Nothing lasts forever…A twinj ff ~ by ritzi (Part 2)

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Oh god guys….. SIMPLY OVERWHELMING!! Yr love for me.

U knw Wht…u all might be thinking how rude I am tht I do not reply to yr comments. I swear to sidhant I m really guilty for tht yaar. I m srsly lacking tym. Exams r near so I hv to study too but I really feel so bad tht u guys make frantic efforts to comment nd tht too big ones (especially priya…love uh!) Nd I m not able to reply…I promise this tym I will reply back to each nd every comment. Love uh!

Accha now let’s move to main motive??

Let’s start the epi….

Kunj’s POV
I came to hall climbing downstairs aftr a relaxing hot water bath…ya I agree it was so relaxing. As soon as I went down I saw maa already talking to the lawyer. The lawyer stood up as soon as he saw me…I shook hand with him “Mr. Sarna here r the divorce papers u nd twinkle sarna only need to sign on this the rest I will manage” he spoke. Wht! Divorce papers so early…how come? I thought until the papers get ready I will get atleast sm tym to make mom understand but no! Y god…WHY!

“How come the papers r ready so early” I asked in a calm tone. “Mr. sarna, Usha mam had only called me to make them as early as possible So…” He said looking towards maa. “Usha mat kar unn dono ki zindagi barbad” I heard bebe saying. She too was helpless at this point of tym…I could sense tht. If she would oppose maa then maa will again do tht stupid stunt.

“Nhi bebe…iss baar mai kisiki nhi sunungi” (no bebe…this tym I m not gonna listen to anyone) maa said “waqil sahab u give papers to kunj let him sign first” she continued. My nerves raced the very moment maa spoke tht. My throat almost choked due to lack of oxygen ya! Lack of oxygen, I could easily feel my heart beat decreasing… Ofcource it had to happen as for the one whom my heart used to beat is going away frm me then how can I expect a proper functioning of my heart.

“Usha u might get Kunj’s signatures by pressurising him but will twinkle sign it?” Bebe asked providing me with a ray of hope. “Bebe u leave all tht on me” maa said “okay then…Mr. Sarna pls sign the papers” lawyer said forwarding a pen nd papers to me. I looked at it…..then at lawyer cursing him under my breath… I forwarded my hand to take it just to finding them shivering like anything! ‘For god sake stop yr shiverings!’ I scolded them. NO USE! I finally took the pen nd paper. I bent down on my knees to take support of the centre table…..tht was wht can be seen but the reality was…..I became weak! I was not able to handle my own weight. I read the paper….actually I was wasting time cuz the child within me still believes in miracles…. Wht if maa changes her mind? Wht if doc. Says dad is out of coma so tht it diverts maa’s mind…. At this point of situation I won’t mind an earthquake too! Anything tht can just stop me frm signing it is welcomed!

“Kunj be quick” maa said as she must hv sensed my dilemma. I shiveringly opened the pen cap. I started jerking the pen hoping for it to leak on the papers. “Kunj wht r u doing?” Maa asked as I was continuously jerking it. “Maa voh I thought it is not working properly” I said “no no Mr. Sarna the pen is in proper condition… U pls sign the papers” tht Bl**dy lawyer spoke… Did I asked him? Then why on earth he wants to interfere!

I looked at the part where I had to sign ‘now if u cannot leak…then atleast don’t work!’ I warned the pen. I placed the tip of the pen on the paper nd pushed it signing the papers…. My eyes were closed while doing so…I opened my eyes. DESTROYED! Everything thing destroyed….. Nothing worked…no earthquake… No events which could stop my twinkle frm getting away frm me. I could see my signatures on the paper I could also see The paper getting wet with my tears. “Thank u so much kunj” maa said not noticing my tears.

I heard the door bell ringing, I stood up. Bebe went to open the door….my eyes were still on paper angrily grazing my signatures on it. “Twinkle!” I heard bebe exclaiming with joy…. My eyes shot up to look at her aftr 1 whole day!

Bebe brought twinkle in it was then when I got a complete glimpse of her. She wore my fav. Blue anarkali I wonder if she is doing tht intentionally but suddenly something more important popped in my mind….’Maa!’ How did she allowed her to come in?

