Nothing lasts forever…A twinj ff ~ by ritzi (Part 6)

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Hey guys….I was going through the previous epis nd I found how much I confused u regarding Twinkle’s title….m sorry for tht…actually there r such big gaps between the epis tht I tend to forget myself… Silly isn’t it? Ohk…so twinkle is miss world!

Now let’s begin the epi….
Twinkle’s POV
Finally I feel alive! Finally I can feel my breaths! Finally! Its feels so good…so ecstatic… So amazing to return to yr hometown…O Amritsar… I missed u! “Bhaiya how long!” I asked the driver “just 10 mins more mam” he replied ….oh god! Still 10 mins…mom! I want to see u…hug u…embrace u… Oh! Nd ya…most importantly… Eat! Only I knw how much I starved for her food!
“Aah….wht happened y u stopped?” I asked “we reached mam” he said “WHAT!” I exclaimed looking out of the window..I was exactly in front of my house….I quickly got down….”MAAAA!” I shouted frm the main gate …not able to control more. “Maaaaaaaa where r u! M…” I stopped when I saw her coming out. “Ma!” I whispered nd a lone tear escaped my eyes…..oh silly me! I tried sooo much…I practiced so much to keep myself strong nd not to cry…but see…….

“Meri bacchi!” She said nd I ran towards her throwing all my belonging on the floor. I hugged her….finally I felt myself! I hugged her nd cried…she too ….it didn’t matter to me tht we were actually on the road. “I misseeeeedddddd u so much mom…I…I really can’t explain by words” I said with tears still tripling down. “Shh..Bas ab Rona bandh kar” maa said wiping my tears. “Ohk baba ab no more tears…come let’s go in!” I said “Arre arre ruk…pehle aarti toh utarne de” she said “maa road pe?” I asked “haan Toh kya” she said…. “Ohk whatever do it faaassst…m starving” I said “haan haan badi angrezi bolne lagi hai tu toh” she said making me giggle. She did my aarti “done? Let’s go…I want to meet bubbly…mamu..mami…everyyyone!” I said “hamse nhi milogi twinkle” a familiar motherly voice came frm behind. I turned back….my eyes welled up again…I saw him! Ya the first one I saw aftr turning was him! No! Stop it! Wait! U betrayers! I scolded my hormones…those butterflies… Those goosebumps who got activated aftr sooo long….but y only by seeing him? Y don’t they activate when I see some other guy? But honestly…..I was feeling too lonely without these feelings…without any emotions! Without theses butterflies… Without these….arghh! Stop it…but…he gave me those back! “Twinkle puttar!” I heard a voice nd I realized we both were continuously looking at each other…without any break…”kaisi hai tu?” I again heard a voice nd I looked towards the direction “b..b..bebe!” I exclaimed nd hugged her as fast as I could….as tightly as I could “bebe….aap ka..kaise ho?” I asked breaking the hug. “Bas ab tu aa gyi na…ab ek dum thik hu” she said nd I bent down to touch her feet.

#end of Twinkle’s POV

#kunj’s POV
No…I really don’t have any words to explain how I felt looking her. Those alphabets were not worth explaining my feelings…her beauty….today…. Its like my birthday… Due to her…again I got life… Again I can feel my heart beats…again I can feel myself…finally I found the lost me!
All those people behind me could see my jaws dropping the floor…but none could see my heart which was continuously doing a flip flop. I felt it was playing… Sometimes my heart would race up… Like aftr running so much…nd when she smiles…I could feel a sudden pain in my heart…the pain bcus it suddenly stopped beating…nd again it would start racing. I hope I don’t land up in the hospital bcus of her.

“Twi..inkle” I spoke tried not to choke…but felt miserably…. My tongue was not in correct state…it was slipping here nd there. She looked at me for a while….nd ignored me. “Bebe…u knw how much I missed yr gajar ka halwa…pls mujhe khilaoge?” She spoke….wow bebe….u r just awesome! (If u guys remember… She had already cooked Twinkle’s all fav. Items ) “haa haan puttar…yr halwa is ready” bebe spoke ….nd her eyes sparkled like anything! Her name suits her so much! “I love u bebebe!” She spoke “arre twinkle bhabhi ji….can I hv a picture with u” cherry bhaiya spoke pushing me…nd coming forward. Ugghh! Y on earth is he making the situation awkward for all of us! We r trying to treat her like twinkle… Our twinkle nd not like a celeb nd there he goes! I could sense twinkle getting uncomfortable.

