forwards his hand* FRIENDS ??
Pragya : *shakes her hand with his hand* FRIENDS. ( Even though they r not strangers , the conversation between them is formal all the time)
They exchange numbers.
Abhi : From today onwards, don’t hesitate to ask / say me anything n no need to knock the door before coming to my room. U r a family member. Ok
Pragya : Accepted n reflected the same
* she has tears by hearing the word family *

So friends, do you like this shot or is it too emotional ???
Hope this shot is long one.
Keep smiling all ^_^

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