Nothing lasts forever…A twinj ff ~ by ritzi (Part 1)

Hey guys….sorry! M really very sorry yaar….I was just on a break…did It got really long?

Sorry! Well I m just lacking ideas for my ff this is when the feeling sinks in… As soon as I get up with an idea…I will post it. But right now enjoy my this fs.

‘The story starts frm when manohar’s pictures were leaked nd he was in ICU. Kunj got to knw tht twinkle knew this matter frm the start.


Twinkle’s POV

“How can u do this twinkle!” He shouted his lungs out. My eyes responded by getting shut. “Ku..kunj…be…believe me..I..hv no..not leaked th..ose…” I said pushing the words out of my throat.

“I knw u cannot do tht twinkle… But atleast u could hv told me the problem…but no! U always want to poke yr bl**dy nose in every matter!” He shouted.

This shout was so loud tht it grabbed everyone’s attention in hospital. “Kunj! I did tht to save papa ji’s respect” I said crying miserably. “Oh just shut up twinkle… If u didn’t knew how to handle the matter u could hv told us…look…just bcus of u….my husband is in hospital fighting with life nd death….ur his criminal… I will not leave u twinkle!” Usha maa said. “But mummy ji….” I said “SHUT UP! Don’t even speak my name frm her dirty mouth….ur a bad omen twinkle… Ur a bad omen for my family… For my son!” She said making me cry even harder. She dont knw that pricked the most sensitive portion of my heart by saying this. “Usha ji…wht r u saying” maa said. “Maa pls…its better u don’t speak in between our matters” kunj said ……wht has just gone into him! How can he just talk like this wid my maa….I could see maa’s face brimming with shame. Just then doctor came out of ICU all of them rushed to him. Now only papa ji can explain them everything…he is my only hope.

I too rushed towards doctor. “Doct….or…. Ho..w is …my da..d” kunj said with broken voice.

“I’m sorry Mr. Sarna but he slipped into coma” doctor said. Everything just went blank near me…I was not able sense wht was happening around….I could only feel my tears nd hear my heart beat which was literally racing. My legs couldn’t handle my body weight…. They became weak…nd I got pulled a few steps back. Just then I felt tapping near my shoulder “twinkle handle yrself” maa whispered. It was then …when I came back to my senses only to see myself crying even more. I controlled my tears with great difficulty nd ran towards my car without saying anything.

I sat into my car nd drove off. ‘Ur a bad omen…ur a bad omen for my family… For my son’ those harsh words were still pricking my heart badly. How cannot kunj believe me! Our relation had just begun… Nd…nd he …..”aaaaaah” I shouted when a car overtook me and stood exactly facing me with a skid. I applied brakes with huge force making me jerk. I was still panting heavily when I saw uv coming out of tht car! Bl**dy jerk! I took off my seat belt nd went towards him.

“Uv pls move aside with yr car…I m not in a mood to even speak to u” I said nd again started moving towards my car. He held my wrist nd pulled me towards him ….tht was soo quick tht I couldn’t resist. As a result I landed on his chest. “UV! LEAVE ME! How dare u touch me!” I shouted still struggling. But he twisted my hand on the back of my waist.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah…..uv leave me…uv uv…its hurting pls aah” I shouted with tears.

“Arre how so easily baby doll…see didn’t I told u tht yr looser will leave u one day….he didn’t even trust his wife….hahaha…u should…u should thank me baby…I brought his real face in front of u” he said making me stop my struggles as I was trying to figure out the meaning of his last lines.

“Wht do u mean” I said “arre baby…when did u became this foolish….this kunj na…he spoilt u too… I thought u would hv made out tht I only hv leaked those pictures” he said winking at me.

Tht line was enough to drag me into trauma….I don’t know wht to do….I don’t knw hw to react …my tears r my only words today…I was numb when I felt uv kissing me on my neck…I m aware tht he is kissing me but seems like im all paralyzed nd m not able to stop him. “U taste delicious babe” he spoke in between his kisses.

