NRI girl shot 2 (KB)

Namaste all. I’m glad that some people like the concept. I’m not a writer dear so pls excuse me for my mistakes n I’m poor in narration sometimes (or all the times???)

Now coming to shot 2

Aaliya’s pov..

Today we r coming to my home country. I’m super excited to meet everyone especially Bhai. I love dadi, purab also but I love Bhai more. When my parents died , I don’t know whether I cried or not bcoz I am that much small so when I grow up also, I didn’t miss my parents. U all be thinking that how stonehearted girl is she right? But what to do my Bhai didn’t leave a second also to miss my parents. He struggled so much in teen age only to give a nice life to me n dadi by doing part time job by singing in small hotels, functions etc… Purab is Bhai’s friend from their 6th standard who is an orphan. From 7 the standard onwards purab also lived with us n he used to sell newspapers n milk as part time job. After years of struggle my Bhai got an offer from a producer who saw his performance in their relatives marriage function. So now he is Rockstar.

These two didn’t leave my side at anytime. My Bhai is super possessive about me so he want me to stay with him Infront of his eyes all the time even after marriage. So he proposed his idea to get engaged with purab. I thought I can atleast do this for him , so I agreed but I put a condition to do my management course in a top University in Australia. At first he didn’t agreed but I have control over him na so he agreed later.

There I met my darling pragya. She is an angel who come into my life to fulfill the void of my Bhai in his absence. I used to stay at her home with her & his dad. Her dad used to care me like his own daughter too. But one year back he died and he gave prags hand into my hand before losing conscious. I think there is no one for them n how can I leave her there alone. So I told dadi this matter n she agreed. Today we r coming to Mumbai.
After few hours..
Purab has came to Airport to receive them.

Aaliya : Hi Purab * by hugging him*
Purab : Hi Aalu.. *sees pragya* hi pragya. How r u ?
Pragya : I’m good Bhai, what about u?
Purab : I’m good pragya.
Aaliya : Hey purab , where is Bhai?
Purab : Aalu, actually Abhi is not in town. Yesterday night only he has gone Delhi regarding new concert.

Aaliya : Don’t say lies ok. Bhai knows I’m coming so he won’t go u know.
Purab : Yes Aalu , he knows but what to do it’s really urgent so he has gone suddenly , I think he may come next week.
Aaliya becomes sad by hearing this n pragya wants to change Aaliya’s mood.
Pragya *I don’t think Abhi has gone , sure it must be their plan to surprise my Aalu but here she became sad , u have to do something pragu *

Pragya sends msg to Aaliya..

Pragya : hey Aalu , I think they want to surprise u so he is saying lie. U know na how ur bro is eagerly waiting for ur arrival. He always ask every time u called him when u r coming princess so think Aalu.

Aaliya : ya darling, u r right. Now u see what I gonna do.. ??

Pragya : ???

In Mehra Mansion…
Dad is waiting for their grand daughters. After hearing car sound she reached entrance with plate. She expected Aaliya’s sad face bcoz of their prank but Aaliya is very happy. Aaliya n pragya took blessings from dad. The things which are happening in the hall are observed by a pair of eyes who is none other than Abhi. He is shocked to see his sister chatting happily with Dadi n purab.

Aaliya : Purab ,can u give the address where Bhai is staying in Delhi ???
Purab : Y Aalu ? U wanna go there ah?
*Here abhi is smiling thinking his sister is missing him n start to give surprise entry but shocked by hearing her reply*
Aaliya : * winks pragya* no purab.

Purab : then ?
Pragya : not for me purab. U remember my friend Tanu , actually she is also in Delhi. I thought Bhai is alone there na so if I give his address to Tanu then she will met Bhai and …

Before she continue further Abhi come into hall like a storm
Abhi : No no no no no no no
Aaliya shouts surprise Bhai.
Then Aaliya gave hi-fi to pragya.

Abhi is chasing Aaliya.
Abhi : what ? U want to give my address to that devil ah ? Wait I will give u . Here I thought u will be sad n give surprise to u but u ..
Aaliya : Haha. I know Bhai u want to surprise me so only I gave u another surprise.
Abhi : *shocked* Really * I never thought my princess will know I am going to give surprise * u guessed ah ?

Aaliya : no Bhai , actually I became sad when purab told me that , but my darling can’t see me sad , so she told me * says about their msg conversation*
Purab : Pragu , I never thought u r that much intelligent.
Pragya : No Bhai , not like that . I know about u people caring towards Aalu na so I thought smthg fishy when u told n I can’t see Aalu like that.
Abhi : Hi pragya, how r u ?
Pragya : I’m good Abhi. N u ?

Abhi : I’m good but pls next time when u think we gonna surprise her , don’t say that ok .
Pragya : ya abhi. I won’t. But u don’t have to make her sad u know.
Abhi : hm .. I will try like.
They all knows the bond between Pragya n Aaliya but from this incident they know clearly y Aaliya always care about Pragya n talk about pragya all the time.

After sometime they chatted for a while n they go to their rooms. Pragya is given a room which is near to Aaliya’s room. As pragya is shifted permanently here, the house n furniture sold there itself n some things which she needed are given to courier office to send here. She has done her unpacking. After taking some rest she thought to meet Aaliya. She went near her room n shocked to hear the conversation.


Hi, I’m sorry if this shot is not up to the level u expected , but i want to show family relations n their importance too.
According to me family relations play a key role in anyone’s life. Here they ( abhi n pragya) don’t fall in love suddenly. It’s a slow process. Hope u all understand.

Note : I am an abhigya lover so I may not be able to give importance to other pairs that much.

If u have any problem regarding plot pls share ur opinions.
Keep smiling all. Have a great day everyone ✋✋

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  1. Saranya24

    Loved it a lot wow supr bonding bw alu and pragu love u??????

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      Thank you so much dear, love you too da??

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    That was an awesome epi dear…. Really the main motive of ua ff is simply suprb… Ua true,, family is evrything in our life… But plzz give a long one dear…. Will be waiting fr next one….. Suprbbbbbb???.. Loved alia nd abhi,, alia nd pra,, bonding….m

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank you so much Sam, as in my previous shots I gave long updates na , I thought some people will not like long ones, I will definetely try to give long updates Yar.

  3. No probs
    You concentrate on abhigya alone
    Waiting for your next update

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      Thank you dear

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank you dear

  4. Awesome pls give long update dear

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  5. I am also an crazy abhigya lover so please dr as your wish give importance to them !
    today’s episode is just fantastic !
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    aweeeeeeee its sooo cute dear

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  8. B_Ani

    its so wonderful. i loved abhi and aaliya moments. they were so gud…
    waiting fo r ur nxt one…

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