Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 4

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Swara came from the college exhausted and fall on the sofa closing her eyes. Sanskar chuckled seeing her, “I am at rest for one month!” sanskar said loudly which made swara irritated. She glared at him while he hardly controlled his laugh. Uttara gave her glass of water and asked her, “what happened shona di?” swara took the glass and replied her tiredly, “I took leave for two days na? so there were lots of notes. I still didn’t complete!” uttara nodded and went from there, swara became irritated seeing sanskar laughing continuously. “what’s so funny?” she asked, sanskar nodded a no. swara got up from the sofa, she stamped her foot angrily and went to her room, while sanskar laughed more aloud…
Sanskar saw his shomi aunty keeping an angry and irritated face and asked her, “what happened aunty?” shomi looked at him, she let out a sigh and replied, “sanskar! this swara na? from the time she came, she is in her room. I called her so many times but she is not coming! Sanskar! go and call her for dinner”. Sanskar nodded and went to her room. Suddenly sharmishta felt a hug and saw ragini hugging her, “my mother became a cupid!” ragini said teasingly. They both laughed and then went to arrange the dinner on the dining table….
INNOCENT!!! That was what screaming in her right now! Sanskar smiled seeing swara who had laid her head her on table closing her eyes, her left hand on the table while her right hand was still holding a pen. A strand of hair fall on her face, he went towards her and moved that thick hair from her face, she smiled in her sleep and that made his smile more wider. “swara!” he called softly…. “swara!” he can see her eye balls rolling under her eye lids, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. “swara!” he said. She smiled at him lazily, she took her head from the table and wrapped her hands around his waist as he was standing while she was sitting. She placed her head on his waist and closed her eyes. “you look very tired devil!” sanskar said worried. Swara smiled and took her head from his waist and said, “it’s just… two days works are joined together na? that’s why I have to write so many things!” “shall I help you?” swara raised her eyebrows hearing him. “and how are you going to help me?” she asked. “by writing for you!” he said. Swara grinned that made him confused, “I will better write it myself for your handwriting!” she said. Sanskar said angrily, “you are insulting my handwriting? Devil! You are such a…..” “sanskar! you know I will cry if you scold me!” swara said shrinking her eyes, aww!! Very innocent. Sanskar looked away irritated, he thought for sometime and then grabbed the pillow from the bed and started beating her. Swara laughed and stopped him from beating her, “ok! Ok! I am sorry!” sanskar threw the pillow back on the bed and started to go out of the room when he suddenly realized for what he came, he turned towards her and said, “devil! it’s enough! Write afterwards, now come and have dinner!” swara whined seeing him ordering her seriously. “sanskar! I will come after finishing this, please! You go na! I will come”. Swara said. “sure?” sanskar asked worried, she looked very tired! “pakka sure! Now go!” she said, sanskar nodded and went from there…
10.45 PM
Sharmishta looked at swara’s room worriedly, sanskar already informed her about what swara said, and he even left to his home. But why is this shona taking so much time? She went to her room and opened the door, she frowned seeing her sleeping on the table itself. “shona!” she tried to wake her up but swara was sleeping like she didn’t sleep for ages. Sharmishta smiled and thought to let her sleep, she was about to go when she saw all the books open. She sighed, she closed all the books and kept it properly, but something fall from one of the books. She took it and was surprised seeing sanskar and her photo in which they both were hugging, she turned the photo and read the lines,
“our very first hug after I realized my love for him! My all the seven lives will not be able to describe my love for you sanskar! hope you realize this soon!”
Sharmishta couldn’t control the smile and tears flowing from her eyes, she looked at swara and caressed her hairs lovingly. Her daughter was uncontrollably in love with sanskar! she wiped her tears, she kept the photo inside the book. She switched off the lights and went outside of her room….
“where is shona?” sharnishta asked coming from the upstairs. “maa! Di went to college!” uttara answered her. “did she had the breakfast?” sharmishta asked. “I don’t know!” shomi frowned hearing uttara, this shona already didn’t had her dinner yesterday! And now…. She gets worried for swara…