“S..sure” she spoke tucking her hair strand behind her ear…ya! She is definitely uncomfortable nd He took a selfie with her. “Thank u so much bhabhi ji…ab mai sabko bataunga ki meri bhabhi….” “Cherry bhaiya… Mai aapki bhabhi nhi hu…pls mujhe bhabhi mat bulaiye” she spoke in a bit of her high pitch. “Jisko Jo bolna hai bolne do cherry Bhaiya…. Twinkle aapki bhabhi thi…bhabhi hai aur hamesha rahegi” I spoke looking directly in her eyes. “Oh is it…” She was going to say smthing but stopped as dad called her. “Twinkle….” He spoke nd her attention got towards him…she was shocked for a while…just looking towards him. “Pa..papa” she spoke nd went towards him. “Oh my god papa…u r fine…” She hugged him nd started crying miserably. “Twinkle” I spoke touching her shoulders….I cannot afford her cries…never! She broke the hug “thank u babaji…thank u so much!” She said joining her hands nd looking towards the sky. “U knw papa ji…today I m free of guilt! I m so happy tht u r ok…finally I can have a night without any guilt!” She spoke. “Guilt! No twinkle…u r not at fault act…” I said “papa ji…r u fine…I mean when did u gain consciousness?” She asked. Wait…is she…is she ignoring me? Y…ya ?? cheer up kunj cheer up! Itni naraazgi toh banti hai…apni siyappa queen ko aaj nhi toh kal mana toh lunga hi. I consoled myself. I saw her talking to dad…but I couldn’t hear her talks even though I was just beside them…cuz my heart…my nerves…my spinal cord…my eyes were all busy staring her…none doing their functions properly. I could just feel her lip syncing…her hair flying…kissing her cheeks…it was totally like a movie scene.

I felt a sudden urge of hugging her tightly nd kissing her right now…shout to the entire world…to all those stalkers tht she is mine! Only I hv the rights to be with her…to see her…to stalk hv selfies with her. She maybe a celeb by now…but tht doesnt means she belongs to those Bl**dy boys who keep her pic as wallpaper nd continuously kiss her pic…or who stick her pic on their cupboards. I just want to give each nd every guy a tight punch nd say ‘dude..she’s mine’. O my gorgeous lady…u belong to me…nd only me.

#end of Kunj’s POV

#twinkle’s POV
‘Eyes r the best medium for sharing your feelings’ ‘eyes r at their best in speaking skills’ ‘eye language is filled with such kind of words which never hurt…it has an ability of filtering all those negative word’ they say… I felt today. He thinks I m ignoring him even I feel so…but the reality is…I cannot ignore! My eyes couldn’t stop but always land upon him…I swear I didn’t hear a single word papa said my entire attention was on him nd his eyes…which spoke million things staying quite. His eyes talked about the possessiveness….a pinch of jealously…love….wait…love? No m definitely wrong in tht…our marriage was full of tashans..ya I agree we shared a great bond…a lots of moments together.. I can tag tht bond as friendship… But love? I don’t think so…no doubt I loved him….or I still do? No! I can never fall for a person who was on a verge of becoming the reason for my death…I shook my innerself a bit so tht I can gain back my lost senses. “Twinkle let’s go everyone else is waiting” maa said putting a hand on my shoulder. “Mom..I want to share a lot of things with bebe…papa” I said “arre puttar we will talk later … u r here only na” bebe said “ya bebe…for tym being” I said “why? When r u going then?” Kunj asked out of nowhere. “Bebe pls come to maa’s house…we will talk the whooooolllllleeeee day” I said “y puttar? U come to your house na…sarna mansion” she said. ‘Your house…sarna mansion’ feels so good to hear “bebe..I m at my house only na…taneja mansion..pls come there” I said “but puttar…” “Bebe pls” I said squizzing my eyes a bit nd she nodded aftr a lot of persuasion.

“But Twink..” Kunj was again going to say something but I turned nd started moving towards taneja mansion.

#end of Twinkle’s POV

#kunj’s POV
“Kunj puttar wait…” I heard bebe calling me when I ran towards sarna house. I quickly entered my room. How can she do this to me! Y is she ignoring me? I love her god damit…I love her! She can punish me..slap me…beat me…but y is she ignoring me…it feels as if I don’t hv existence in her world….I feel so obliviated. It hurts…it pricks to the death. I heard the door opening..but couldn’t see the person as my face was dug in the pillow. I felt a motherly comfort on my head when the hand caressed my hair….bebe! Ofc. It was bebe. “Kunj puttar!” Bebe exclaimed being worried when I lifted my face. “Be..bebe” I said nd hugged her crying. “I love her…I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her” I was continuously blabbering “shh shhh…puttar..handle yrself” bebe said breaking the hug. “Look kunj…wht she is doing…is absolutely right on her path…just put yrself in her shoes nd think…won’t u do the same? Its not the tym to break down..its the tym to be strong nd convince her… Love her…make her feel yr love for her…don’t say u love her…let yr eyes say it. God has given u second chance to win her back…don’t let it waste.” Bebe said…I was so short of words… She was absolutely right…”but bebe…she is not even willing to talk to me…how will she even meet me?” I asked “ya she won’t meet u…but u can meet her right? Then how will she deny?” Bebe said “bebebbebebebebe u r the the theeee best!” I said giving her a short hug. “Accha chalo I hv to go to taneja mansion…twinkle wanted to meet me na” bebe said “haan chalo” I said “wait wait…where r u going?” Bebe asked. “Ofc. I also want to meet her.” I said “arre buddhu…u think u will come nd she will talk to u…there will be so many people there…she won’t even look at u…just meet her alone” bebe said “haaaan point hai” I said “haan bebe…so ask her …how was she…is she fine…did she eat anything… Did she take rest properly… How was everything in Paris…how many friends she made her…how many boy-friends she had there….nd..nd…di…does she has a boyf…friend? Nd….” “Wait! Stop! Brake it now! I m not going to ask anything… U meet her..u ask her” bebe said “haan mai bhi puch sakta hu” I said nd bebe laughed “silly boy!” Bebe said nd went
#end of kunj’s POV