“Twinkle puttar kaisi hai tu…aur tu yaha…..” (Twinkle how r u? Nd u here….) Bebe spoke but was cut by maa. “I called her here bebe….to sign the papers so tht we can finish it off all at once” maa said

Nd my gaze directly went on twinkle…. Praying she doesn’t breaks down….but wait…wht? She didn’t reacted on this…. Ya I knw she is strong…but this much? I cannot find even a single tear in her eyes.

#End of Kunj’s POV

#Twinkle’s POV

Control twinkle….breath in…breath out…u cannot fell weak now, this day had to come. U don’t need to show yr broken pieces of heart to the one who doesn’t know its value. “Twinkle sign the papers nd get lost” I heard maa saying “I knw u will start yr melodrama like last nigh…” “Waqil sahab where do I hv to sign?” I said cutting maa in between nd wht came next was her shocked expressions. Somewhere I felt bad in cutting her but I had to make them know tht I m not weak!

“Here” the lawyer said showing me the paper nd handing over the pen to me. My heart screamed…. It cried….it Begged not to take it’s beat away but NO! I just cannot obey the heart…..I hv to sign this for maa….for chinki…. For every struggling girl! I opened the cap nd quickly signed the papers without any change in my expressions.

“Thank you….I will submit the papers today itself” the lawyer said before leaving.

I looked at Usha maa….her mouth was still open ….I could make out tht she was shock to se my reaction. “Usha maa…I mean aunty congregations! Finally u hv got freedom frm tht bad omen” I said my eyes went on bebe who was crying I went their nd touched her feet. “Pls take care of yrself be….” I choked in between. “Ek kheech ke thappad lagaungi terko! Mai Teri bebe thi…bebe hu nd hamesha bebe hi rahungi” (u will hv a tight one frm me now! I was yr bebe….I m yr bebe nd will always remain yr bebe) she spoke pulling my ears.

“Aah bebe-bebe dard ho rha hai aau” I said “dramebaaz!” She exclaimed nd we both laughed. I hugged her. “Twinkle u r stronger than I thought” she whispered. “I m proud of u” she continued making me smile. I then broke the hug nd cupped her face with one hand “take care” I said nd made my ways outside. U all must be wondering where kunj had gone….he was there…he was more shock than Usha maa. I noticed it but I didn’t show him tht I was looking at him at every second… How could I hv missed some of his last glimpses?

I entered taneja mansion. Everyone was in hall. “I signed the divorce papers” I said grabbing everyone’s attention. “Wht! U signed the divorce papers! ” mami said “oh my god twinkle! Hv u ever thought wht society will sa….” She continued but was stopped by maa “twinkle…. I m proud to hv a daughter like u…here…take this” maa said forwarding me ticket. I took it wondering wht was it was. One thing was sure…it was a plane ticket. I read the details in it. “PARIS!” I screamed joyfully. I looked at mom turning all red with happiness “ya…

Paris …it is the beginning destination of yr journey… I knw u want to pursue yr modelling career….” Maa said “modelling career! Didi ji wht r u saying…do u even knw wht kind of cloths girls hv to wear….” Mami said cutting maa but maa ignored her nd continued “twinkle beta…u hv full freedom… Do whatever u feel like…hv fun…hv frnds…live yr life …. I will be by your side always. If u can forget yr dreams just to fulfill my sm stupid ones (talking abt marriage) then I hv to return u yr dreams back” maa said with guilt in her voice.

“I will not deny mom…. Neither will I fall weak…I will struggle… I will pursue my dreams just to make u feel proud. I will go to Paris…love u mom….love u sooo much!” I said jumping on her.

“Behna ye sab toh thik hai…but our twinkle alone in Paris…where will she stay…wht will she eat moreover wht abt her protection?” Mama said being concerned. “Raman tu chinta na kar I hv arranged everything there. We already hv a spacious pent house there so no worries of shelter at all….I hv arranged for an Indian cook who will be available 24 hours for twinkle. Nd abt protection…. Ya I too m a bit worried abt it even though I hv arranged around 10 security guards for her. 2 will always be with her nd the rest will be guarding her at home” maa completed nd my mouth was left open!!

“Arrey wah behna….nice h
Job….” Mama’s appreciation came to a stop when he noticed my expressions. My mouth was still open…maa too looked at me nd asked me ‘wht happened’ with her eyebrows. “Maa u told I can livey freedom…. 10 security guards ke saath konsa independence uh!” I said making everyone laugh.