THT WAS E-N-O-U-G-H. I gained sm strength nd pushed him. He felt down on the road nd his head hit the car. He winced in pain. “Enough uv…I hv had enough of yr torchers. U think by doing this cheap act u will snatch me frm kunj. Maybe uv…maybe u r successful in separating kunj nd Me…but u will never succeed in getting me…so just throw tht shit out of yr find. I said before getting in my car.

I started driving again… This tym I was not crying… Not bcus I hv gained sm strength or smthing like tht but bcus my tears were soaked up…. They were not willing to cm out more…unless I won’t get Kunj’s support I won’t be able to get strong. ” I LOVE U KUNJ!” I shouted like a maniac nd wow! Tears again paved their way through my eyes.

#Aftr 5 minutes …
I realized tht I had reach home. I got down nd started stepping inside. As soon as I entered I saw Usha maa…bebe crying badly nd kunj was just consoling them. He was broken….I could feel tht…but he is strong I knw tht too. He needs sm1 to console him too…but he won’t tell it to anyone.

As soon as I entered the house the click of my heels grabbed everyone’s attention.

“U! Wht r u doing here! I wonder how spoilt u are tht u even hv strength to face us…wow! Great!” Usha maa said. Wanting to knw Kunj’s reaction… I looked at him he was just looking at me angrily… The love nd care which I had seen in his eyes in these few days had died. The anger in his eyes proved tht I no longer deserve to stay his.

“But Usha…” Bebe spoke but was cut by Usha maa. “No bebe…either she or me” maa said putting the of knife on her neck. “Maa!”. Shouted me nd kunj together. “Maa pls…pls put tht knife down” I begged her. “Twinkle u stay away frm me” maa cried. “Twinkle! Y don’t u understand damn it….” Kunj said dragging me out of the house. In a nick of second I was out of the house. “Kunj listen to m…” I said but was cut by kunj “u will receive divorce papers within few days” he said nd closed the door. Did he just said tht? Kunj…I…I don’t believe this….I cannot live without u.

Was out relation this weak? U didn’t even bothered to listen to me or am I really a bad omen? Yes! I m a bad omen…thts y everyone hates me. If I hv to get those smile back…I will hv to leave their life…but I m nothing without maa…without bebe…without Ku..uj. I thought while entering in taneja mansion.

Maa came running towards me. “Twinkle… Puttar wht hv u done to yrself!” She said. I looked at maa nd hugged her immediately nd started pouring my heart out. “Maa….maa…Ku..kunj doesn’t believes me…he..he th…threw me ou..out of..h..his ho..Ouse..m…m.I this….bad?” I said hiccuping.
Maa quickly broke the hug nd cupped my face “na…” Maa was going to speak smthing when pinni mami spoke “wht! He threw u out of his house…arre re re twinkle… Didi ji explain yr daughter tht how society reacts when a husband throws his wife out of the house…u hv not only blackened yr face but our too!” Mami spoke making my mind again sink into those taunts ‘ur a bad omen’ ‘u r bad omen for my son’ ‘u hv not even blackened yr face but our too’ ‘get out of my house twinkle’ ‘y do u always hv to poke yr bl**dy nose into everything’ nd in the last ‘u will get yr divorce papers within few days’ everything was getting so messed up in my mind tht I ran towards stairs nd started climbing them. I could sense maa scolding mami but wht mami said was 100% true.

Despite of going in my room… my legs moved towards storeroom. No…I just cannot live without him…I want u kunj… I want u…but u don’t deserve me…ur right… Usha maa is right…mami is right…I m a bad o…. My thoughts got blocked when my eyes went on a thick rope. Then I looked at ceiling ….I could see fan there. My eyes started searching for smthing which even I don’t knw. Nd my gaze stopped at a long stool. ‘Wht if I die?’ My mind asked ‘then everyone will be able to stay happy’ my heart replied. I hv to do this ….I hv to nd hv to moreover nothing is left wid me.

I thought arranging this stool exactly below the fan.

