Nothing lasts forever…A twinj ff ~ by ritzi (Part 4)

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#kunj’s POV

A week later…
(Sorry guys…leaps pe leaps de rhi hu??)
“Where r u siyappa queen?” I asked looking at her photo. But this time the siyappa is created by me…I m the one responsible for everything. I want u back twinkle…I knw I m selfish…I knw I m greedy but I want u this tym not for me but for my heart… Who cried…screamed… Shouted for getting u back. I cannot let my heart suffer for my deeds.

It has been a week….nd I m still wondering where hv u been….I hv not got even a single clue abt yr whereabouts… In this big world…where will I search u! Where!

Hey bhagvan…till this date I hv never asked anything for myself frm u…I hv only asked for my family’s happiness but….today….for the first nd maybe the last time I m asking u smthing for me…for my heart. TWINKLE! I only want her nothing else in my life. Pls God pls show me some ray ….everyone has a right to rectify their mistakes na? Everyone has a second chance in life na? If u really feel so then pls…pls show me The path.

A tear dropped frm my eyes on Twinkle’s pic. “Kunj! Hv yr coffee…come Down” maa shouted “ye…yes maa” I said clearing my tears….taking a long breath. I stepped down to the hallway nd made myself comfortable on sofa.

I saw Anita aunty coming enthusiastically in hall. She quickly took the remote frm the nearby table nd started surfing the channels with great eagerness. Weird!

I ignored her antics nd made my attention in my phone while sipping the coffee. “Arre Anita aaj itni jald baazi mei kyu channelein ghuma rhi hai?” Bebe asked coming frm the kitchen nd sitting beside men. “Arre bebe aaj Ms. India ka final round hai …aaj hamein pata chalega ki Ms. World 2017 kon hai! I hv already missed my every episodes of this show now I want to see the crowning ceremony.

I was least interested… Nd was just reading my msgs nd lame jokes..wht to do I had nothing to pass my time. Soon maa, dad nd tht uv too joined us in the hall. Ya uv is staying with us only…he never leaves any chance of taunting me. He calls me a looser…betrayer…stone hearted nd wht not. But ya smwhere he was right.

“And the crown of Ms. World 2017 goes to………..” I was still least interested…..typing in my phone..messaging my frnd “the gorgeous… Most Beautiful TWINKLE TANEJA!” Hmm..wait…wht…tw…twi..twinkle! My fingers which were going on typing nd typing paused ….did she just say…twinkle taneja? My twinkle? My siyappa queen? 2017’s Ms. India? These days my body is has really got used to the adrenaline rush due to some or the other shocks…but this one! By god…I swear my hormones must be chasing in my body with double speed…ya I can feel it!

My heart is not beating…. Its bouncing in joy…I just hope it doesn’t bounces off frm my ribcage too? ‘I got my girl back…I got my beat back …ye ye ye ye’ did u hear it…ya thts my heart.

With lots of guts my eyes moved towards the television…. They were so much dying to capture her again…her very image would also do to them. “My girl” I whispered when I saw her. Standing like a princess…standing with so much of confidence…. the most beautiful karishma of god….I was least bothered abt others ….I guess they were equally shocked. She was being crowned….those whistles… Those screams were audible till here….her tears were noticeable. But today they were crying bcus of happiness.

My eyes were crying too….yes.. No doubt I m toooooo happy for my princess…but I m more upset…double times guilty for not being with her during her best ….most important moment of life. But..I m proud of u twinkle. Yes I am. U showed the world tht a girl is equal to 10 boys… Meri sherni hehe…ms. India tak ban gyi. Love u twinkle.

#End of kunj’s POV

@ the fashion show destination in Paris

#twinkle POV
(Her POV is frm the time the winner is not announced)

‘Babaji pls aaj mujhe meri har mehnat ka phal do ( oh god pls give me the fruit of my struggles)…babaji agar aaj mai nhi Jeet payi na toh mujhe yakeen ho jayega ki ek aurat apni pati ke bina kuch nhi kar sakti (babaji if u loose today then I will be certain tht a girl is nothing without a man by her side)

voh apni mazil ke karib ja sakti hai lekin manzil tak nhi pauch sakti (the girl may reach near her destination but can never actually reach the destination without a man)….aaj sirf meri haar nhi hogi…mere saath saath unki bhi haar hogi Jo mujhse ummed lagaya hue hai (today…if I will loose then with me those people will also loose who has given their trusts to me nd the one who has faith on me)….agar aaj mei haari toh mai maa se nazre nhi mila paungi (if I loose today then I will not be able to confront mom)…agar aaj mai haari toh mai khud ko kabhi aine mei nhi dekh paungi ki (I will not be able to watch my face in mirror)…baba ji…meri Jeet se kayi aur jeetein Judi hai…babaji pls mujhe himmat dena.