“No twinkle I don’t knw anything… This much security is must I would hv only came wid do but I hv to handle work here too…I cannot simply leave every pressure on Raman na nd moreover I want u to fight yr fight alone its not tht I m of wid u but u hv to nd hv to fight for yrself” maa said making me nod.

“My flight is aftr 3 days so basically I hv got only 72 hours to shop oh my god!” I said. “Twinkle puttar 72 hours ke aage ‘only’ nhi lagate” mama said nd again the room got filled with laughter.

End of Twinkle’s POV

#Kunj’s POV

I-HATE-U-TWINKLE!!!! I screamed in my mind throwing a nearby vase in my already messed up room. How can anyone change in just a day? Here I was had almost dead aftr signing the papers nd u? Not a single tear mark! Mom was right… Absolutely right tht girl was not worth to me or should I say I was not worthy of hvng a girl like her. I m glad tht I obeyed mom…m glad tht I divorced dad’s murderer.


#End of Kunj’s POV

# Aftr 3 days…The day for Paris!!!

# Twinkle’s POV

“Twinkle hv u packed the needed medicines!” Mom shouted frm hall.

“Yaa mom…aaaaaaa ouch!” I screamed aftr slipping nd falling on my butt. Oh god! I said when my gaze felt on my room which was almost covered by my stuffs nd Cloths. “Twinkle u ok….oh god twinkle wht on earth r u doing!” Mom said entering my room. “Mom didn’t I tell u…packing is not my glass of bear” I said “its cup of tea not glass of bear” mom said “mom stop correcting me ….pls correct my room” I said “mom…pls pls pack my things pls mom…u r the best …mom” I buttered while trying to get back on my knees.

“Oh accha? Nd wht will u do till then? Time pass?” Maa asked sarcastically. “No no mom…I don’t hv time to waste…I will go nd meet chinki” I said being a bit dramatic.

“Hmmmm….agar aisi baat hai toh…jao” mom said which resulted in hundred watt smile on my face. “Love u mom!” I said before paving my way out “watch it!” Mom warned “ouch!” I screamed when I banged my nose in door. “Tht hurts!” I pouted rubbing my tomato red nose nd mom could do nothing but laugh.

To be continued….

Hey guys so as per yr wish….I came early but with a short one ?. Hope it was not too short for u guys. Let me knw yr views in this epi too!

See u guys soon! Till then bbie!

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  1. hey….ritzi….today episode is awesome. ….love it.. yrrr….plzz post asap….and…haaa. …make to try long update??????

    lots of love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. hey ritzi….yrrr it was fantastic loved it hate this usha…how can she do like this….and twinkle was awsm….
    post soon…
    luv u…

  3. Presha

    Hey ritzi loved it yaar awesome epi u just rocked

  4. Chiku

    Woaaaah!!! Its fantastic ??lovely. I enjoyed reading it. U r amazing ???????
    I really feel happy to read twinkles change???
    Post soon

  5. Awesome episode Ritzi it was so emotional yaar and I’m eager for the next try to post asap if you can

  6. Purvi128

    Hey Ritzi .. thanks alot for coming soon …!
    It was awesome … yaar … how can u write so well …. u rocked ritzi … hate this usha … want to kill her …! But can’t ..
    Ritzi plsss next asap .. bhale hi short … coz mujhse wait nahi hoga ab …!
    Love u??

  7. Mia12

    Woooaaaahhhooo, ritzi meri jaan,,,????? woohhuuhuu ??? m very much happy,??? and see m dancing now seeing ur post so early,,???? and ur most welcome,??? and thanks 4 posting soon,??and mera kya,? muje toh sirf ritzi ki writing read karna hai, chahe wo short ho ya long,??? but ritzi ki writing hai isliye short pardne ka man nai karta,??? or is mamle mei mai thora matlabi ho jata hu kavi kavi,???? now ur update is justttt WONDERFUL,????? Divorce scene was sooooo emotional,????? yeh usha to hei hi nakchari kahiki,??? but ab kunj bhi twinkle ko hate karti hai,??? but m now m happy twinkle,??? love the mother-daughter bond,☺☺☺ and Woah PARISH,???? m so excited,?? but uv ka kya karoge,wo kaha gaya,?? Jo bhi ho I won’t demands any scene from u coz I knw Jo bhi tum likhogi wo sabse best hoga,?? kyuki mere ritzi ne likha hai,☺☺and she is best,??? but but 1 demand to hai jaldhi wo to mang sakta huna,?? or wo hai jaldhi post karna ok,??? bye,??
    ❤❤LOVE YOU SHOO MUCH, Ritzi..❤❤