#aftr few minutes
I was all set….all set to leave this world… I was all set to enter a new world…I was all set to leave all my loved ones…maa…kunj…with a lot of difficulty I placed my shivering hands on the loop of the rope nd entered my head into it. I closed my eyes…as soon as I did so…all the memories flashed back….I reminced maa kissing my forehead before marriage…. Maa doing my chumpy (massaging her head)…my marriage…mine nd kunj’s wedding… Our silly fights…his antics…his craziness… Bebe’s teaching… Me feeding chole to kunj on road…a large smile had crept my lips before today’s scene again overpowered my mind. I opened my eyes with thud… The smile again dropped. No! I hv to die…this is only good. I closed my eyes when a tear escaped my eyes. Probably the last tear. “ you kunj” I said before pushing down the stool. I was there…choking to death…I could sense my wind pipe almost choked…the vision started getting blurred…I saw door opening… Shouts were being heard nd sm1 held my legs…”Ku..kun….j” I smiled before my eyes shutting down.


I opened my eyes….they were too heavy to handle….m not able to understand what’s happening… The image is still not cleared….I rubbed my eyes. “Twinkle…. Doctor… Twinkle ko hosh aa gya dekho” I heard…it was maa’s voice for sure. Didn’t I die? Damn yaar! The vision finally got cleared nd I found myself in my room…maa was there…chinki was there…mama…mami…bubbly everyone was there…..kunj….no…he didn’t come.

“M…….ma” I found it difficult to talk “shh…don’t give much stress to yr throat….pls take care tht she doesn’t speak much” I heard doc. Saying. “Buy these medicines nd make sure she doesn’t miss any of the dose” he said nd left.

I looked at maa…my eyes asking for forgiveness. “Chinki ….tell her whatever she did doesn’t deserve forgiveness… Tell her to take rest I will bring soup for her” maa said nd went out. Mama caressed my hairs before moving out along with mami nd bubbly.

Me nd chinki were only left. I looked at her…she was looking at me with suspicious eyes. ‘Wht?’ I asked through my eyebrows. “I don’t believe yr the same twinkle….the lioness of Amritsar… I really don’t believe it” chinki said….these lines were enough…. They were enough to make me realise wht sin I was going to do…or wht a blunder I already made. My eyes again got watery. “Don’t twinkle don’t” chinki warned making me confuse. “Don’t let these tears fall down yr eyes…thses r precious pearls which needs to be saved nd not to get wasted on a person who didn’t even trust u…” She spoke ofcource indicating kunj. I was about to speak. “Stop there twinkle! U r not allowed to speak…today u hv to listen nd get my talks into yr bl**dy mind.” I could sense her anger which made me go quite

“My best friend cannot be this weak…here each nd every girl is struggling to explain the whole world tht girls r no less…they can lead their life with their own rules…with their own support moreover WITHOUT ANY MAN!” She spoke. Ya she is right…. Definitely right. “U must hv loved kunj…no doubt….he must hv loved u too…but maybe his love for his father was stronger than yr bonding… Well I will not talk abt him bcus I simply cannot tell u to hate him…I knw its thick…its jolly thick to forget sm1 u love….but think abt yr mom… She didn’t bore pain till 9 months just to see u hanging to death…she didn’t fought with society ….just to see u on deathbed” she spoke making my eyes become more nd more teary but I didn’t let them fall. “Twin….” She was going to speak more when I kept my hand on her mouth signing her not to speak further as I knw I won’t be able to handle the guilt anymore.

“Wht happened twinkle? Let her speak na….not able to listen the truth?” Maa said coming in wid a trey in her hands. She came nd sat beside me. I quickly hugged her….very tightly. She consoled me by rubbing my back. Aftr smtym she broke the hug nd made me look towards her. I held my both the ears signalling my apologizes to her. “Beta….I really want to slap u tight but I won’t….bcus I knw I m the one at fault. ” n..” I spoke with much difficulty. “Shh twinkle don’t speak…just listen… I was the one too excited for yr wedding. Even aftr yr regular denials I made u marry him….nd I can see the consequences!” She took a deep breath nd again continued. “I m giving u the permission twinkle… Go nd live yr life….chase yr dreams…u will always find yr mom standing beside u” she continued “nd best frnd too” chinki said making me laugh whole heartedly.