Swara comes back to her home and was astonished seeing her chote uttara sitting on the sofa glaring at her! “chote?” “why you never told me?” swara gets confused hearing uttara! “ch..” “you never told me that you love sanskar bhai!” swara widened her eyes hearing her, she immediately goes near her, and said, “shh…. What if maa listens?” uttara frowned hearing her and said, “maa is not at home!” swara let a sigh of relief hearing her, she goes to the dining table and takes the water and started drinking it. “Moreover it was maa who told me this!” swara spit the water hearing uttara. “what?” she asked. “do you know where are maa and ragini didi now?” uttara asked teasingly coming near her. Swara nodded a no. “they both are in maheshwari mansion!” swara suddenly gets tears, what if sanskar came to know about this? “for what?” swara asked nervously. “for deciding sanskar bhai and your marriage!” uttara was astonished seeing her not reacting, she shook her, “shona di?” “are you serious?” swara whispered as tears flowed from her eyes! Was this all true? And on seeing uttara nodding a yes. Swara smiled, she felt as if her heart would burst out right now! She closed her eyes as she cried. Uttara hugged her and said teasingly, “don’t think too much di! They have just started the topic, it will at least take one year for marriage!” swara laughed hearing her. She then hugged her as tight as she can. Marriage? Really? “chote! I am… very happy!” she suddenly said it aloud and ran to her room laughing as tears continued flow from her eyes. Uttara laughed seeing her, she took her bag and lunch bag from the sofa, but she frowned as the lunch bag was heavy. She opened it and saw her food untouched. Already this di didn’t have her breakfast, she didn’t had her lunch too!…
Swara comes to her room running, she went and sat in front of the mirror. She looked like a mad with a lots of tears and a beautiful smile. She cried more, this was the moment for which she had always waited! She wiped her tears, she should be happy now! “di!!” swara turned to uttara who was looking angrily at her. “you didn’t had your lunch?” uttara asked, swara bit her tongue, “umm… actually i..” swara tried to explain while uttara interrupted, “stop giving your excuses! Come and have your food. NOW!” swara frowned. “ok! I will come after getting ready! Pakka! Go now chote! I will definitely come after getting ready! Please” swara said trying to push her out of the room. “but for what you are getting ready?” uttara asked, but she was already out of the room and her di has locked her room from inside. She frowned and shouted, “I will definitely complain you to sanskar JIJU!” she chuckled and ran from there. Swara heard that from inside, she blushed. JIJU! Yes! Sanskar will be uttara’s jiju if he marries her. She sits on the bed, as their whole journey flashed in front of her like a movie! She remembered her dance with him before a day. Their closeness, his innumerable pranks on her, his care for her. Her cheeks turned red, while tears also flowed. She goes to her closet and takes out a beautiful saree! She remembered sanskar complementing her in the party, ‘SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!’ she blushes more, she thinks to be more beautiful today and wears the saree. She wears the jhumkas, she opened a box, there were a number of bands in it! Friendship bands! Sanskar has given this to her every year and all these were like a great treasure to her! She takes one of the bands and tied it around her wrist, she caressed the band lovingly. She looks at herself in the mirror! She looked very beautiful now….
Uttara was about to serve the food to swara when her phone rings, swara takes it and the name flashed ‘MAA’. She smiled and took it with a lot of excitement. She stands up from the table keeping the phone on her ear. Uttara frowned, did her didi even had a plan for eating something? She saw towards her sister, suddenly the phone dropped from her hands. Uttara gets shocked, “didi?” but swara was already running to her room…
Swara came inside the room and closed the door. She kept her hands on mouth to stop herself from shouting as those endless tears flowed from her eyes. She couldn’t control more, she cried aloud, she went near the window. She closed her eyes tightly as they turned red with blood, she felt like she was burning in a volcano! She holded the curtain more tightly, she blinked her eyes to stop her tears, “sa…sanskar!” she whispered looking at the friendship band in her hand. Her lips shivered to speak any one more word. Her mother’s words echoed in her ears. Her whole body started shivering, she looked at herself in the mirror, she looked perfect in her beautiful attire but her face was completely red. She was sweating badly! Her whole face drowned with sweat and tears. She remembered his words, ‘ALWAYS KEEP SMILING DEVIL!’ how can she smile, when she was dieing? She cried more, her knees failed to support her and she fall on the floor with a……THUD!! She moaned as she felt a heavy pain on her head. She took her hand to her head with great difficulty and discovered that her head was bleeding as she fall on the floor with a force. The pain increased as the time passed, but before she could even shout, her eyelids closed…..
“maa! What happened?” uttara asked worriedly as soon as she saw her mother and her sister coming inside the home. “how is swara?” ragini asked. “I don’t know! But she is not opening the door!” ragini gets shocked hearing her. “I told you to not tell this to her maa!” she literally shouted at her mother before running to swara’s room. Sharmishta gets teary eyes. “maa!” uttara holded shomi’s hand teary eyed, “everything is fine right? Did sanskar jiju said anything?” sharmishta gets shocked hearing uttara, “jiju?” she asked still shocked. “he will soon be my jiju na?” uttara asked as her voice cracked. Sharmishta hugged her cryingly, she caressed her hairs and said, “SANSKAR REFUSED TO BE YOUR JIJU UTTARA!”
Sharmishta and uttara looked upstairs shocked as they heard the terrible and startled voice of ragini!…

Precap: ~Confrontation and Confession~
A/N- I know this was a small chapter, but i am very very very sorry! really very sorry friends, i am a little busy right now. hope you liked the chapter.
Thank you all. Thank to the silent readers too.
Love You All….

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