Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 22

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Coming out of her college carrying so many notes to complete, her lips curved seeing sanskar staring at her folding his hands near his chest leaning on the trunk of a big tree. She went near him and showed all her books pouting. He smiled and took few of her books helping her. She saw few people staring at her, heat rushed up to her cheeks and then she turned and looked at sanskar who was carrying the books not paying heed to anyone. She smiled, of course all her friends are going to ask about him the next day! It felt so good to walk with him, people calling them as a couple! Holding all her books in one hand, she caught his palm with her other hand and interwined her fingers, the smile never left her lips as she walked with him till the car. It’s been so many days since he picked her up from the college! She felt so lonely when he was not with her for one year and after he came back, this is the first time he is picking her up from the college. Keeping all her books in the back seat, she sat with him in front, she was still smiling wearing her seat belt. Sanskar started the car and said without looking at her, “stop smiling!” she turned and looked at him. he looked at her and chuckled, “so much to exited to tell your friends that we are couple?” she smiled again and kept her head on his shoulder wrapping her hands around his arm, she was still smiling dugging her face in his arm. He continued to drive the car…
“you are so quiet! Speak something!” sanskar said and swara took her head from his shoulder. “what should I talk?” she questioned with a pout and then they saw that home was already very near to them. They both remained quiet while sanskar drove the car more fast and they finally reached the home. swara got out of the car and ran inside leaving all her books inside the car. Sanskar sighed and smiled thinking about his innocent devil. taking all the books he went inside the home. swara was sitting on the sofa, and sanskar kept all her books near her on the sofa. Sharmishta gave water to him, “maa! It’s me who is coming from the college tired. Not him!” swara said as sanskar drank the water. “arey! He brought all your books na?” sharmishta said giggling and went inside the kitchen. Swara frowned and closed her eyes lying on the sofa. “didi! Come we will take selfie!” uttara said waking swara as she got up lazily and looked at the phone still with a frown face. “shona didi! Smile na?” uttara said. “why should I smile?” swara asked innocently making uttara irritated and then she went from there making an angry face. Swara again lay on the sofa and closed her eyes. “wake up devil! you have to complete your notes!” swara opened her eyes and looked at him angrily. She took the cushion and threw it on him as he caught it laughing. She again closed her eyes wanting to sleep. She felt someone moving her head and opened her eyes. She saw sanskar moving her head and keeping a cushion under her head. She smiled at him, he smiled back at her. He stood up and went to the dining table, her gaze moved with him, she saw him filling a glass with water. He went to her and offered the glass. She got up getting the water from him. she drank it fully and again laid on the sofa closing her eyes when she heard a whisper, “wake up soon and complete your notes and I love you!” she shivered feeling his breath near her ears. Her heart bursting with joy and when she felt it no more, she opened her eyes and saw him walking out of her home. she smiled, “bye!” sanskar heard her voice and turned back and saw her closed eyes. He smiled and said, “bye!” and then he ran out. Swara smiled still closing her eyes and then hugging the cushion more, she slept being so tired… sharmishta came out of the kitchen holding a glass of water. She thought to tease her daughter, but now when she brought water for her, she saw her sleeping peacefully and smiled at her…
Swara opened the door of his room and saw him sleeping. She smile getting inside and closing the door behind her, she went and sat on his bed near him. “sanskar!”… “sanskar! wake up!” she said shaking him and giggling at the thought of irritating him and then noticed the bandage on his palm and arm were absent! She caressed his palm and arm, tears formed in her eyes remembering his wounds. She wiped her tears and called him, “sanskar!” she again shook him and this time, he pulled her towards him holding her palm, he hugged her keeping her head close to his chest. His one hand was holding the back of her head caressing her hair and his other hand was hugging her by waist. Swara smiled as he hugged her, she hugged him back more tightly. “your wounds are fine now?” she asked. “hmm”.. she heard him humming in response. She lifted her head and looked at him still sleeping, she smiled seeing him and caressed his cheeks lovingly, “will you always hug me like this whenever I wake you up?” she whispered softly but saw him sleeping without responding to her. Her smile grew wider, she again kept her head on his chest and closed her eyes letting the peaceful sleep consume her in the warm and loving embrace of her love!…
“AHHH!” swara and sanskar jerked hearing the shout and immediately sat on the bed and saw sujata whose mouth was covered by the palm of ragini who was stopping her from shouting. “sanskar! what is this?” sujata shouted taking ragini’s hand from her mouth. They saw ram also coming running there hearing their shouts. He do saw ragini entering their house but swara was also here? “swara beta! You here?” ram asked confused. “SANSKAR!” sujata shouted again and ragini immediately pulled swara holding her hand, she dragged her from there. Sujata went and sat on the bed near to sanskar and touched his head, “sanskar! do you even know that you both are not married? How can you do this?” sanskar widened his eyes hearing her. “will someone tell me what happened?” ram asked getting both of their attention. “you always come late and keep asking what happened!” sujata shouted back at ram. Sanskar slapped his forehead. “mom! You know na that she always comes to home at early morning? Today also, she came, maybe she was tired, so she slept here!” he said getting up from the bed, “you are unbelievable!” he said angrily moving to the washroom. “arey! What happened?” sujata looked at ram angrily hearing him and then walked out of the room giving no answer to him making him frown…
“swara! Do you even know that you are only 19 years old?!” swara looked at ragini shockingly hearing her. “didi!” swara said shocked as her didi continued to drag her outside the mansion. Swara caught her wrist stopping her didi from moving, as ragini looked back at her. “you do get up at 4.00 to come here, but you always come to our home after ten to twenty minutes, but today you took so long. I waited and waited and waited, and now when I came here looking for you!”… she was interrupted by swara, “didi! Stop it! Please!” ragini chuckled seeing her. “accha, ok! I trust you!” swara gets relieved by her words. “I was pulling your leg!” ragini said pinching her cheeks. “it seems like, I should not wait for my sister after this!” swara smiled hearing ragini and they both went to their home laughing…
She was about to get out of the car when sanskar called her, “swara!” she looked back at him and raised her eyebrows asking a ‘what’. “are you tired?” he asked. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. There were still so many notes to complete, she was very much tired after attending all the classes in the college. “yes!” she said closing her eyes half indicating that she will fall asleep anytime! “then ok!” sanskar said and she took her head from his shoulder and looked at him confused. “I was actually thinking to take you out!” swara smiled hearing him, an indescribable happiness came to her heart with her cheeks turning to red and suddenly from no where, energy came to her! “but that’s fine! You are tired and”… sanskar was interrupted by swara, “no! I will go with you!” he looked at her and smiled asking, “pakka?” swara nodded in a yes excitedly. “then go and get ready!” sanskar said and she immediately got out of the car and ran inside her home to get ready while he smiled seeing her..
