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Ragini smiled at her sister who was sleeping on her lap. Finally! She slept! Don’t know for how many hours she was telling about how she spent the whole day with sanskar! ragini took her head from lap and made her lie on pillow, she went downstairs as light was still on. She saw her mother sitting on the sofa thinking something deeply. Ragini went near her, “maa?” sharmishta smiled and gestured her to sit, ragini sat beside her. “you know ragu? I feel swara likes sanskar! for the past one year, I am noticing the change in her but then I thought to not ask about it because she is growing up and I wanted her to have the strength to solve her problem herself! But today I felt….” She stopped to take a look at ragini who was just smiling at her. “you are not asking any question?” shomi asked shocked. “you think swara likes sanskar…. but I know swara loves sanskar!” sharmishta gets shocked hearing ragini and asked almost jerking, “what?” “yes maa! She loves him from childhood and she herself told me” ragini said convincing her. “what she told you?” ragini chuckled at her mother who asked her still shocked. “she told me that she loves sanskar!” ragini said. Sharmishta pressed her lips in a thin line and blinked her eyes and said confusingly, “she told you! But she never told me!” “sisters have many secrets!” ragini said only to earn a glare from her mother. “what about their age difference?” ragini smiled, this was the same question which arised in her mind too! But this age difference was nothing in front of her shona’s pure love for sanskar! “maa! Swara loves sanskar very much! She doesn’t care about these things! And maa, even I think they both would be perfect, they are friends from childhood, so they both will have understanding between each other!” sharmishta remained quiet for sometime thinking about ragini’s words and then smiled. She was indeed right! They both had been bestest friends since she came to this house before many years with her three kids! Maheshwari family was not only her neighbor but a part of her family! She would be glad to get her daughter married to such a family! Her smile was enough for ragini to understand that her mother was convinced! She immediately hugged her mother. “maa! You accepted right?” ragini asked breaking the hug to confirm and when her mother nodded, her smile grew wider. “accha maa! Don’t tell swara that you know about this! Ok? I will give her surprise!” ragini said, sharmishta smiled and said, “yeah! Even a mother and a daughter should have many secrets na?” they both then laughed. “good night maa!” ragini said, “good night” shomi said and they both went to their respective rooms happily thinking that their lovable and kiddish shona has grown up now to love someone… someone unconditionally…..
It was Saturday and the whole bose family was having the breakfast enjoying with each other, shomi admired her three daughters who were pulling each other’s legs. Sanskar entered that time, he directly came and hugged his shomi aunty. “sanskar! did you got call from her?” swara asked, sanskar became confused but then realized what she asked and nodded a yes! “are you going to come?” swara asked, “will she leave me alive if I didn’t come to her birthday party!” sanskar asked. “whom you are talking about?” ragini asked. “MICA!” swara and sanskar said together. “it’s her birthday party tomorrow and she invited me, I thought she would have invited sanskar! see! She HAS invited him!” “ok! I will leave now! Swara! We will go tomorrow evening!” saying this he starts to go, swara pouted and said, “sanskar! you just came to see maa? You didn’t even said a ‘hi’ to me!” sanskar smiled at her. “yes bhai! You forgot me also!” uttara said. Sanskar hugged her and then hugged swara and ran from there shouting ‘bye’. Swara slightly blushed, sharmishta and ragini noticed this and looked at other each smilingly…..
“sanskar!”……. “sanskar!” she whispered again. He opened his eyes irritated and looked annoyingly still half asleep at swara who was sitting next to him in his bed. “what is it?” sanskar asked angrily, she smiled sheepishly and said, “I am not getting sleep!” sanskar gritted his teeth and threw the pillow on her face, she caught it laughing. “close your eyes and count till 500. You will get sleep”. Saying this he closes his eyes. “sanskar! one doubt!” he opened his eyes irritated. “should I count from 1 or 0 or from any other number?” she asked innocently. “count from 1!” saying this he covered himself with the thick comforter. Swara giggled seeing him.
“sanskar!”…… “sanskar! I finished counting!” she whispered, she can hear him mourning irritatingly, she took the bed sheet from his face smilingly. He opened his eyes half, but soon opened his eyes wide seeing her…….. close to him! Very close to him! She was almost lying on him, she was looking at him with a satisfied and teasing smile. Her eyes looked bigger today or he didn’t notice it these many years? She looked absolutely breath taking in a simple blue and white night dress. Her eyes expressing a lot of things which he had not noticed till date! It was almost two minutes and he was still staring at her deep eyes making himself drown in it completely. “good morning!” her sweet and teasing voice saved him from drowning and dyeing in her eyes. He immediately took the pillow and started beating her with it. She kept both her soft hands on her face as if they could save her! She laughed heartily while after sometime he stopped beating and said angrily, “I have kept you the perfect name! you devil!” he beat her one more time, she laughed loudly making him more angry. He let out a sigh and made himself fall on his bed, he could sense her coming near him, he raised his finger at her and said still closing his eyes, “don’t you dare wake me up!” swara grinned hearing him, “once open your eyes and see what I am doing”. He opened his eyes hearing her and saw her leaning towards him with his bed sheet, she covered him with that and said, “good night!” she messed his hair and got from the bed laughing. He closed his eyes and surprisingly he couldn’t sleep! Only those big and mesmerizing eyes of hers came in front of him, urgh! We are supposed to see nothing but darkness when we close our eyes….right? he opened his eyes irritated and saw her almost at the entrance of his room. “you spoiled my sleep!” she stopped listening him, smiled and turned towards him and saw him glaring at her. “close your eyes and count from 1 to 500, you will get sleep!” she said teasingly and went out of his room. Sanskar slapped his head and then closed his eyes in the hope of getting sleep…..
There was happiness everywhere with a noisy background after all it was a birthday party! Swara hugged Mica handing her a neatly wrapped gift. “you go with him, you with her and then…..” swara was confused at the way mica was instructing all their friends. “what are you doing?” swara asked, “I have a surprise for you!” mica said excitedly. Swara rolled her eyes and said, “it’s your birthday!” “yeah! It is! But I have a gift for you!” saying this mica went somewhere while swara was still confused to understand anything…