#taneja mansion
#twinkle’s POV

‘Cherry Bhaiya ye aapki bhabhi thi bhabhi hai aur hamesha rahegi jislo Jo bolna ho voh bole’ those words were continuously on a roller coaster ride in my brain. Each nd every tym I think of those words I never fail to get goosebumps. “Arre twinkle puttar tu kaha khoyi hui hai?” Bebe asked shaking me a bit. “H…ha..han kahin nhi Bebe” I said nd again started talking with her.
‘Cherry Bhaiya ye aapki bhabhi thi bhabhi hai aur hamesha rahegi jislo Jo bolna ho voh bole’ arggghhh! Stop it twinkle! Stop it! Y can’t u just throw it out of yr mind. I thought a warm shower would be good…but see…wasted! I just came out of my bathroom wearing a white translucent one piece which had a white lace tied around the waist. My black slip which I wore inside was little visible. I went towards the mirror nd applied some cream on my face. I adjusted myself on the bed nd started applying cream on my legs too. “Ms world…is it?” I heard a voice nd I literally jumped off. “You!” I shouted when I saw kunj standing Infront of me. “How did u come in!” I screamed “shhhhhhh” he said banging me to the nearby wall nd covering my lips with is hand. “I don’t think tht u would like to create a scene at this hour” he said nd he left me ….I breathed a bit. “How did u come in!” I whispered “frm the balcony” he said in the same pitch…. Is he pulling my legs? “Oh..ohk…so go back frm the same balcony” I said nd went sat down in the bed. I m trying my best to let him believe tht he doesn’t matters to me…tht I don’t care abt his existence. “Wow u didn’t freak out…now thts like my girl” he said sitting beside me. “I-m-not-yr-girl” I said nd he rolled his eyes. “Oh so madam his beatifying herself” he said pointing towards the cream “but u don’t need to…u look so beautiful in this attire” he said scanning me frm toe to head…’beautiful!’ I was so dying to hear tht word frm someone… Rather than being called as hot…s*xy…bomb…nd all those stuffs…beautiful is what make me feel happy. “Wht r u doing!” I exclaimed when I felt his hands on my legs “arre u must be tired I m just applying cream…help.. u knw!!” He said. Nd there he goes..sensually moving his hands on my legs… Wow! This feeling…is like a true one..which cannot be explained. I never felt his touch in those months of our marriage. Everything was dark…totally dark… Nd thts when I realized my eyes were closed due to heavenly pleasure. My body weight was too much to handle nd I had to place my hands on the bed …just behind me…to take the support. My head was hanging lightly. Nd his hands advancing towards my thighs. I took a long breath just to feel his aroma. The whip of his fragrance was still the same…but today..I donno how I started loving it. I started to love breathing.

Have I got addicted to his Cologne? To his fragrance? Cuz I can feel my breaths increasing more nd more so tht they can capture it. “Kunj!” I moaned when he finally slipped his hands under my both the thighs… Caressing my inner thighs.
“Twinkle” he breathed…in his manly voice “hmm” I said feeling his hands… Enjoying his touch. “Look…wht happened six months back..I…” Nd I realized wht I was doing…my eyes opened with thud “how dare u!” I screamed pushing him “twink…” “Stop it! Just stop it! Who the hell Gave u the rights to touch me!” I said loosing my patience. Don’t cry twinkle don’t cry! “Twinkle…I m yr husband” “you r not my husband don’t u get tht freaking thing in yr mind! Don’t u remember we both signed the papers together” I said “listen…twinkle…” He said cupping my cheeks…but a bit tightly. I tried to get rid of his grip but in vain “I..I realized it was my fault…m sorry…pls…pls come back to me…pls!” He almost begged. Twinkle! Stay strong! “Wht do want Mr. Sarna” I said jerking his hands “one tym u want me to divorce u…I did…the other tym u want Me to come back to u…when I hv freaking moved on nd learnt to stay on my own legs dammit” I said finally bursting out. “I m not a puppet …I m no…ot” I cried. “Twinkle pls don’t cry…pls” he said trying to Wipe my tears. I moved back “kunj pls go” I said in a low pitch “twink…” “Kunj! Do u want me to call the security! Just go!” I screamed “I m not afraid of anyone… U listen to me” he said “kunj! If u will not go…then surely I will do something to myself…” “No no twinkle no…m going…pls don’t harm yrself.. M going” he said nd disappeared in the balcony.

I cried the entire night……

To be continued….

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    With Love,
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    1. Ritzi

      Arre…am I out of my mind? How can I forget my sweetie…my lover…my aarohi…writer of my favorite ‘as long as bunny has a tail…my love for u will never fail’. I m missing yr writing yaar…m missing it tooo much…pls try to write something

      1. SiyappaQUEEN

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