She breathed heavily as she came to her room running like anything! She gets tears seeing his love for her, she smiled widely and closed her eyes crying more. “wake up soon and complete your notes and I love you!” she laughed with tears remembering his words. Every time he said those three words, she felt as if a magic has wrapped her. She wiped her tears and went to her wardrobe for getting ready..
Sanskar smiled seeing swara coming running to his car wearing a beautiful sari! Sari? He really didn’t expected her to wear it. She looked so beautiful with her smile! She opened the door of the car and sat inside excitedly still smiling. “you look so beautiful!” he said and she looked at him, her heart fluttering with his compliment, her eyes sparkling with happiness as her lips curved wide. She saw him staring at her eyes.. just staring! He looked at her beautiful eyes and felt himself drowning in her eyes. He felt so happy to see her! “umm.. can we go?” swara asked, sanskar smiled and nodded to her starting the car. Swara took a deep breathe looking in front, she was just seeing the road. This was the same sari she wore when her mother and her ragini didi went to maheshwari mansion for talking about sanskar and her relation.. she took a deep breathe remembering those days when he came to know that she loved him! she closed her palm in a fist controlling her tears, and then she looked at sanskar who looked so exited. She smiled and closed her eyes, she no more cared about the past, he loves her and she loves him! she smiled widely and then rested her head on the seat thinking, where was he taking her?…
Swara was about to open the door of the car when sanskar suddenly caught her wrist and smiled. She looked at him confused as he got out of the car and came to her side and opened the door for her. As soon as she got out of the car, sanskar kept his palm on her eyes hiding her vision. “sanskar!” she said surprised stumbling as he suddenly closed her eyes. Sanskar was so exited to show her his surprise. He took his palm from her eye. She opened her eyes and saw.. her house. GADODIA MANSION! Where she lived with her father! After his death, they moved near to maheshwari mansion! She gets tears remembering her memories with her father when she suddenly felt his hands on her shoulder as he whispered near her ear, “this was the place where I met you for the first time!” she smiled with tears hearing him. she really doesn’t remember anything as she was very small, but of course her mother has told her many times that she smiled widely seeing a six year sanskar peaking into her cradle! “I have gifts for you inside! But I want to tell you something before going inside!” he said and made her turn to him and wiped her tears. “I thought this will make you happy! But you are sad!” swara smiled and whispered, “I am very happy sanskar!” indeed! Happiness filled her soul seeing this house where there were many of her childhood memories! “what you wanted to tell?” she asked. Sanskar smiled and pulled her towards him holding her waist, she wrapped her hands around his neck. “I will tell you what you should talk!” swara gets confused hearing him. “yesterday, you asked me in the car na? what to talk? I will always tell you what and all you should talk!” swara smiled hearing him and asked, “ and what should I talk now?” sanskar pulled her more closer and said, “say that you love me!” it was not just she! Even he feels very blissful whenever she say that! She smiled more hearing him and whispered, “I love you sanskar!” he felt so happy hearing her. “yesterday you asked uttara why should you smile!” swara remembered how she irritated uttara when she asked for a selfie! Swara nodded to him, sanskar caressed her hair and said, “I will give you reasons to smile!” she laughed hearing him. “you asked today morning whether I will always hug you!” she gets surprised hearing him. “you were awake?” she asked and he nodded to her smiling. “I will always hug you!” he said pinching her cheeks and hugged her tightly.. swara smiled hugging him tightly. “you will always wake up in my embrace!” she blushed hearing him and closed her eyes. “will you give me your hand, swara?” swara opened her eyes wide, he was proposing her? She gets tears hearing him, just his answers to her dreamy and silly questions became a proposal? She cried happily hugging him tightly nuzzling her face in his neck. “tell swara!” he said caressing her hair and hugging her tightly. Swara was choking with happiness, she again closed her eyes and whispered, “haa sanskar!”….

Precap: ~Sanskar and Swara! Our love story!~
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