This summary is a recapitulation of what happened in the 7 first chapters of my fan fiction which is taking place more than 6 months in the Laksh missing issue… the story is like the serial until Sanskar threatens Swara of punishment when he’ll find his brother.

* Ps: it’s a response to Adishu demand… but enjoy all 🙂
Note: Not simple to resume 65 pages in just 8… I hope you’ll like it, I’ll be happy to read your feedbacks, critics and advices. Again, English is my 3 rd language, so sorry for errors, misused expressions and orthographic/typing mistakes. Links for the full chapters are given above every chapter’s summary.

*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Chapter 1-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Swara is waiting on an airstrip recalling in a flashback Sanskar’s phone call in the afternoon announcing Laksh returning back to home… happily meeting Ragini at badi and taking blessings from her parents before taking all of them to Maheshwari Mansion.
Between blaming him and blaming herself, she just waits there remembering his anger and promising herself to be his wife again today whatever he has decided for her punishment.
His cars stops just behind her in a deafening tires sound, her gaze meets with his eyes.
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*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Chapter 2-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Sanskar stays in his car for a moment, he drinks then get down. He orders her to not saying sorry then broke her phone when she picked up claiming that after the past months, he deserves all her attention now that he brought his brother back like he promised.

She blames him for putting his life in danger driving when he’s drunk and he teases her for having no rights to worry for him… then he breaks down letting her know how much he was suffering from their separation, how mad he was at her lack of caring for herself and how miserable he was feeling with people looks to him.
She wants to console him but he doesn’t let her touch him, proposing her to drink with him to change her concern to anger saying that he can handle angry Swara but not sad Swara making her cry more asking forgiveness.
He skips her demand again offering his shirt as a handkerchief barely bearing their closeness… just before asking what made her take that decision.
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*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Chapter 3-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
In a flashback, Swara remembers that day when things were about getting finally well, Adarsh jailed, property papers back, Sanskar went out to find Laksh and she has been asked to go to her room to fresh up and change her clothes. When she’s going down stairs she hears mum and Uttara telling the family that Sanskar has tried to kill his brother. Shocked she fell in stairs… when she wakes up, she knew she has lost her baby. Shattered, she makes badi ma and Ragini swearing to keep that secret… if no one knew about her pregnancy, no one should know about her miscarriage, especially Sanskar who will not bear that news. End of flashback.

Sanskar asks her again to explain to him her silence, her absence that day when he came back to home late in night and his mother told him that she was sleeping.
In a flashback, he recalls hurrying to their room to find Ragini going out from there, he asks her if something is going wrong but she says that everything is ok. He was sure she’s lying but couldn’t understand why.
Swara remembers that trying to get up painfully, she heard him shouting at her sister’s face accusing her to just being angry and not wanting to talk to him what she could tell him in his face. He shouts her name twice but finishes by going away angry.

Her sister found her at the door almost fainting; she puts her in bed and makes her take her medicines trying to console her. Asking her to sing for her, she just lets go of her pain crying badly in her lap.
After a shower, Sanskar puts a healing cream on his injuries then going to his room’s door; he sat down listening to the lullaby song and cries.
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*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Chapter 4-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Sanskar asks her for an explanation again, recalling the week following that awful day, when he passes days searching for his brother and feels disappointed returning back to home to not seeing Swara who keeps staying in her room. To finally appear a week later standing by her sister’s side against him blaming him for Laksh’ missing… accusing him of not really searching him…

Face to his pain, Swara thinks of breaking her vow and tell him what really happened that day, but recalling his absence at her side, his stubbornness which keeps him waiting for her when she was waiting for him… and above all, knowing the unbearable pain of the truth, she decides to keep silent once more.
Angry at her refusal to give him explanation, Sanskar teases her talking about that day, saying that she doesn’t know what really happened, asking her what she would do if roles has been inversed, instead of his brother, he was the one who goes missing? Or if he has been killed… if he was dead! Which makes her shout stopping him, but he continues saying that she’s afraid of being a widow. To her shocked expression he explains that she looks like a widow for the past months and that was killing him to see her like that.