  8. Ritzi diii..??? too guddd..
    Did manohar die????
    But Donno why I am. Not loving this Twiikne ???
    Butt post soonn

  9. it was awesome. please try to post as fast as possible

  10. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    Loved the strong Twinkle and mre than that Loved Usha’s shocked expression
    Bechara Kunj But Twinkle is right if Kunj can’t stand up for his Love than Why should Twinkle not sign …
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  11. IT was awesome n nice
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz post sooon

  12. RUTU.....

    Hey Ritzy,
    No need of thanking us I commented on your os whole heatedly asI loved it to core of my heart you deserve more appreciation, you are best writer I ever met… ???
    And about the episode it’s awesome and emotional too but I don’t want Kunj to think about twinkle as a betrayer plz make kunj to know about twinkles suside sin after twinkles departure to Paris if it can be possible for you please……
    Love you so so so…………. Much ???
    No need of replying if you are busy I can understand you
    Yours Rutu???

  13. Sohi

    Very good and awesome episode
    Kunj was worth of it
    Twinkle did correct with him
    Usha got a nice punch from her
    Loved mom daughter bond
    Do continue
    Love you yaar

  14. Baby

    amazing ritzi☺
    speechless☺ too emotional☺ too good☺jst loved it☺
    m jst out of tears m cryng n crying alag ho gaye………paris……..
    dono alag hoo jayenge……….
    yaar fabulous marvalleous speechless……….
    post nxt soon
    lods of love♥♥

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing emotional epi

  16. Kruti

    That was just so amazing loved it
    Continue asap

  17. SidMinTwiNj

    It’s amazing… Loved it… Post next episodeand this is when the feeling sinks in FF too soon…

  18. Ramya

    It’s awesome amazing
    Means d way twinkle was strong infront of kunj kya bolus
    Loved it
    SRY fr short comment lack of Tim
    Love u keep smiling

  19. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Ritzy,
    It was Awsm mind blowing fantastic superb????????????????????????……Loved this NW avatar of twinkle…..Hate this Usha…..U nailed every emotions very well yrr……. sorry i Couldn’t cmnt on last episode because I was a bit busy…..BT I loved it yr……Do continue with this…..Post next one soon……Love uuu?????

  20. Shalini15

    Hey Ritzi meri Mate my hotie my romance queen my drama queen my talent ki dukan my ideas ka bhandar firstly really very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry for not commenting on first episode nd last two shots nf few episodes of your ff.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? actually I was too busy so could not read nd when I read it was too late so didn’t comment sorry please maaf kar do.

    Now coming to the episode so pehle kripa karke aap ye batayengi ki apke charan kamal kahan hain mujhe unhein chukar aapke ashiwad lene hain so that main bhi itna acha episode likh sakun derkho ab tum bata dena maine ria se bhi pucha tha but usne kaha she is younger than me so she can’t let me touch her feet this very bad na??????????but really yaar you write too good nd it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. kahan se aate hain aise ideas in your mind. really it’s an inspirational nd motivated concept nd the way you’ve expressed twinjs emotions nd their feelings it was really outstanding. nd this Usha just hate her how can see do this with her own son but l love leela she is really too good mom. Feeling very bad for twinj now they will live separately nd with lots of misunderstandings?????????????????? hope their misunderstanding will be clear soon nd also they will confess their love but it’s concept is different nd unique so I know I’ve to wait for that day. well it was really amazing episode. you nailed it. hat’s of your hard work. ??????????????????????? now please post next part asap.

    Nd by the way I’m not commenting on your ff for the first time I’ve commented on your ff before too but that time I was registered with another name Vipul but now I have changed my account .

    Lots of love ?????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????

  21. Aanya_pandey

    That was just soo very amazing dear!!! Loved it soo soo much..

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