Nothing is important than your family (episode 2)


Hi everyone so sorry got late busy with studies as I am in class 9.And the countdown starts just a few more days left for my birthday!! So excited. Hmn now stopping my bakbak.
Recap:everyone dances in ishra engagement.

Shanu goes to Mr&Mrs khanna
Shanu:hello uncle & aunty i wanted your permission for a party
Mr khanna: hello beta why are you asking for our permission
Shanu: actually uncle me,rv bhai & raman bhaiya’s friends have planned a suprise party for both bhaiya and Ishita bhabhi could you please allow bhabhi to come with us
Mr khanna: i have no problem but it is already evening and where is the party
Shanu: uncle the party is at our farmhouse which is an hour drive from here
Mr khanna: but if you all drink I don’t think it is safe
Shanu: uncle please allow us even dad has agreed and we are going to take the drivers along .it is just a celebration party with only mocktails
Mr khanna: OK I allow you all to go along with ishu
Shanu: thank you so much uncle

Shanu goes and tells everything to the gang and they all leave to the farmhouse
Ishra in 1 car without driver offcourse,rv and shanu in 1 car and the ret of the friends in 1 car
Ishra car
Ishita:Raman why are we going shanu and rv also could have come with us
Raman: why are they going to come with us they haven’t met each other for the last few weeks as rv was here and shanu was in India
Raman: are jhansi ki rani they have so many things to share with each other that they need their space and we need ours
Ishita:raman what do you mean ?with which way are you taking me to the farmhouse this is not the way
Raman: this is a secret way used just by me and rv
Ishita: but I can’t see rv’s car here
Raman: they left before us so they would have reached till now.
Ishita: oh!
They reach the farmhouse and are surprised to see arjun,Radhika,Neil,samira,karan wahi over there.
Raman:what are all you guys doing here….oh so you guys left my engagement early to do this decoration.
All nod yes
Ishita: but where are rv and shanu
We are here rv and shanu said together.they were dressed up as Varun Dhawan and kriti sanon in premika song from dilwale.
Shanu: bhaiya,bhabhi please everyone go and get ready for the party.

Precap: all of them partying together.
So sorry everyone I was not getting any other idea than Bollywood theme.

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