Nothing lasts forever…A twinj ff ~ by ritzi (Part 5)

Really sorry guys….but m hell taken up in work…I opened tu aftr so many days nd I m again sorry tht this update is gonna be a short one….I will on holidays aftr a week or two…so during tht tym I will try to post as many epis as possible.

This fs is a continuation frm the scene when manohar was in coma….kunj nd all blamed twinkle responsible for it…kunj even told her for divorce… Twinkle tried commiting suicide but is saved by leela….kunj is unaware of this fact….leela gives twinkle strength to move on nd forget the one who is helding her responsible for this… I.e kunj….twinkle nd kunj gets divorced… Kunj wasn’t willing to…as he somewhere loved her…but it was Usha who forced him…twinkle with a stone heart did so… Nd then moved to Paris to continue her modelling career…here manohar gains consciousness nd kunj gets to knw the truth frm him…he rushes to taneja mansion only to find tht twinkle has left forever… Leela densies to tell him where she is…kunj sees twinkle in TV….she became miss India…

Let’s begin the epi…

#kunj’s POV

“Maa…so when is my siyappa queen coming” I said taking another sip of coffee. Maa smiled nd said “tomorrow morning” “wht!” I exclaimed choking the coffee in my throat nd the rest tripling down my pants.

“Arre kunj beta dhyan se!” Maa said wiping my pants with hanky. “Maa twinkle is coming tomorrow nd u r telling it to me today! I mean today!” I said “haan so u also came to meet me today! I mean today!” She said taunting me. “Sorry na maa….I m visiting u aftr a week…but wht to do…u were not ready to tell me where twinkle was so I was busy searching for her. By the way maa….why didn’t u went to Paris during her final round… It was such an important moment for her….for u…for me….for us” I said.

Maa looked down in guilt “haan puttar…I knw I had to be there but u knw I was caught up a really really important work so I thought to postpone my ticket to next day….but I got to knw tht the flight was totally full….nd I missed the opportunity” she said.

I nodded. “Accha maa…mai chalta hu…twinkle ke aane ki taiyaariyan karni hai” I said hugging her. She smiled nd blessed me.

Twinkle is coming Twinkle is coming Twinkle is coming Twinkle is coming……yeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my heart screamed in joy. Its joy actually pushed a huge smile on my face ….an uncontrollable smile. I knw I m looking like a maniac like this but u knw wht….I….don’t….care! I quickly ran towards my terrace before I do anything mad or before I get all dizzy bcus of controlling my emotions. “TWINKLEEEEEEEEEEEE!” I shouted on the top of my voice aftr making sure no one else was there on nearby terraces. I felt so good aftr taking out all my joy by shouting her name.

Shit man….I can’t control my smile
‘Its called blush’ my heart spoke ‘ya ya u knw more Bas!’ I said. “Kunj puttar….kya hua terko…tu itna zor se kyu chillaya!” Bebe said coming on terrace. “BEBE!” I ran to her nd started swinging her….revolving her…dancing with her. “Bebe aaj mai bahuuuutttttt khush hu…matlab mai…itna itna itna kush hu!” I said still dancing with her. “Arre arre kunj chod mujhe…chakkar aa gye!” Bebe said nd I realized wht I was doing. I quickly stopped my act. “Bebe r u alright?” I asked “haan puttar…m alright….now tell me the reason behind yr biggggg smile” she asked nd I came back to my pagal mode. “Bebe……twinkle is coming tomorrow!!!!!!” I said jumping continuously.

“Wht!…..kunj puttar kitni acchi khabar sunayi hai re tune! Meri bacchi wapas aa rhi hai meri nooh (dil)…” Nd she stopped in between. I sensed her problem nd keeping my both the hands on her shoulder I said “bebe…voh apki nooh thi…nooh hai…nd hamesha rahegi….I still regret my words bebe….I still do…but…now once twinkle will forgive me then we will marry again I promise tht day will come very soon!” I said she smiled.

“Chal ab neeche chale…we hv to do preparations too” she said nd I nodding swaying my head up nd down ….she smiled at my childish antics nd we went down.