“Look twinkle I m giving u only tonight’s tym…u r allowed to cry…ur allowed to scream but u r not allowed to give up….just take out yr frustration nd aftr tonight I dont want to see u cry bcus of tht guy” mom said as she got to knw tht I need to cry nd pour my heart out. “Thanks mom” I said…miracle! I was able to speak like before! “Accha chinki let’s go….take care beta” mom said pecking my forehead….. She very well knws tht I really need sm space.

They left….I cried the whole night looking towards Kunj’s balcony.


‘Tring tring…. Tring tring’ ugrggg this clock ….I cursed opening my eyes…. Aaah ouch …my head was aching like hell ….probably its bcus I cried till late yesterday. I closed the clock nd again slept.

“Good morning baccha!” I heard a voice still not in condition to recognize it.

End of twinkle’s POV

@ sarna mansion

#kunj’s POV

‘Tring tring’ “arggh….twinkle stop the alarm!” I shouted. ‘Tring tring tring tring’ “twink….” I screamed getting up frm my couch just to find an empty bed. Nd yesterday night’s happenings again haunted me.

Why u had to do this twinkle! WHY! I had started liking u….’kunj sarna atleast don’t lie to yrself’ my heart spoke ‘OK! I had started loving u twinkle!’ But…….I hate u now….I hate u for all yr sins…for all yr stupidity… I wish u would hv not taken tht step alone….I wish u could hv told me…I wish u could hv not broke my trust….I wish u were here …by my side…providing me yr embrace to sleep….providing me yr shoulders to cry….but no! U ended up by messing each nd everything…. Every moments…every memories twinkle!

Nd I felt smthing rolling down my cheeks it was only when I realized I was crying. ‘Knock knock’ I heard nd I quickly wiped my tears. Don’t u dare fall weak! I warned myself.

“Door is open” I said loudly. I saw maa coming with a trey of coffee for me. “Kunj! R u alright” maa asked panicking. “Ya..ya maa” I said

Wondering y she asked so. She sat beside me nd caressed my hairs aftr wht feels like eternity I atleast found sm peace. “So u will lie frm yr maa too” maa said nd I gave her a confused look. “Just look at yr face kunj…wht hv u done to yrself… Yr eyes r swollen… Tear marks still can be seen” maa said in shaky voice. “No… no maa…its just tht I didn’t sleep well yesterday night” I said “ya …ik u must be worried for yr dad….accha kunj get ready lawyer must be coming at any point of tym” maa said ….making me confuse yet again.

“U knw wht kunj…u hv taken yr best decision of divorcing twinkle…” She continued making my leftover fine pieces of heart break too….I really didn’t actually mean tht! Tht words were not intentional! How can I even think to divorce my love….no! The mere thought of it haunts me too.

“Maa wht r u saying?” I asked calmly. “Kunj…u only told yesterday tht u will divorce her…thank u kunj thank u so much” she said but got paused for a while seeing my confused expressions. “Kunj… Don’t tell me u r backing off frm yr words” maa spoke. “Maa h…how can I divorce her…her whole life will be spoiled” I said.

“Oh…I see…if u will divorce her, her life will end nd if u will not do so….my life will end!” She said grabbing a knife yet again frm the near fruit basket.

“Mom! Wht the hell kind of stupidity is this!” I screamed when she again placed knife on her neck.

