NRI girl shot 1 – Introduction & prologue (KB)

Hello everyone.

This is a story of few shots.

Let’s go into introduction …

Abhishek prem mehra : Country’s famous Rockstar. His happiness depends on his sister, dadi n his brother cum friend purab. He has no interest in marriage , girlfriend etc..

Pragya : A NRI Indian girl who completed her MBA recently. She is a multi talented girl. Traditional n Western combo girl who follows her own set of rules. Lives in Australia.

Aaliyah mehra : Abhi’s sister who is down to earth, Pragya’s clg mate. Loves pragya so much as pragya cares her like a mother n protects like a father. Engaged to purab a year before.

Purab Khanna : Abhi’s best friend n manager. He has his own company n apartment too n but lives mostly in MM bcoz of his bonding with Abhi .Realized his love for bulbul n proposed her recently. Engaged to Aaliya.


Only Dadi, abhi, Aaliya n purab stays in MM.
Pragya n Aaliya are classmates. From first day of clg itself pragya n Aaliya become friends. So pragya insisted Aaliya to stay with her in her house n later pragya convinced dadi also. So their bond become stronger day by day.One year before Pragya’s dad died because of heart stroke. Aaliya asked dadi whether pragya can stay in MM n Dadi readily agreed as she knows about her. So after completing their studies they now r coming to India.
Can I continue???
Is it good??

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  1. Please go ahead

  2. Nice didiii. Please continue. And please update daily. Didi one doubt is pragya and bulbul are sisters. And is pragya is a orphan.

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thanks adhi, I will try my level best to update daily dear, no dear pragya lives with her father, from upcoming shots u get to know about her family more?

  3. yes plz continued your story shot

  4. You can absolutely continue !
    Interesting teaser !
    Nice combo of alia and pragya !
    waiting for your next update !

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thanks dear, I don’t like villians that much dear, so here Aaliya is a positive character

  5. nice intro dr ofcourse conti….I’m egarly waitng…..plzzz updt regulrly………

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u Krish, I will try my level best to update regularly at least a short one also.

  6. Very nice ya

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u shakthi

  7. SamyuSam

    Nice shot dear…. Waiting for next shot….. Update it soon dear….

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank you Sam, I’m waiting for your ff dear, update if u can

    2. samu wearing mask and roaming on TU !
      But you are not updating anything !
      Please samu atleast Come with any OS or TS Please pretty please !

  8. Saranya24

    Fr sure u must continue supr diff stry love it love u dear?????

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u so much dear, I miss ur works. Give os’s if u can dear. Love u too ??

      1. Saranya24

        I ll try my best da love u miss u too?????

  9. nice intro dear continue soon

  10. Nice start. Go ahead.

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u shanaya

  11. Please continue really loved it and waiting for next update

    1. Abhigyalover

      Thank u abhigya. Just now I submitted next shot.

  12. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Abhigyalover

      Thanks Reshma dear

  13. y not its interesting just cntnu dear.

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