“Bebe ye aap kya bana rhe ho?” I asked poking my eyes on every utensil present in kitchen. “Cheee….gajar ka halwa…bebe u knw na I hate it…yuck!” I said “ya ya I knw u hate it….but its twinkle’s fav. Sweet na! I m making it for her…not for u…uh!” Bebe said “haww….ab bahu aa rhi hai toh bete ko bhul jaoge na” I said faking tears expecting a no frm her “haan baat toh sahi hai” bebe said shocking hell out of me. “Wht!….bebe aap na ….mera popat kar dete ho” I said pouting nd bebe started laughing. “Bebe ….wht should I gift twinkle?” I asked realising I hadn’t thought abt it at all. “Arre haan! U should give her a good sa gift….aftrall she is coming aftr such a long time nd moreover she won such a big title” bebe said making me more nd more nervous…. “Agar meri twinkle hoti then I would hv surely gifted anything of my choice but she has now became miss. India na ….I don’t hv so much of money to buy her something very precious” I said bowing down my head allowing tears to triple down my cheeks…..bebe made me face her …wiping my tears she said “so is she not yr twinkle? Kunj…I knw my twinkle very well ….so wht if she has become a celebrity but manners which leela ji has given to her….I knw she will never forget them….I knw she is all the same….wahi masumyat….vhi bachpana….vhi saaf dil…no ego…no attitude… Nothing… Accha ek baat bata… Wht would u hv gifted to twinkle kunj sarna?” She asked “a simple si…cute si ring” I replied instantly as I knw how much she was fond of wearing rings. “Perfect! So u will gift a pyaari si ring to her” she said

“But Bebe …..” “Ahaan….keh ditta teh keh ditta” she said “okay!” I said chirpily kissing her cheeks nd running out

“Arre kaha ja rha he?” I heard her shouting “aapki bahu ke liye ring kharidne” I shouted.

#At night

“Hey siyappa queen…jaldi aaja ab aur intezaar nhi hota” I whispered lying on the bed… looking at the simply yet elegant ring I bought for her. I felt my eyes getting heavy nd everything went dark.


“BEBE! ooo meri pyaari bebe…utho na! Pls jaldi niklo…bebe!” I screamed standing outside her room….she opened the door aftr smtym rubbing her eyes she said “arre kunj puttar tu inne savere savere itthe kya kar rha hai….any problem?” “Bebe! Today twinkle is coming nd u r still sleeping….wht has gone into u! Not only u…all r sleeping…. Come let’s wake all of them” I said scolding her. She was looking at me with narrowed eyes….hell angry. “Wht!” I asked she held my cheeks nd made my face turn towards the wall clock at on the left wall.

“Time bata merko Zara” she said removing her hands frm my cheeks. “4:30 am” I said casually. She just stood there with her hands on one another. “Y r u looking at me like this” I said “ek keech ke thappad lagaungi” she said raising her hands nd I stepped back fearing (??).

“Its just 4:30…itne baje konsi twinkle aa jayegi ….I talked to leela ji…she said she is coming around 10 in the morning…..she too will be sleeping in flight” she said “but bebe…bebe be…” Wht! Did she just shut the door on my face! Oh god! Ab mai 10 baje tak kaise intezar karu!???

@5:00 am

Wht! Crap with this time…I mean it’s just been half hour since I m waiting! I….I thought I must be 8 or smthing more near to 10…but like really? Y r u testing my patience God! Why? I said sitting on the arm chair of my room…nd I donno when sleep overpowered me.


“Kunj…kunj uth ja” I heard a voice “bebe sone do na” I said moving my head to other way. “Haan thik hai tu sota reh…twinkle se mat mil” bebe spoke….”wht! Twinkle! Oh shit! How can u sleep! Where is she? Did she come?” I asked jerking up frm the chair. “Shant ho ja pehle toh…its 10:00 …she would be here at any moment.

“Really!” I exclaimed nd bebe nodded immediately. I quickly ran towards the main gate ….I want to hug her as soon as she arrives before tht…I want to see her ….quench the thirst of my eyes. I saw bebe ….dad…everyone coming outside too. I m so glad tht I m not the only one who wants twinkle to come back to sarna mansion…mom came too…but she was not happy….I donno wht she’s upto.

#end of Kunj’s POV

A girl is shown…walking with all the perfection… Wearing a yellow short one piece making her curves visible to us. Its an airport… Everyone is jumping… Shouting…screaming…they just want to hv one glance of miss. India.

Ya ….she is our twinkle….surrounded by 6 guards …police officers…this much security is also not too enough to handle such a crazy big crowd.

To be continued

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  1. SidMin23

    It was great and junk happiness has no boundaries and he is extremely excited to see his siyappa Queen and remarried her. Do post soon want to know that will twinkle forgive junk easily or he need to do some work.

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  4. Sohi

    Finally finally our ritzi is back
    Yaar kitna wait karwa ti hai tu
    But episode was dhamaka daar I loved it
    Especially kunjs desperation for twinkle
    I’m again suspicious on usha I think again she going to do wrong with twinkle
    Thanks for my tasty breakfast
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Sohi

      But yaar ritzi u always make me confused
      Is twinkle miss India or miss universe ?
      Plz clear my confusion
      Luv you

      1. Ritzi

        Hehe ya sohi….m sorry I just read tht somewhere I wrote miss universe… But ya…she is miss india

  5. Nishfd

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  21. just loved it and wanna read the next episode as soon as possible

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