Hey guys I hope u liked my previous epi.thanku guys for your valuable comment thanks trisha,sabbenia,di,mahi and many others who had commented in ss.okay dear’s now we start our epi.Abhigya had eyelock and they broke eyelock.(abhigya starts to walk).pragya,umm thanks.Abhi,why thanks?. Pragya,for candle . Abhi,but I didnt give you candle na.Pragya,But still because of you I was able to convey my wishes to god so thanku. Abhi (by smiling),now only god has fulfilled my wish. Pragya sees in abhi’s eye.Abhi,an strange tune was inside my heart which I am able to feel in reality.Pragya,what do you mean(matlab).Abhi,matlab kuch bhi nahi(means nothing) koi itna khas kyu lagta hai jaise meine gumihui cheez phir se paliya jaisa (why someone so special for me like I have found my lost thing again, ),jaise koi baarso se dil se juda hu jaisa(why I feel like someone is connected from many years with my heart)don’t you feel like this? Pragya glares at abhi face and there is a silence.Pragya feels akward.Abhi,I m not saying with me. Abhi looks at watch and says, you are getting late for your seminar.

Pragya,oh I thought you asked anyways thanks.(pragya walks toward her car and abhi sees her).while walking abhi’s word echos in her mind and unknown smiles form in her face . she opens her car door and drives car toward hospital.Abhi was smiling like mad and he remember pragya moving out and he hurriedly move out and sees pragya going in bg romantic music plays.abhi stares pragya bracelet which he was holding in his another scene Pragya’s friend abha,ayush and ajay are standing.abha by being irked and looking at her watch says why is she doing late though today is the most important day for her.Ajay,why are hurrying,she will come in time.Ayush,look who is talking ajay,pragya’s supporter he will always take pragya side.suddenly pragya car comes.Ajay,look I have told na she will be punctual in time..pragya comes running towards them.Ajay,hi..Pragya,hi soory im late. Abha,pragya what happened to you. Pragya,I found abhi in the church and I got stuck there.Ajay become’s sad.Ayush,you have came by looking extreme beautifull what is it huh?.Pragya by slowly pushing ayush says”don’t joke ayush.(all four moves towards seminar room).in seminar room pragya is at stage infront of mike.pragya”good afternoon everyone,may we welcome you first,I m doctor pragya and today im gonna brief you about rare heart Abhi comes toward seminar room and a guard stops him.Guard,excuse me sir. Abhi,yes. Guard,for what work did you came here?Abhi,umm I wanna go inside for one second.

Guard,A program is going inside so no one is alloweded to go inside. Abhi,okay.abhi moves from there and he comes toward waiting area and there he sees a tv where pragya seminar program is telecasting pragya is shown giving speech in stage.Pragya,well we all know heart is an important organ of our body.heart purifies blood and helps to resorb it,overall the disease that affect health are collectively known as heart disease and today speech is about one of the rare heart diseases, am sure you all have heard about cardiomyopathy.well it’s a by born disease and doesn’t show any symptoms initially but it can be diagonised as it works the heart becomes weaker and it is less able to pump blood through the body and it can lead to a heart failure as well. Acoording to the resource report out of 500 one gets victimized. You can spot difference between a cardiomyopathy heart and a normal healthy heart through this pictureand she shows a picture.the symptoms of these disease are as follow and symptoms appears in the screen.there are four kind of cardiac problem caused by HCM: diastolic dysfunction,systolic dysfunction, delated cardiomyopathy,sudden death.This disease is diagonised by echocardiogram and ecg(while watching her speech an unknown smile forms in abhi’s face) or heart transplantation permanent solution of this disease well we should love and care our heart and thanku.all claps for pragay’s speech.abhi goes toward the seminar hall way and he sees pragya coming with a senior lady doctor.Pragya,well thanku mam.Lady doctor(sheetal),today I m seeing some spark in your eyes and something different in your face.Pragya,its not like that mam.Lady doc,don’t lie me pragya.This all conversation is noticed by ajay and he is furious.Pragya looks toward abhi and ajay thinks pragya is looking him.Ajay goes toward pragya and say,pragya I want to but before he could continue pragya went to abhi.She was behind abhi and she was acting similarly as abhi was doing.Abhi was looking for pragya and pragya was doing same.Abhi then noticed someone was behind him as he turned pragya also turned and pragya made an opps reaction.Pragya,Are you searching for me?.Abhi,I was watching your speech.your speech was nice. Pragya,only nice?Abhi, but I didn’t understood your speech. Pragya,why?. Abhi,im not a doctor.heart is like a complicated thing hard to understand.(ek aawazemere dil mai haijo apna lagta hai aaur mera dil ka dhadkna bhi apneaap baad jatahai) some voices are in my heart but why I feel it my own,heart beats too starts to increases by its own,you are a heart specialist haven’t you found out the treatment of this disease?kher you didn’t have found this disease too(abhi says this by smiling)find it fast later you too can be victim of this disease.Pragya,You have searched me for telling this only?.

Abhi,I have searched you for its okay I will give you later. Pragya,I will give you later?what do you wanna give me?. Abhi,I will give you later in some days.there is only this reason for me to meet you.abhi and pragya both similes looking at each other eyes.Pragya,okay but there is one saying that if we have give something to someone or take something from someone or we have to ask something to someone then we should not do late for it otherwise. Abhi,otherwise. Pragya,I will also tell you later umm we both have loan on eachother okay.Abhi, wishky is shown pouring in glass and drinking by aajay in party..Pragya introduces abhi to her senior doctors and mam and tells him to have his seat both sat and ajay looked at them in anger. Ajay again started to drink heavily.Ajay walks toward abhigya table and he stands near pragya and aayush.Ajay,o pragya,today’s your speech and presentation was outstanding. Outstanding as you are(sheetal actually sheetal is ajay’s mom looks at ajay angrily),if today there was any competition then definitely you would have been the winner,(abhigya looks at him) and I would have gave you award really one sec and moves from table and brings a wishky bottle.Ajay,the best speech of the year miss pragya arora. And puts the bottle in middle of table.ajay stares at pragya.Pragya,what happended to you are you drunk and ajay folds his arms.Pragya,ajay don’t you remember him (says by pointing towards abhi) that day we meet him in hospital compound.Ajay looks at abhi in attitude.Abhi says(by standing and forwarding hand for handshake) Abhi.ajay doesnot replies and abhigya looks him in confused expression then ajays just throws abhis hand and shetaal(ajay’s mom)says, huh.Ajay,this face is saved such that in my mind that I cant forget it by my wish also.Pragya stands and says,ajay are you insane in a rude tone.


Ajay tells a story….hits someone….fight..slap..abhigya scene….revelation…

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