Hello everyone, this my first Swasan Fanfiction, based on the actual track of Swara and Sanskar’s love/hate story… it will be on 3 parts and this is chanpter 1.
NB: english isn’t my native language, neither the 1st foreing too… i used to write in frensh, so i am sorry for errors in words, gramatical expressions or lese… hope you’ll enjoy it.
i’m open for all your comments, we all learn from our errors and others advices 🙂


Looking away to the horizon, Swara opens her palm admiring the sunset lights shining on her mangal sutra and taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes remembering all the last six months events… she feels like she has been living in a nightmare for all this time a nightmare where all her universe was falling apart in small pieces… a nightmare where the person who used to be her strength, her unconditional help and the reason of all her happiness… her beloved Sanskar full of anger and hate became her enemy.

Blurred with heavy tears, her eyes scan the landscape freezing on the beach where one day, under thousands of roses petals rain, he has proposed to her in the most romantic manner she had ever imagined… it was that valley that they flew by in helicopter to go there… Today, waiting on the airstrip topping the valley, she feels like those memories are about another life.
She sheds her tears hastily, she refuses to break down now… no, she has be strong for few moments more… then everything will be fine.
She inspires deeply looking to the darkening sky in a silent prayer…
“yes, now everything will be fine”
she keeps repeating that in her head like a mantra since what happened this afternoon.

Swara is on the terrace picking the drying clothes before the night fall as it was announced that a storm will arrive soon. She’s surprised to see Sanskar’s name appear on her ringing phone. She hesitates few seconds close her eyes for a second then pick up.
“ – you’re right to hesitate, Mrs Maheshwari… you’ll even regret it soon”
Her heart skips a beat hearing his smiling, husky and seductive voice, he was drinking… for second she wants to scold him, but she know that it was vain, so she ignores his threaten and reply calmly continuing her work:
“- what do you want, Sanskar?”
She hears him inspire sharply before ending his glass in once, tears fill her too big eyes in her angelic face after what seems to her an eternity, he orders:
“- look down to the entry, Mrs Mahesshawari”
She does and finds nothing but the same decor with same faces of same persons; she frowns and tells his at loss of patience:
“ – looking for what, Sanskar? There is…”
“ – shuuu….”
He stops her abruptly, before adding slowly:
“- 5…
“- 4…

“- 3…
“- 2…
“- …
Her eyes widen and she almost screamed at what she saw when hearing him say “ – 1…”
“- knock… knock…”
He adds in tempo with the knocking on the Gadodya door… seconds later Swara’s cheeks were drowned with tears seeing Ragini almost fainting the moment she opens the door… she screams:
“- Ragini!!!”
“- DON’T!!!”
She freezes on her place at the authoritarian ton of her husband’s voice as she was about running to see her sister, she tries to plaid weeping her tears:
“- Sans… Sanskar… Ragini…”
“- oh no Mrs Maheshwari… not anymore…”
His voice was mocking, threatening, not even trying to mask his anger, as she was about to argue, he adds:
“- shut up!”
She gulps and closes her eyes trying to calm her nerves… takes a deep breath then opens them waiting… she hears him smile wildly before saying:
“- much better…”

“- By the way, your lovely sister doesn’t need you anymore, hai na?… she’s where she always wanted to be, whatever happened, whatever he said, whatever he did or did not… my lovely brother has always been the number one in his wife’s life, thoughts and heart… LUCKY HIM! ”
Swara feels like if she has been punched in her stomach, tears start falling continuously on her face again, she keep quit watching her sister in Laksh’s embrace crying and laughing at the same time.
Soon, Gadodya family gathers around them happy, he bends on him papa and maa feet for blessing promising them to explain everything, but not here…

He says that he comes to Ragini first and invites them to go with him to Maheshwari home, so he can tell everyone what happen the past six months.
Ragini looks around searching, both her and maa called her out, but Swara keeps silent, listening to Sanskar breaths over the phone for what seems an eternity until her family quite baadi with Laksh.
“- So Mrs Maheshwari… my part of shart is done, today I fulfill my promise bringing Laksh home like ordered your highness before stopping being my wife six months ago, it’s your turn hai na?”
She weeps her eyes and nose composing herself before she replies on a defying tone:
“- what do you want, Sanskar?”

Swara still can hear his loud sarcastic laugh at her ear before he gave her instructions to meet him here, where their relationship started what it seems ages ago.
Nervously, she tightens her grip on her saree remembering that beautiful day when made her feel like she was a real princess, like if the world was at her feet, HIS world was at her feet…

How did they finish up in that situation? She loves him more than she will never be able to express, she passed long nights crying over these months thinking of him, worrying for him, damning herself for making him suffer like that.
She kept showing a smiling face like if she was made of rock, hiding her ruined soul and broken heart.
“How could he say that their relationship was over that day? How could he try to kill his brother? How could he blame her to do what he loved her for? Her need to make everyone happy?…”

She submerged by an anger wave remembering that hateful day and what happened… just when she’s about to convince herself that she didn’t anything wrong… she burst out crying scolding herself.
“Stop nonsense Swara! Everyone happy hai na? what about him… what about his happiness… he was angry, he was lost, he needed you more than anyone else… instead of hugging him promising that everything will be ok and assuring him that nothing bad happened to his brother, you just put all the blame on him, all the responsibility on his shoulders, making him take that auto destruction he’s walking on…”

Again and again that bitter fights which kept consuming her all this time… but bass! No more… she takes a deep breath to wash off all that painful thoughts and stops crying ordering her hair and clothes… she opens her hand again and smiles seeing her mangal sutra, hope filled her heart spreading warmness in all her being, she says confident:
“- Bring it on Mr Maheshwari, whatever you’ve decided as a punishment for me, I’m just waiting for since the last six months… but be sure that I fulfill my promises too… and if you accept it or not, I’ll be your wife again”
Just at that moment, she hears a cars’ deafening brake sound behind her, she turns back just to see Sanskar’s car stopping at her feet…

her eyes falls on his dark captivating gaze fixing her and she feels like world has has stopped turning around.
To be continued…

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