When he says that he would be an open minded dead husband who accepts that someone like Niknil romance with his wife, she slaps him saying that deal was that he’ll punish her when he’ll bring his brother back , so he can insult her if he want but not bring Nikhil in that.
He assures her that he’s not insulting her, but himself and he knows that Nikhil is just a friend. Then explains that the deal have never been about punishment, but about their relationship recalling her her own words promising to not fill her maang with sindoor until her sister’s husband will be back, that they’ll not be any relation between them until Laksh come back.
Just then, both of them remember that they somehow broke the second part of the promise… in a flashback of Uttara’s sagai function…
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*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Chapter 5-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Flash back:
Angry with after her dance in the function, Sansar provokes her about Nikhil again, she’s so sad that her sister didn’t find Laksh in the hospital and just tell him to let her make her job as wedding planner making him lost his mind and drag her to the store room… when she shouts at him to let her go he shouts back all his anger and frustration seeing her dance in front of disgusting men, he recalls her all the times he defends her honor before and how he was helpless today just because of her.
Instead of being mad at him like he supposed she’ll be, Swara breaks down letting out all her pain and sorrow from what he knows and what he ignores, she tells him that he hasn’t to feel humiliated as there was no any relation between them… she was the one who has been humiliated, not him. And sliding to the ground, she cries badly.
Not bearing her shattered state, Sanskar forget about all his anger and their separation and tries to console her kneeling in front of her… kissing her tears away, her wetted cheeks, her salted tender lips corners… then, when he claims her lips possessively, passion bursts from nowhere between them and soon the whole world disappears around …

End of flashback.
Embarrassed by that memory, Swara turns away while both her and Sanskar recalls what happened after that and how the engagement was cancelled because of them.
Teasing her, Sanskar asks her why she’s not wearing her mangal sutra and not putting sindoor on like she promised and she tells him that she’s just waiting for his decision as he keeps threatening her about punishment for six months.
So he takes the mangal sutra from her hand to lock it tenderly on her neck making her shiver, then bending over her, he whispers that he can’t punish her until she becomes his wife again.
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*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Chapter 6-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Mesmerized by her closeness after a so long time, Sanskar has to keep all his self control to not just forget about everything and take her in his arms. He gives her a sindoor box so she can fulfill her own promise of filling her maang when Laksh will be back. But when she’s just about doing it, he stops her just like she did the first time he puts sindoor on her forehead.

Then, he takes her next his car to take a prayer plate from the passenger seat and at surprising her, he just becomes for an unexpected moment the old Sanskar, her Sanskar… passing on her wrists the bangels she gave him when bade papa was ill, same bangels he gave her twice proving his love making tears run again on her adorable face. When he locks their “SS” necklace pendant on her neck he makes her promise to never take them off again, whatever can be the situation. With a sign from her head, she agrees not able to say a word, he finally fills her maang with sindoor. Taking her face in his palms, he wipes her tears with his thumbs before kissing her forehead lovingly.
She asks him forgiveness again but all he does is taking her in his arms to kiss passionately losing all control. Backing off, he asks her what can he do to her and when she suggests that he can do whatever he wants, he simply asks her to dance with him.
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*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Chapter 7-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Swara can’t understand her Sanskar’s changing mood, but relieved that he’s not angry at her anymore, she ignores the little voice warning her in her head that something is going wrong and just enjoys his embrace when he folds her in his arms dancing on the beautiful song named “Janam… Janam” singing to her its lyrics talking about never say goodbye.
Teasing her, he tells her that he finds her very brave to not fearing his madness and come to see him alone at this isolated place. She replies that she knows him, he just can’t do any harm to her as if anything happens to Swara, it’s Sanskar who will suffer bringing tears to his eyes.
On the last notes of the song, he tells her that he lived it before, when she fell in the river and everyone thought that she was… that he could bear to anything in the world but not what he felt then. Getting emotional again, she lets go of two heavy tears saying that she knows.
Suddenly, anger fills his eyes and senses again when pushes her away from him saying that if she knows that, then she knows him better that he thought knowing her.
At her surprise, he talks about what happened siw months back, about his fight with Laksh asking her why she never searched about reasons of his act.
In a flashback:
He remembers that he was trying to convince his brother to open his eyes and stop believing Adaarsh blindly, but Laksh’ tells him that he doesn’t believe him and all is his fault him and his smart wife.
When Sanskar asks him to not bring Swara in that, he replies that it’s all by her fault that Ragini disobeyed him after her suicide drama at Maheshwari door shocking him.
Laksh’ hits him then gets up and bring a big rock to thow on him, but Sanskar rolls on the ground at the last moment escaping him and stands up astonished.
Lucky doesn’t stop here, he adds that he would prefer that his father didn’t stop her, so she could be really dead by now making him go completely mad.
End of flashback.

