Nothing is important than your family(episode 2)


Hi everyone I am back with another episode and I think you all are not liking my story that’s why I got only 1 comment. Please I request you all to comment.
recap-Shanaya’s entry and Ishras engagement

Everyone is clapping for our newly engaged couple Ishra while shanu takes the mic and announces shanu:hi everyone I welcome you all to this engagement ceremony of my dear big brother Raman bhalla and my going to be Bhabhi Ishita that they have exchanged rings as well I want them to perform together because when I came I created great drama and suspense for all and I request you both to please dance for me.ishra hesitate but finally agree and they dance on soch na sake from airlift and while they perform they get close and share an eyelock and the song finishes but both are lost in each other. Shanu comes there and says ahem.ahem..and they realise that the song has finished. Shanu says that there should be some dhammal but everyone is boring and let’s have a family dance and whispers in Raman’s ears that bhaiya I am giving you one more chance and the song starts gallan godiyaan and ishra,shanu and rv perform .everybody present there start clapping for them.

Ishra,rv and shanu are sitting at a table and having lunch.
Ishita: shanu you did not tell us why did you came late
Shanu gets tensed and was about to say something when rv sees something and shouts on shanu that why did you lie to us you said your car had broken down but if it had broken down then how did you get hurt. Shanu says that its an old scar.but raman says I know you’re hiding something and this is not an old scar because u had sent me your pic yesterday and you did not had this scar. Shanu tries to say something but rv and Raman together say that tell us the truth. Shanu tells them
Flashback:that today when she was coming here her car broke down so while the driver was checking the fault she roamed on the road and some boys started to tease her. she tried to ignore but they again did the same thing so she also maked them realise that whom they are taking panga with and started showing them her karate moves and just then a boy came there and he also started beating the goons. While fighting with them only I got hurt and that boy who came in between and fought for me also got hurt and when the goons went and I thanked him he replied that i was very brave to fight with them becoz girls these days just run away from there and i fought with the goons by not thinking of the consequences and he started flirting with me that i am very beautiful……

Raman:so did that boy return properly to his home or???
Shanu: no I forgave him becoz he helped me
Rv: he had a good luck that he got saved from you
Ishu: BTW what was his name did you ask him
Shanu: oops I totally forgot about that
Rv: No problem you can ask him next time
Shanu:I don’t want to meet him next time
Raman:acha now don’t spoil your mood and enjoy and were are my gifts both of you.
Rv and shanu together: what kind of gifts are you talking about?
Ishra:our engagement gift
Rv shanu:we have planed a surprise for you both
Raman: what kind of a surprise
Shanu in raman’s ears: you wanted to go to a long drive today i have planned something for it but a need a return gift
Raman: don’t worry i have a surprise gift ready for you
Shanu:OK then……
Precap:ishra’s long drive and Raman’s gift.

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