Nothing is important than your family (character sketch)


Hi everyone this is Aadya and I want to share a story about friendship, brotherhood,a bond a girl shares with her brother and cousins. So let me give you the character sketches:

Shanaya Singhania (Asha Negi):A cute beautiful and cheerful girl who loves her family and brothers a lot and can do any thing for them.She respects elders and very loving and caring. She doesn’t trust people easily. She is the daughter of India’s one of the biggest businessman so she is short tempered.

Raj Singhania :Father of Shanaya and short tempered so you can think Shanaya is like him. He is a very kind hearted person and maintains good relations with everybody. Owner of the Singhania group.

Simran Singhania: Mother of Shanaya and a very nice lady.
( you can imagine them as Sid’s parents from Jamai Raja)

Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel): Shanaya’s bua’s son lives in Singapore and a very big businessman.Shanaya is pampered a lot by him as he is an only child and loves Shanaya as his own sister.

Ranveer Singhania(Shakti arora): The heir of the Singhania group and elder brother of Shanaya.They are best of friends and they share a very cute bond. Very caring and supportive but cannot show his feelings to anyone except Shanaya.

Abhimanu Kapoor(Rithvik Dhanjani) : Hero of the story .A very tall,handsome,flirty kind of a boy.Respects women.

Ram Kapoor:Abhi’s father owner of the kapoor group of hotels which is India’s largest group of hotels.

Gautami Kapoor:Abhi’s mother.a very nice lady loves Abhi and her daughter Naira a lot.

Naira Kapoor: Abhi’s baby sister whom he loves a lot. A cute cheerful girl.
Other characters will be introduced later and please comment if I should continue.

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  1. Yup continue plot seems to b very interesting I love family bonding which I hope u will show in upcoming episodes
    Anyway r u Muslim???

    1. Thanx
      And I m not a Muslim

      1. Ohk sorry yar I just asked randomly sorry again if u felt bad

  2. Angel_pari

    intro seems to be nyc looking forward to read ur story

    1. Thanks angel_pari

  3. […] Hi everyone I am back with the 1st episode of Nothing is important than your can check below for the link of the intro Introduction […]

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