For the rest winning this competition must be just a ticket for the fame but for me….it is life…I hv devoted my everything to it…my struggles…. They still haunt me …only I knw wht all I had to face for making it up till here. No! I cannot loose now.

“The winner of Ms world 2017 goes to the gorgeous…most beautiful….” Pls pls babaji….my fingers were crossed…my eyes were shut tightly with fear ….my heart increasing its beat every second I hope I don’t get a heart attack before knowing the name …..oh this freaky feeling….

“Twinkle taneja!!!” Wht! I opened my eyes with thud…I cleared my ears…did…did she just announce my name. “Hey twinkle go wht r u waiting for” I heard my hair dresser speaking. Now I was sure it was me….god! “Arre just go” she said giving me a slight push nd I made my way towards the ramp.

Aayega Woh Is Intezaar Mein
Ud Chala Dil Wahan, Sapne Jahan Mein Janu
Lagta Hai Woh Mere Kareeb Hai
Aisa Kyun Hai Magar,Dhunde Nazar Beqabu
Hosh Gul Sapno Ki Mein Bandhu Gull
Aankh Kab Khuli
Khabar Nahi Khabar Nahi

Ya this was the song hovering in my mind while walking on the ramp with my lips never stopping to smile. I just forgot to maintain tht attitude while walking…I just left myself with the flow…feeling the moment…living the moment…enjoying the victory.

Kis taraf hai aasman
Kis taraf zameen khabar nhi
Khabar nhi
Jabse aaye hai sama mujhko khudki bhi khabar nhi khabar nhi

Oh god this song was not getting out of my mind. This song was reminding me of kunj….how I wish he was with me …being one of them whistling for me. How I wish to hug him tightly right now.

The pink lights….the party poppers…the screams…the shouts…everything… Every single thing was making me feel more nd more special. Making my lips go more nd more broad. The judge shook hands with me…made me wear the sash.

He then made me wear the crown…the moment he placed the crown on my head my eyes got closed….a tear escaped frm it. The first image coming in front of my eyes was of kunj’s ‘wah re meri siyappa Queen… Ms. Amritsar se seedha ms. World’ I imagined him saying so…making me smile. I opened my eyes nd a mike was handed over to me.

“Maa finally I made it…yes your daughter made it maa…those struggles… Those sleepless nights r paid back. I m here just bcus of u nd u knw wht I want to tell u smthing very important….. I LOVE U MOM i love u…thank you…thank you for being my shoulder during the time I needed it the most. Thank u for assuring me tht u were by my side in my every decision… Thanks for ………ever…everything.

I said nd broke down the next moment.

#End of twinkle’s POV


#Kunj’s POV

“Is tht twinkle!” Anita aunty said with jealousy nd shock in her voice. I could see bebe crying I quickly gave her shoulder a light squeeze “meri bacchi” she whispered in happiness.

“Dekh Usha dekh… Jisse tu aaj tak buri bala kehti aayi hai voh aaj kaha pauch gyi” dad said controlling his joy. Maa was just looking down at the floor. “Wht nonsense” Anita aunty said nd changed the channel “a talk with twinkle taneja ….today at 6 pm” I heard a reporter saying. I quickly looked at my watch….an hour to go! Damn! How will I be able to wait! Anita aunty switch off the TV out of frustration which was clearly visible on her face. “Kya hua anita aunty….aaj kuch zyada hi garmi lag rhi hai yaar” I said indicating her jealousy.

“Kunj just shut up! Don’t u dare say anything to my mom…tu kya itna hava mei Udd rha hai uh? If m not wrong then u were the one to throw her out of the house….u were the one to divorce her…look! She is nothing to u now…she is No more twinkle kunj sarna….she is the twinkle taneja now. U srsly think she will give any attention to u?” Uv said

Uv’s words though harsh but brought me into reality. I lost all the chances of getting her back…she will no more look at me…I…I lost…my…siy..yappa queen…I lost all the rights to call her mine…all the rights to touch her ….everything!

“Uv! Ja apne kamre mei!” Bebe shouted noticing tears in my eyes. I quickly ran towards my room.

‘Will u just shut up for a while!’ I shouted at my heart who was crying continuously…. Taunting me continuously. I could do nothing but to dig my face on the pillow remince my days with her….our days…nd cry more nd more ….curse more nd more.

