Nothing is important than your family (episode 1)


Hi everyone I am back with the 1st episode of Nothing is important than your can check below for the link of the intro

So lets start the episode
A beautifully decorated mansion is shown and people are seen talking to each other. Just then a boy dressed in a white kurta pajama with a red jacket is seen running towards a young man who is dressed in a blue sherwani.the boy calls him from back and says Raman bhaiya I spoke to her she said she will be here in 5 minutes.the boy turns and he is none other than Raman Bhalla he says to the boy Rv half n hour ago she said the same thing.the boy’s face is shown he is ranveer.
Rv I don’t know she said this to me
Raman its OK I will talk to her when she comes.
A guy comes and tells them that Mr.khanna is calling them.they go to him.
Mr khanna:raman what are we waiting for let’s start your and ishita’s engagement she is waiting for you. Raman gets khanna asks him if there is any problem? He replies no I am just waiting for…..
A girl suddenly comes and hugs raman from back ishita sees that and gets shocked everyone else present there also get shocked.while rv sees them lovingly.raman brings that girl in front of him and tightly hugs her .mr khanna asks what is this happening over here its my daughters engagement and you ate hugging someone else while raman kisses the forehead of the girl and remembers something and pushes her back she gets shocked.raman says that you have finally got time for me that you came here.the girl says sorry and holds her ear raman hugs her again.

Raman reveals her face to everyone and they are shocked to see Shanaya..yes raman was hugging his princess.rv: so shanu has time for everyone but not for me OK let it be.
Just then mr khanna asks who is this girl
Raman: she is my sister Shanaya.
Ishita: oh so she is your princess your shanu.
Raman yes she is the one
Shanu so you are my going to be bhabhi btw why are risking your life by marrying him.
Ishita I know am taking a very hard decision but what to do now
Raman pulls shanu’s ears and says you started .
Mr khanna asks him if they can start the engagement now.
And everyone in unsion says yes.
Pandit ji asks ishu to make him wear the ring and she does so and everyone claps and then its Raman’s turn and he to makes them wear the ring everyone claps and rose petals fall on them .Pandit ji asks them to take blessings from everyone they take blessings from their elders and rv and shanu standing there shout that we are left take our blessings also.raman comes there and pulls TV’s ear and shanu’s cheeks.rv again says this is not fair you didn’t pull her ears.raman side hugs shanu and says because she is my little princess.

Precap: ishita asks shanu why did she come late and shanu gets tensed .

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  1. Good one aadya I liked the shanu of ur ff waiting for a hi entry
    Ya yesterday I just asked randomly and I m really very sorry if u felt bad
    Take care

    1. Aadya

      U don’t worry I didn’t feel bad
      Take care

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