Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 5

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Sujata knocked sanskar’s room, though it was already open and she saw sanskar sitting on the bed with both his palms covering his face. She sighed as he didn’t respond for her knock. She went inside and sat near him. “sanskar!” he took the palms and revealed his face. He was teary eyed, “you are crying?” sujata asked with concern touching his shoulder. Sanskar nodded a no like a small boy and inhaled that made a noise as if he was suffering from cold. “I am very confused maa! I don’t know how I should react!” he laid his head on her lap. “what have you decided son?” sujata asked caressing his hairs. He got up from her lap and said, “what’s there to decide maa? I already said my decision!” he turned his face before sujata could even react. His eyes all red because of the pressure he was facing right now or whatever it is but it was hurting him! Sujata frowned hearing him and said, “swara is a good girl sanskar! she is very perfect!” sanskar said looking everywhere but not his mother , “she IS perfect mom! No doubt in it!” sujata holded his hand and made him look towards her, “then what is the problem? Why did you reject her?” he frowned hearing his mom, he released his hand from her grip, he stood up as he started walking slowly and said, “I didn’t reject her mom! Please don’t use that word!” he turned towards his mother who was still sitting on the bed looking at him deeply. “the first main reason is, I can’t marry her and put her life in danger!”sujata looked down defeated as he was right! “then…..” he took a deep breathe before continuing, “I have never seen swara in such a way! She do means to me mom! A lot. She is the bestest friend anyone could have! I do wish to be with her forever but maybe not as…….” He stopped and turned again teary eyed. He should NOT cry, and why should he? But this was paining….paining a lot! “not as husband and wife!” sujata completed his incomplete sentence. He closed his eyes hearing her as those tears now came out from his eyes. She went near him and patted his shoulder, even she didn’t had any idea of what to say to him! The situation was very much confusing! She left from his room still lost in deep thoughts. Sanksar kept his hand on head, this was frustrating, irritating, hurting and very confusing….. suddenly a thought came to his mind, ‘what will be swara’s reaction now?’…
Uttara was looking at nothing with a pale face. She couldn’t forget that scene, that sight in front of her, when her shona didi was lying unconscious in front of her with her head banged on the ground. She was still scared, she looked towards her mother who was standing in front of a small idol of god in the hospital joining her hands praying god that her daughter should be fine, as tears flowed from her eyes. Uttara also closed her eyes sending a silent prayer to the god, she opened her eyes, she turned the other side and saw her ragini didi talking with the doctor completing the formalities that had to be done. Ragini was continuously wiping her tears that failed to stop, she was filling the form with great difficulty. Her hand was trembling. She controlled herself and finally filled the form. Uttara suddenly felt a vibration, she took the phone from her bag and saw that phone was ringing, the name flashed ‘SANSKAR BHAIYA’ she wiped her tears and answered the call, “hello bhaiya!” sanskar let a sigh of relief, at least she answered the call! “uttara! Why no one is picking the call? I called swara, I called aunty, ragini…. Don’t know for how many times. Where are you all?” sanskar asked. Uttara gets teary eyed again, it was evening, as a daily routine, now everyone would be in home chit chatting and enjoying with just a cup of tea and a heart filled smile but now… she said in a breaking voice, “we all are in hospital!” sanskar suddenly grips his phone tight, “ho….hospital? is everything fi…fine” his voice almost choked, everyone MUST be fine! “shona di got hurt on her head!” uttara said, she was crying by now. Sanskar stands numb, as if something blocked his voice box from speaking even one word, he felt suffocating and completely hurt. Sujata saw him standing like a statue with a phone on his ear, she went towards him and got the phone. She saw it was uttara, she spoke with her and was extremely shocked, she got the details of the hospital and cutted the phone. She looked towards sanskar who was still standing numb. “sanskar!”…. “sanskar!” she shakes his shoulders, he jerks, “sanskar! SWARA!….” sujata shouted. Tears flowed from his eyes, and even before a tear could fall on the floor, he was running to the entrance. Sujata too ran behind him, they both quickly got on the car. Sanskar was handling the car without even his knowledge, without even actually concentrating on the road. ‘shona di got hurt’ these words played in his mind again and again, sending message to all his nerves that the only job to do right now was to see swara and make sure she was alright while his heart was beating very fast than normal. Sujata looked at sanskar who was driving the car madly, he was sweating…. He was crying….. “I don’t understand how do you call your relationship with swara as just friendship!” she whispered, sanskar didn’t hear it because only one thing was important now, ‘HIS innocent devil should not be hurt….in any way!’…..