Handling her arms forcefully, Sanskar tells her that his innocent little brother announced to him that she has committed a suicide attempt to prove his innocence just like that. He takes her hand to her head, pointing her fingers on her temple repeating the gesture and asks her to tell him clearly if she really did it? If she really pressed the trigger, if she’s really shoot herself… face to her silent cries, he shouts at her face to answer him. When agrees, he shouts louder to say it clearly making her for an instant feeling afraid of his anger, taken aback when to their bangel’s issue. He feels hurt that she could imagine that he can harm her.
She begs him to let her explain herself, but he refuses to listen recalling her that same demand she refused him six months back when she argued with him that he didn’t give a chance to his brother to explain himself.

Remembering his brother’s words, he assures her that if it was to happens again, he would do the same even today saying that it’s her power on him, the power of his love to her which makes her the person to be blamed for all that mess, for Laksh’s missing if the fight was his reason.
Roaming over his memories of the past months, stopping again on that awful thought that he could have lost Swara by her own choice, he takes a long sip from his wine’s bottle before standing in front of her asking her if it was so horrible to just accept his decision then about separation from Maheshwari family without breaking his kasam then her life would never been in danger and Laksh’ would never disappear. He wonders how she couldn’t understand that giving her life for his innocence was a punishment he doesn’t know why he deserves.
She tries to talk to him, to touch him, but he just doesn’t let her, so she says in defeat that he’s right, recalling him that she already promised that he could take her life as a punishment if he wants.

He laughs at her proposition accusing her mahan nature again but he’s shocked to see her falls on her knees at his feet passively. He sits face to her looking in her eyes and tells her that he has asked her first to not apologize.
She replies that she’s not asking for forgiveness but waiting for his punishment as she can’t bear seeing him destroy himself like that and if it was a bit of love in his heart for her, then she begs him to deliver her from this suffering.
Without a word, he pours his bottle’s contains in front of her before standing up and drawing a large circle around her with it. Then lighting up a match, he tells her how much she’s cruel to ask him punishing her by the same reason he’s punishing her for… at her refusal for the princess name he assures her that as long as he’ll be alive, she’ll be his princess.
Then setting fire in the alcohol liquid surrounding them, he declares that he’s fulfilling a last promise by punishing her before letting her in place and go to his car.

Before she can understand his words and acts, the car passes by her side at full speed and jumps in the void.
Shocked, she tried to hurry to the edge but flames wall stops her immediately, she searches for her phone trembling when she hears the metal crash coming from below. She murmurs his name about traversing the flames when an explosion irrupts from the void.

Read more here: Chapter 7
This story will end here, but don’t worry; the punishment story will be back in a second part with a new title… I’ll post about it later.
Thank you all for reading.
*Shameless Swasan fan club leader*

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