#aftr about an hour

“Kunj puttar its 6 o’clock” I heard bebe shouting. ‘So wht?’ I asked to myself nd again continued crying on my pillow. ‘Oh shit! Its 6!’ It pricked me suddenly nd I quickly rushed down wiping my tears on my way only. I sat beside bebe who had already turned on the channel. The show had yet not begun. “How much time yaar bebe” I asked being frustrated. “Thand rakh puttar” she said chuckling.

“Welcome to our show guys! Today we r having the most adorable…most beautiful… Ms. World 2017….TWINKLE TANEEEJA! The anchor spoke nd my girl enter the stage. ‘U still manage to skip a beat when u see her na!’ I asked my heart nd he just nodded smiling.
# end of Kunj’s POV


#twinkle’s POV

” hello ms gorgeous do hv a seat” the host…mark greeted me. I smiled nd sat on the chair opposite to him. “So how r u doing…how was yr day…how’s life…all well…wht did u do today…how much calories did u burnt today…..” He was continuously asking me such silly questions simultaneously he was still blabbering. “These all questions public don’t want to knw” he said releasing his breath in a funny way. We all laughed at it. “U really funny mark” I said laughing “I knw right” he said “so mr. Mark may I knw wht r the questions public actually want to ask” I said being friendly to him.

“Oh ya…nice question….. So MS. TWINKLE!” he said raising his voice suddenly. “Hmm!” I said in a alerting voice. “Nation wants to knw…it took how many struggles to make it up to my show” he said nd we all again started laughing.

“A lot more than u r actually thinking” I said in between my laughter. “No srsly twinkle… People out there think tht modelling is can be a cup of tea for everyone… May I knw how much correct it is” he said “its absolutely wrong” i said immediately. “So won’t u tell us yr journey” he said. “Ofcource I will…thts the reason why I am here” I said “u knw…modelling actually taught me the real meaning of the word STRUGGLE….when I came Paris for the first tym…I faced so much of discrimination on being an Indian…there was so much of competition in each nd every step…u knw the mere thought of my struggling days still creates goosebumps on my hands” I said.

“But twinkle is modelling yr passion…or dream tht pushed u up till here…we all knw it require hell lot of guts to enter this field” he said “modelling was not my passion…nor dream …..I took up modelling to answer back” I said.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get u” he said “u knw…I never even dreamt of becoming ms. World….something really worst happened in my life. I was being tagged as bad omen by someone being very close to my heart, I was being tagged as murder…I was all ready to leave this world ” I said nd all the people around be were hellllllll shocked.

“Ya….it was my mom who pulled me out frm the loop of death…she pushed me…she supported me…she handed me the ticket to Paris…she told me to chase my dreams not for only myself but for every struggling girl ….who is fighting for space….my best friend….chinki…she explained me tht dying was not the solution… It was not the answer ….answer will be my success….nd really I m feeling so powerful today.” I said wiping my tears.

“Oh my baby! But pls…tell us the whole thing…who called u Bad omen…y were u called as murder..wht had happen tht u attempted to suicide” he said “m sorry mark…m sorry guys but I really don’t feel comfortable in disclosing tht” I said nd mark nodded in agreement.

“But the one who called u by those words…do u think he/she must be watching this?” He asked. “I really don’t knw…but I wish so” I said nd smiled. “By the way… I heard tht u r frm Amritsar,Punjab!” He said lightening the atmosphere.

I smiled “yes!!!!” I said “so when r u going to visit yr mom there?” He asked joyously. “Oh very soon! Actually my mom was not able to make it to Paris during my ceremony nd I haven’t even met her since 6 months!” I said. “Oh! So all the indians watching my show…grab on yr phones.. Book yr tickets to Amritsar now! A bomb is going to visit Punjab very soon!” He said filling the surrounding with bubbles of laughter.

“Srsly mark….bomb?” I said “ya don’t u guys call beautiful girls pa..pautkkha there so I just translated it in English” he said “its patakha….???????? yr Hindi is terrible mark” I said trying hard to speak in between laughter.

#End of twinkle’s POV


# kunj’s POV

“Kunj puttar… Where r u lost” bebe asked nd I came back into reality… I was so much lost in her laughter… Her voice for which I craved in past months. The goosebumps hv still not left my hand I swear. Though her talks made me more nd more guilty but m glad….m glad she didnt speak maa’s name in front of the international television. I can see maa also feeling guilty….her tears where giving the proof.

She too watched the whole show…actually not only maa…but we allllll watched the show including Anita aunty?????who was pretending to apply nail paints. “Bebe! Twinkle Amritsar aa rhi hai!!!!!!!!” I screamed when I stucked me.

“Haan puttar! Its like god has given a new life….he didn’t show u the path but he gave cleared the entire road for u…now pls walk carefully on tht road” she said caressing my hair. I smiled!

Precap: twinkle in Amritsar!!!!

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