Sanskar walked towards the room that the receptionist informed him. He reached till here with a dangerous and high speed, but now he was scared….. his speed gradually fell as he numbly and finally reached the room, though uttara was already expecting him, shomi and ragini were shocked seeing sujata and sanskar… the doctor came out of the room and all of them surrounded him, “The wound is not very deep, but she is very weak! I guess she didn’t had food for long time! Take care of her!” the doctor said making all of them concerned and angry on swara for being careless about the food! “can we meet her?” sanskar finally found his voice, all looked towards him, he was more vulnerable! The doctor nodded and sanskar immediately rushed inside, followed by ragini. Sharmishta wanted to go but she stumbled, sujata and uttara holded her and made her sit on one of the chairs present there. “I also want to go to my daughter!” shomi said crying. “haa mom! We will go! Just sit for few minutes, you have been standing for a long time!” uttara said and went to bring some water for her. Shomi started crying more in sujata’s embrace who was more like a sister to her!…
Swara could hear noises around her, she was irritated, she opened her with great difficulty, her vision was blur. She felt a sharp pain on her hand, “ahh!” sanskar and ragini immediately holded her, tears form in her eyes feeling the pain. She closed her eyes as all the things came in her mind. She opened her eyes, her vision was clear now! She looked towards sanskar with watery eyes that was filled with extreme pain. She remembered her phone conversation with her mother, “shona!…. sa..sanskar refused for this marriage” that was the last words she heard as far as she remember! After that, her soul was pierced and she was acting like a complete mad in her room avoiding the continuous knocks of her younger sister uttara! “shona, are you okay?” ragini asked, swara could hear her voice but her eyes were fixed at him. Ragini hugged her sideways weeping silently, swara closed her eyes letting her pain flow in the form of tears, but few tears will definitely not be able to describe her pain! She hugged ragini back. She hears ragini crying, she immediately broke the hug and wiped her tears. “swara!” sanskar said emotionally, he was very happy seeing her but the bandage on her head hurt him! Swara clutched the bed and closed her eyes hearing his voice. Ragini saw this, she immediately hugged her. She whispered in her ear the conversation was only audible to each other. “do you want to speak to him? Should I go?” ragini whispered. “hmm” swara hummed and was about to cry, ragini broke the hug, she was about to go when swara holded her hand. Swara was scared to face him, what was she going to tell him? How was he going to react? Ragini sighed and hugged her once again whispering in her ear, “face him shona! If you feel like telling him, then…just tell him!” she broke the hug and went out of the room. Sanskar stood there confused, he couldn’t understand anything, ragini hugged swara, she tried to go and then again hugged her and then she went!? He brushed those thoughts and sat beside swara in the small place left on that so white hospital bed! “do you even have any idea how much we all were scared? Can’t you at least eat your food properly?” he asked, his eyes red with tears while swara was just looking down still clutching the bed in the fear of breaking down in front of him. “swara! You….” He started but was stopped by her, “I want to know what exactly happened in your house?” she said looking down. Sanskar looked keenly at her, he really didn’t like this topic but she was at tears, she was sad, she was hurt! he has never seen her like this except when she used to miss her papa! “tell me!” swara lifted her head and finally looked at him not caring about the tears flowing from her eyes continuously, she doesn’t care if he comes to know about her pain today! Sanskar sighed and said, “shomi aunty and ragini talked about our….” He closed his eyes irritatingly, he opened his eyes and then continued, “about our marriage!” “and then?” he saw swara looking at him with a lot of emotions including anger! “I said, I can’t marry you! They tried to talk to me but I left to my room!” he said, swara nodded her head. “did you know that they were going to talk about this in my home?” sanskar asked, swara looked at him and said, “I never knew until uttara told me!” she said the truth. Sanskar sighed, “I knew it, because if you would have known, you would have stopped them!” swara pressed her lips in a thin line, almost clutching her throat from inside from not breaking down. How will he know that she was on cloud nine when she came to know that her mother was going to talk about the marriage to him? How will he know her indescribable happiness she felt when she was getting ready to meet him after her mother talked to him? “what makes you think I would have stopped them?” sanskar almost jerked at her question, before he could even speak, she said, “what is the problem sanskar? we both are friends from childhood! You WILL marry someday! Instead of marrying a stranger, you can marry me whom you know very well, whose family you know very well!” he was shocked seeing her almost arguing with him with her face fully wet because of tears! “what’s wrong with me sanskar? am I not…fit for you?” she was crying by now, “swara!” he roared angrily holding her shoulders, “will you not marry a fatherless girl like me? Am I not beautiful?” she broke down still looking in his eyes, “stop it swara! One more word and I don’t know what I will do? Get that?” he said angrily shaking her shoulders while she continued to cry. “stop this swara! Why are you even thinking like this?” he said and tried to wipe her tears, she shoved him off, he forcefully holded her and wiped her tears and immediately hugged her. She readily went in his embrace and cried. He broke the hug and wiped her tears once again, “shh! Swara! How can you say like this? If I thought like that, how would I have kept friendship with you all these years?” he said trying to convince her. She was wrong! She was perfect in all aspects! “then why can’t you marry me?” she asked innocently. Sanskar sighed, “okay swara! You were right! We are best friends and can be happy with each other, but do you think we can be like husband and wife! Swara! You do mean a lot to me! We are best friends but do you think we can be best life partners?” swara closed her eyes in pain hearing him, “and why we can’t be?” sanskar frowned hearing her. “try to understand swara! I have never thought about you in such a way and I am sure even you will not be comfortable!” swara opened her eyes hearing him and looked at him, uncomfortable? Like seriously? Does he even know how much blissful she feels when she is in his embrace? Does he even know that his closeness has always intoxicated her? “and swara! I know you never thought about our marriage and all before this! Only when this topic came, you thought that we can be happy together, right?” he asked, hoping to see swara nodding a yes but she was just looking at him still. Sanskar sighed, he wiped her tears completely and said, “never talk those words again. You are perfect!” he patted her cheeks and stood up from the bed, he thinks to call others and starts to go. ‘I know you never thought about our marriage!’ his words echoed in her ears, she looked at him leaving! How will he know that she has always dreamt about this and have always loved him, she suddenly gets angry at his foolishness and said, “what If I wanted this marriage even before this topic came up?” sanskar stopped hearing her, he turned towards her confused and shocked. Swara cries, she pauses her words from coming out, she was not sure whether she should tell him, she looked in his eyes and noticed the confusion, she has already told him half truth! She said finally gathering courage which she always wanted to tell, “what if I am comfortable with you? What if…..” she paused and then continued in a choked voice, “what if I LOVE YOU sanskar?”……

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