I am here for you now, KrishnaDasi FF, Chapter 1


OK i have started it but i am till lazy so update can be late and i make mistakes too so please tolerate me.

I am so damn exited today. Today I will start a new chapter of my life. I will meet all new people. Will have a new place to stay…. Ok you must be saying how selfish I am. Being happy to get out of home. Well I can’t help it. You see… I love my family because they shower me with love and care but sometime I think they overdo it. They are overprotective, always engage someone behind me to take care of me. I know being taken care of feels amazing but for me it sucks. They are always like “baba, you want something?” “Baba, it’s dangerous.” “baba, sahib said not to do this” “baba, memsahib calling”…. Baba, this… baba that… baba baba.. uff.. fed-up of all this baba. I mean I am a not a baby I am a dude .. a manly dude.. Which dude really needs pampering?
Can you imagine I have never stepped my foot out of this ridiculous village. Kindergarten, primary school, middle school even high school from this small village. I am like that frog of well. well a few time I went to town with my aba or dad. It’s so different from here. They are so cool. The best thing I like about town that the people of town don’t bow in front of anyone except for gods and their parent unlike this stupid villager. But I think it’s not their fault that they bow to us or rather I would say bow to my grand pa their aba sahib. It’s the system of the village. Everyone have to bow to the people with power. I find it’s unfair. Other than that I think town people are more open minded and independent.

I remember once I asked Aba that I wanna study in town. He asked me what’s wrong with our land. I said nothing wrong with our land it’s just I wanna know the world outside our land. He asked me whether i know Michael Madhusudhan Dutta…. OK… Michael … whom?!… I know you must be also thinking who is Michael.. trust me it was exactly my condition that time….he was a quite famous Indian writer. We don’t exactly know about him because of so many diversity in our country…. So aba said me that … that Michael guy said a line “deser Thakur, bideser kukkur”…. I know your condition is also like me at that time. Lots of question marks popping in your head ???? 0_o ???… well actually it means “god of native land, dag of foreign land”. That Michael guy said it by his own personal experiences…. Ok I guess he faced lots of problem in some other country but that can’t be case of everyone.

So after lots of request my dad said ok you will study in a town college if you bring 80% marks in school final. That was absurd.. dad knew very well I am a poor student still he request for such thing…. Never mind I really worked my ass off so that I can get out of here… finally my result came out last week and I got 72.35 % … I was really disappointed that now I can never get out of this stupid village. But last night my dad said that he arranged everything and I am going to study in a town college. And he is very proud of me… haha.. I was so disappointed about my result that I forgot it was my best scoring marks still now…… SO yeah … I am going out of this village today … I looked at a file in my hand
Name – Aaryan Vidyadar Rao.
C/O- Shaswat Vidyadar Rao.. …… lol just yesterday I realise Shaswat Vidyadar Rao is actually my guardian. Still now I was thinking my grandfather Sree. Pradyumna Vidyadhar Rao is my guardian. Why will I not think it? Every decision in my life is taken by him only. Yesterday finally my dad stood against him for my study in college. And after lots of shouting and blaming game aba gave into my pleas and gave his piece of heart the permission to stay away from home. My mother Smt. Pavitra Shaswat Rao brought flood in our house and after lots of convincing she spared us from pavitra’s climatic disaster. Poor Raghu and Damu, our family goons and Nakku bai my mother’s special caretaker had to clean all those flood water… just kidding. … so like I said I am very excited to attend town college… but yeah I am really going to miss my elder sister Gayatri..my Gayu tai. She was always my partner in crimes… I will really miss her… but she promised me after graduation she will also do masters in town….. so yeah.. Pune… Aaryan Vidyadhar Rao is coming…. No … just Aaryan is coming.

Credit to: Tanu

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  1. devna(dev+sona)

    not at all understandable….sorry but truth

  2. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    Guys i thought of making a krishnadasi discussion grp in whats app for sharing you opinion edits and discussion so you are free to email your number in [email protected] Com you are free to email your numbers nd I’ll make the grp on Friday so you are free to email your number

  3. sure Ariyan???

  4. i just forgot to write Aryan’s POV at the top… was it really that much hard to understand even when i literally wrote his parents name and even his sister name as introduction… the reaction was new… didn’t get such on same story in different site.

    1. its understandable,dont worry

  5. No tanu it’s awesome, will wait for more from you

  6. Awesome tanuuuuuuuu, it’s superbbbbb n mind blowing. ….I just loved it. …..I love shravan from manmarzian n believe me this was the first time I saw his flawless acting n his mind blowing skills of expressions…..he has very special plce in my heart….the ff you just started on mmz for nesam confession, I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd it. …n this story your other ff on Krishna dasi, is another amazing story. ..you’ve veryyyyyyy Devine power of writing. ….it’s never watched this show due to my busy life….but always wanted to see shravan in action….thx for the nesam n this ff….I’m totally addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your stories honeyyy. …with your very first episodes you did magic on me….n I’m really very anxious to read more of your lovely stories. ….keep it up honeyyy. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loadsssssssss, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. I never watched….typos, I hate auto spell check. ….love you

  7. Lve u..nice

  8. idnt undrstnd…
    very dificult To read the ff

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