Hi everyone, sorry for the long time before posting, i wasn’t in great form so it took me time to end this chapter, but I’ll post the 7th chapter today too, so enjoy and tell me what you think about it 😀
Swara is barely aware of the menace his husky voice was hiding behind another emotion… feelings fighting with all his self control ordering to just hug her tightly and wash away whatever happened the past months…
In his embrace, at inches from him, goose bumps covers her neck’s bare skin under his subtly caressing fingertips, she feels warmness emanating from her chilled heart to wrap all her being giving her that so missed feeling of being loved… being safe… being simply home.
A deep sigh of relief escapes her opened lips making him gape… closing his eyes, he takes her hair ordering its silky curls in her back, not resisting to a discreet kiss on their end. His hands on her shoulders were aching with repressed envies… how can she have this power on him after all what happened?… he lived with this woman in the same room for months in fake marriage… for months in forced marriage… for months in real marriage without daring touch her even deeply in love with her and now… at this dramatic moment in their life… he just…
Memories of the last time they were together submerge him again; he takes off his hands closing his fists for a moment trying to compose himself.
When Swara opens her eyes, she discovers his extended arm under her chin, his opened palm was handing a golden sculptured box, tears fill her eyes guessing its contains.
He faces her, his defying look daring her to argue with him when he takes off the covert discovering the lightening red proof of their relation, her words the day she walked out echoing in his ears:

“- Until Ragini’s husband returns… I’ll not fill my maang with sindoor…”
He makes step closer to her and says:
“- so… now that I fulfilled my promise… it’s your turn princess…”
Sustaining his gaze, she surprises him plunging her fingers in the box without any hesitation, just like he does ages ago when they were strangers for each other and protecting her, he forced the passage for her maang to fill it againt her own wish… she remembers how she has been shocked by his act, how she was angry with him… “silly me…” is what she treats herself of every time he did it when he won her heart finally…
All those times he stands behind her in front of their room’s mirror devouring her with his eyes and helping her preparing herself, or not… making her lost more time…
Her waving chest can’t hide her anticipation, as much as his accelerated heart beats were pounding in his ears following her hand with his eyes… is it so important to him? Kyu?… just some vermillion could really prove anything? His mind is invaded by all those moments he was happy to just bend over her watching her beautiful face smiling to him in the mirror while he puts on her earrings, mangal sutra, maag tika… sindoor… some are sometimes taken off… some never… never until she made that promise… he remembers her hand at his face stopping his attempts to explain himself … that same hand he sees reaching her front at this moment, his mind recalling him this same hand that had tried to stop him the first time he filled her maang forcefully…
Suddenly… he grabs her hand stopping her!
Her widen eyes looks in his shocked, she looks up to his hand pressing on her forearm trying to suppress the panic wining all her senses… for a moment, she thinks he’s backing off, quitting her, she opens her mouth to argue but he just presses his finger on her opened lips silencing them before he passes by her without a word, his hand dragging her behind him until they reach his car side.

Tears pearl in her eyes again… frowning, she sees him bending on his car’s opened window to take a prayer plate, his other hand not letting go of her hand. He seems absorbed by his task barely aware of her presence, her wondering gaze looking to his eyes searching an eye contact to reassure her.
Putting his box on the plate, he takes something from it and turns to her looking finally in her eyes. Forcing on her hand to make her come closer… then smiles at her surprised expression when she feels a metallic contact on her hand skin… she looks down to discover him passing her one bangel… her bangel… HIS bangel he offered her twice before… she looks up to him a heavy tear escaping her lashes to plunge on his hand making him shiver.
He frowns annoyed seeing her crying and takes the second one from the plate, taking her other hand, he passes it slowly on her hand… taking the two of them, he highs them to appreciate their glitter in lights. He says on serious tone:
“-… for all the promises I’m fulfilling today… I’ll ask you… just one…”
She looks in his eyes unable to stop her tears, taking something else from the plate, he bends over her passing his hands on her neck under her hair, she was incapable to say anything submerged by a tourbillion of feelings shattering her in millions small parts… she just closes her eyes when he whispers in her ear:
“- those THNGS… have been made for you princess… just for you… they can’t fit any other one else…”
When he locks a necklace on her neck, she gapes shocked guessing perfectly what was the jewel… he adds adjusting it taking all his time:
“- no goons… neither illness…”

Backing off his hand caressing the “SS” sigle adorning her, he continues:
“- promise me that… nothing…no one… can make you take them off…”
As she says nothing, he plaids looking finally in her eyes:
“- please…”
All she can give him for reply is a nod of agreement by her head, she was sure that she’ll burst out crying if she opens her mouth…
Things have suddenly changed between them from hatred to… to… to something she doesn’t understand… somehow she feels like if it was unreal… her instinct warns her that something is going wrong… but her heart beats were deafening her own ears so much that they cover that little voice in her head… when she recalls the moment he refused to let her put sindoor on, she’s surprised to see his hand approaching her face stopping at inches from her front like asking permission or waiting a refusal.
A mysterious unspoken question in his eyes, he just fills her maang breathing sharply looking right in her big eyes widened from surprise.
When he withdraws his fingers detailing her face, his tensed face features soften immediately… this is his Swara… his friend, his love, his wife… his everything!
Not bearing to see her tears anymore, he takes her face in his both hands wiping her eyes with his thumbs, when she closes them crying more he bends over her and presses his lips on her forehead in a tender kiss.

She cuddles his lovely face in her palms too opening her eyes to plead him again sobbing:
“- mujhe maaf kar to…”
When thunder growls again lightning surrounding them, Swara isn’t startled as her usual, she doesn’t even notice it as folded in her husband’s arms, all she could feel was his passion and love when he takes possession of her tender lips melting the world apart.
Sanskar pours all the need and regrets of those past months in that intimate caress claiming his right on the woman for who he has feelings which scare him sometimes, he holds her tightly like if his life depends on her.
When they break contact searching for air panting, he lands his forehead on hers closing his eyes and breaths:
“-what will I do with you, princess?…”
She opens her eyes supporting her shaken silhouette holding on his shoulders, looks to him and says in a whisper:
“- whatever you want…”
At those words, Sanskar inspires loudly pressing harder on her face before snatching himself from her embrace. When he opens his eyes to look to her heated cheeks and shining shy eyes, he avoids her eyes seeing her bit on her swallowed lower lips…
He tightens his fists to compose himself saying:
“- what a suggestive proposition Mrs Maheshwari!…”
Recovering his determined gaze, he comes closer to her taking her hand in his and after a long moment looking in her eyes, he asks:
“- dance with me, princess…”

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  1. Simin

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    is Sanskar will mention….

    THE THING IS GLASS SHOES ? huh! don’t act like a cinderella’s prince Sanskar! don’t be shameless

    1. MAHIRA

      he’ll soon transform to be Beauty’s beast… so wait and see 😉
      Shamelessely… GOD!!! Mica, you know me so much, you understood so easally the shameless things he’s talking about???… I mean… it’s scaring!!! *wink*

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