Hii new here and thought to write a story I mean to say short story.. if you guys like this epi then plz support me..forgive me for any mistake and hats off to tina(suha),sabeenia,ashini,roli for their amazing and awesome ff..okay guys here we start..

Sky is shown and a voice is heard.Voice:We say that when sky cries then its tears falls as water in earth and we say this too when sky is happy then its happiness also falls as water in earth. A girl is shown writing something sitting in a bench in a beautiful beach.she writes November is the month when water doesn’t fall from sky. We both first met in November that too when it was raining but we didn’t know that rain was raining when sky was happy or sad..flashback is shown rain is raining and a bus is shown coming and a boy is coming out of bus. The boy is none other than Abhishek mehra. He comes out of bus and with open hand feels and enjoys rain. Unknowingly his hand touches a girl hand and he feels something strange. He looks in the direction of girl.she is shown going in scooty with open hand feeling the rain and she shows thumbs up. The boy smiles seeing her.He then looks at his hand and he founds her bracelet in his hand. The same boy is shown standing infront of a hospital and looking at a card it is written Mumbai Hospital DR Samir PD arora. He again stares hospital and starts to walk toward hospital.He is shown tensed outside the cabin of Dr Samir Pd arora. He knows the door of the cabin and the receptionist says,hello excuse me sir what are you doing here. He says,Dr Samir Pd arora.receptionist,He is not here. He says,where his he then?. Receptionist, He has gone for a conference in srilanka and he will come after 20 days only. He murmurs 20 days and left to enter lift. Lift was about close but in nick of time a hands come in between and lift door open and a girl in doctor dress enters(same girl who was writing diary).

In bg romantic tone plays…As she enters lift produces a noice(when there are more no of person in lift).she says oh no and moves out of lift.again the noise is produced and he comes out and she goes in.In the meantime their hand touches and he feels same feeling when he felt his hand touched a girl hand during rain.He looks back and goes toward the lift but the lift door closes.He goes hurriedly through mad he starts to search her and he sees her upstairs laughing and chating with her some doctor bg romantic tone mean time a old couple is hit by him and he says sorry.he looks up but he didn’t find her so he again goes upstairs in search of her.He finds her going with two doctors inside intensive care unit unknowingly small smile forms in his face.He was about to go in but he sees in board written icu.the same girl is seen coming with three of her friend talking. A boy come running.He is none other that her friend Ajay.Ajay,you did a great job congrats. She,thanks . Ajay,all the doctors are impressed and shocked by seeing ur dedication toward your work.she says,really.Ajay,yes.she says,nice.Ajay,you know you are the best cardiologist in our group.She says,you ajay I need a small help from you before she could complete she sees someone.Ajay by bending head says okay if you are saying then I have to do it.she sees ramantic tune plays.unknowingly a small smiles formed in her face.she goes near him and ajay stares her.she says,excuse me hello hello moves her hand infront of him.abhi was thinking something and suddenly comes to present.she says thank you for lift at that time I was in rush so I couldn’t say thanks.he stands in shock looking her.she says, sorry anyways im pragya and forwards he hand. He says,im abhi and forwards his hands..they both shakes hand and he feels same strange feeling.she sees at ajay and ajays signals her that its late as says come lets go.she again turns to see abhi and says bye but abhi didn’t left her hand and she again says bye and he slowly slowly left her hand.he looks at the direction where see is going and again looks at his hand.she sits in her car and looks at rear view mirrior and finds abhi standing there staring her.ajay sits next to her and she starts to drive.Another scene is shown abhi is in his house searching for something.his laptop rings and is shown video call from friends.He picks the call.his friends,you are too bad abhi you didn’t told us and left Chennai.abhi,soory yaar there was an important work.sara didn’t told you about it.friend,suddenly you went without telling us and did your work finished.abhi,no yaar I think it will take a little time and he ask where is sara.friend,you shouldn’t call her, she is angry with you.abhi was about to say something but the call ended.He remember something and opens a drawer and looks at pragya’s bracelet.

At morning abhi is shown in same hospital and he asks a doctor.abhi,excuse me pragya is here.Doctor,pragya is not here and you are yesterday oh yes you are pragya’s friend na.Abhi,yes.another doctor says,friend are friend of pragya but you don’t anything about your friend,today is our seminar and she has to give speech so she is going all religion temples,first she will go to ganesh temple and then shiv mandir then lord Buddha mandir and from there in half an hour she will go to church.Abhi shown entering church and asks the candle seller bro can i also light the candles person,yes you can as he is our god,thanku.Abhi moves inside church with candle.Pragya comes running and says pitty give one candle.pitty,why r u telling pitty cant you say sir.Pragya,okay okay first give me candle.pitty,so soory pragya candles are finished now go inside and pray from your heart.pragya sees abhi bending infront of god by lighting and holding candle in hands and she too holds the candle with him.she starts praying and abhi see her.she too opens her eyes and they both have intense bg romantic music for today this much if u like I will continue otherwise it will remain incomplete..

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