Everyone were asked to do a couple dance which was organized by the birthday girl Mica! Mostly there was pair for everyone, mica went towards swara and dragged her near sanskar, “sanskar! why are you not dancing?” mica asked sanskar. sanskar just smiled at her and said, “shall I dance alone? Because almost everyone are paired! The remaining girls are like…..” he showed an irritating face looking towards a group of girls who were still not paired. Mica looked at them and giggled, “arey! Remaining girls? That means you are also insulting my friend swara!” she said pointing towards swara standing next to her who looked at them confused. “she is my friend first! I will never tell her like that!” sanskar said keeping his immense gaze on swara that almost shivered her, a small curve appeared on her face listening him. “then tell me, did you even compliment her?” mica asked, sanskar looked at her confused, swara frowned. “did you even saw her?” mica asked, swara widened her eyes, this mica will definitely make him doubtful. Sanskar after listening her words turns his gaze towards swara and saw her, how the perfect and glittering purple gown suited her milky skin, her curly hair making her more beautiful. He smiled and said, “she looks gorgeous!” his words makes swara to stop her breathe for a second, she looked more beautiful now as her cheeks turned red. She smiled widely at him. “then you dance with her na?” mica asked sanskar teasingly. Swara gets nervous hearing her, while he smiled and nodded. Swara couldn’t control stop herself from smiling when sanskar forwaded his hand towards her. Swara shiveringly placed her hand in his hand as the mixture of nervousness and extreme happiness engulfed her. They went to the dance floor, she was still holding his hand looking at him dreamily while he was waiting for the song to play! After sometime ‘sanam re’ plays. Sanskar wrap his hands around her waist while her hands rest on his shoulders. “thank you!” she said. “for what?” he asked. “for giving me compliment!” she said as they moved lightly matching with the music of the lovely song! “tell me something! Did I irritate you so much this morning?” swara asked, sanskar smiled to her question, he answered her continuing to move slowly with the beats of music, “you do irritate me…..a lot! But no one can make me smile like you do!” swara still looked at him smilingly, she moved her hands from his shoulders and wrapped it around her neck, she moved closer to him almost joining her left cheek with his left ear, she closed her eyes to feel him and whispered the lines of the song in her melodious voice indirectly telling him her immense love….her unending love for him…
baadalon ki tarah hi to
tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai
baarishon ki tarah hi to
tune khushiyon se bhigaaya hai
aandhiyon ki tarah hi to
tune hosh ko uDaaya hai

(like clouds,
you have created a shade over me..
like rains,
you have drenched me in joys..
like storms,
you have blown away my senses..)
mera muqaddar sanwaara hai yoon
naya savera jo laaya hai tu
tere sang hi bitaane hain mujhko
mere saare janam re

(you have bettered my fate in such a way
that you have brought a new morning for me..
I have to pass with you only
all my lives..)
And suddenly she was no more on the ground, she was up in the air. Sanskar had lifted her by waist and was spinning her for the fast beats…
sanam re, sanam re
tu mera sanam hua re
karam re, karam re
tera mujhpe karam hua re

(O my beloved, my beloved,
you have become my love..
there is mercy,
your mercy on me..)
sanskar placed her on the ground carefully, the song continued to play while the magic of their closeness have intoxicated them a long ago and they both were staring each other…. He moves closer to her and they both joined their foreheads, the song ended beautifully for which they were not even aware. It was the loud sound of claps that brought them to this world. They both immediately got apart, sanskar smiled and the reason was unknown! He don’t know why he felt very happy, what just happened? A friend of sanskar came near him and dragged him somewhere, swara let out a sigh. Mica came near her and asked teasingly, “had fun?” swara glared at her, while she looked confused. Swara should be happy right now, but she was glaring at her. What was wrong? Swara smiled a little and immediately hugged her, “mica!! Thank you…. Thank you… thank you very much!” mica laughed hearing her. After that swara’s face was filled with a hearty smile during the whole party!…
“arey! What happened tell me first?” ragini asked laughing still gasping for breathe in the tight embrace of her sister. Swara released the hug and holded her hands, she spinned along with ragini who was completely clueless but still laughing because of the happiness of her sister. “didi! I and sanskar danced today!” swara said excitedly and sat on the bed, “my first ever dance with him! I can never forget this didi! As long as I live…no no! as long as this world exists! Umm… no!” ragini laughed more at her sister who looked very cute and innocent right now! “ok! As long as your love exists! Happy? Now come lets have dinner” ragini said and planted a quick kiss on her forehead, “come soon!” saying this ragini goes out of the room smiling for the happiness of her sister. Swara remembered ragini’s words, ‘As long as your love exists!’ she smiled, then this memory of dance will be forever and ever… because her love can never die…. It’s immortal!…

Precap: ~Heartbroken~

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