“Kunj…I hv never liked tht girl…never! Nd aftr wht she did wid my husband… I can surely not forgive her” maa screamed. “Maa…we can talk right! Pls put this knife down” I said moving towards her “wait kunj! One move nd I will seriously kill myself” maa said. “Kunj…me or she?” Mom asked “kunj I seriously can’t believe u r supporting tht girl… The one who is the reason for yr dad’s this condition” she continued i closed my eyes nd dad’s condition flashed in my mind. My eyes teary again when I remembered dad’s condition my heart again got brimmed with anger but the next moment her face ….her antics …her cutnesss….the moments spent wid her flashed my mind making my heart loose all its anger…but when I opened my eyes I saw maa still holding the knife. I cannot deny the fact tht twinkle is the reason for maa’s condition. I closed my eyes yet again but this tym more tightly. I was trying the gain the strength for the words which I was going to speak. “OK maa I m ready to divorce her” I said.

“Really!!!” Maa said putting the knife on the table. I simply nodded.
“Thank u kunj…thank u so much” maa said hugging me nd I simply plastered a smile. ‘Don’t worry I’ll keep u hidden ‘smile said to my broken heart. “Usha sm lawyer has come” bebe shouted nd my heart throbbed. Mom u don’t knw u r murdering yr son…but I hv to do this….I hv to do this for her happiness. I thought clearing the unshed tear.

Precap: ‘a woman is not incomplete without a man by her side…she achieve anything on her’ own’. DIVORCED!

Hey guys my main motive to give this fs is to tell each nd every girl tht she is not weak nd she just cannot end her life for another human being who has left her alone for whatsoever reason.

If u guys want me to come early then next epi maybe comparatively short nd if u guys want a more long one…then u hv to wait…so pls let me knw yr suggestions.

I know this part was quite boring…but there is more in the stock waiting for u guys


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  1. Hey… Ur are back….. U know u am fan of ur ff…. I think i shold wait ur ff…. Bcoz i want long….. Mind-blowing.. Yrr i loved it….. Keep it up….. Plzz post asap….. Loads of love, :)( ̄へ ̄)

  2. Sohi

    Yay ritzi iam very much happy and excited to see you back
    The episode was really emotional and good
    You’re right girls can come on top without any man
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    kunj should not be forgiven….
    and plzzz kunj ko tadpana……
    and recap mein divorce….lets see what will happen but ur this ff is amazing dear and i agree wid u a girl should not end her life for a man who left her when she needed him….and this kunj omg plzz usha aur kunj ko tadpana…
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    1. and i m currently writing a heart is wid u…..if u read and liked it plzz comment….

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  5. Soumyad

    Hey Ritz you are a fantastic writer…it was very heart touching….in society if something happens then always girls are blamed they don’t even listen the confort from the girl….twinkle should divorce kunj and show him that she is not weak…once manohar become well then the truth will come out and twinkle should not forgive kunj….plz post soon…luv u dear

  6. Hey it was nice n emotional
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  7. Chiku

    Hey ritzi!!
    Glad to see u back????
    Woaaah uts amazing. I loved every part of this chapter. Its marvellous. Lovely. Its indeed true. Girls are not week its just the mindset if people. Girls are not less than boys. I am glad u r showing women power.
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    It was nice emotional moment for twinj and that usha ???? how can she blackmail kunj and want him to divorce twinkle and at least kunj could have listen to twinkle once.

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    Hey Ritzi,
    Thank God u r back ..! I was loterally waiting for this … when you told me about the fs na … i was really jumping in joy ..!
    But my happiness …! Is epi ne rula diya mujhe …. such mein .. i am not able to control my tears …! Literally .., ????? It was such a heart breaking episode …! U r really a good writer man ..! Both povs were fabulous …, i loved each nd every bit of it …. it literally made me cry …! So sad …. Its really an aweosme piece of writing …! Loved ot to the core …! I hate Usha ..,
    Loved Kunj’s that line “mom you are murdering your son” it really pricked my heart …, nd haan kunj ko tadpana …
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      Nd my ff is I belog to u nd u belong to me

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    bt kya krun krna toh padega naa itna emotional jo tha or itna adorable jo tha………..
    srsl yaar luvd it bt divorce………….
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    N who said it’s boring yrr
    U r completely right n I must agree
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    I know it’s was emotional but still I loved it
    D way u wrote der feelings n everything
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