Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 21

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Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 21
There was an emotional atmosphere when Neha stepped out of her house with her unending tears and her parents were crying too! The marriage was fully completed with the last ritual ‘vidai’ when the bride will leave her house and will start a new life! The gadodias and maheshwaris bid bye to Neha’s family all ready to go to Kolkata. They were almost at the gate when sanskar suddenly stopped, “I will come now!” he said and ran inside the mansion not giving a chance for anyone to ask anything. They all sighed and went and sat in their cars waiting for him while swara didn’t go with them. She continued to stand near the gate staring at the mansion waiting for sanskar and was also going in a memory lane of all their memories, they were united in this mansion! She saw sanskar coming running to her, her lips curved into a smile seeing him. he came near her and said, “let’s go!” but swara caught his hand. she questioned him raising her eyebrows, “for what you went?” sanskar smiled and dropped his hand in his pocket taking out a piece of cloth, she was surprised seeing it, it was hers!

“you tied this in my arm to protect the wound”… he paused looking at her eyes and then continued, “in the go down!” swara nodded to him remembering what happened that night when she got the bullet for him, when she thought she was dieing and confessed her immortal love for him once again! And then how she got scoldings from him after she got conscious in the hospital. He was very hurt and scolded her for saying those words.. her smile grew wider thinking his care for her! “I do remember what happened that night!” she whispered lost in her own thoughts that how that night changed their lives, it was then when sanskar realized his love for her! She jerked from her thoughts as she saw sanskar leaning to her as his lips almost touched her ears when he whispered, “do you remember what happened that morning?” she became nervous, it was the same holi day and that was the morning when she kissed him! god! He was coming to this topic again! She blushed losing herself at the thoughts of it! And when his lips moved more closer to her ear, she ran to the car making sanskar chuckle. He also went to the car smiling and then they all went to Kolkata…
Sharmishta, ragini, uttara was also there with the maheshwaris having a light and fun talk. Sanskar looked around and saw swara talking on phone in a corner. He went near her, she gave a smile to him and cutted her call murmuring a ‘bye’. Sanskat raised his eyebrows asking to whom she was talking. “my friend! I took leave for so many days na? so I was asking her what all happened in the college!” swara said. “haa swara! You should complete all your notes. There will be many, I suppose!” sanskar said with a serious face making swara roll her eyes. “and next you will tell that I should study for exams?” sanskar nodded hearing it. “and I should eat properly?” he nodded to her. She stamped her foot frowning and pouting at his words. She remembered how sanskar teased her on morning at the sighaniya mansion. Romantic sanskar is so better than this! She sighed and was about to go when he caught her hand and looked at her still being unaware that she was irritated!

“you are so bad! You turned the old sanskar again!” swara told him and he finally realized her words and smiled. “when did I ever turn new? I am always the same!” he said pulling her closer as she said annoyed, “yeah! The same strict sanskar!” she said in a tired way making him laugh as he cupped her face. “devil!” he stopped talking as he saw her glaring at him angrily. “you started calling me devil again!” she almost shouted as he closed her mouth gasping that someone might see them. He pulled her more closer to him by waist,

“I know you love it when I call you like that!” he whispered as she smiled listening him. sanskar pinched her cheeks and said, “you look so cute!” she widened her eyes hearing this, even she was doing the same with him during the whole holi party. She gulped, why does he always come to this point? “you were saying this so many times that day, I guess!” he said looking up showing an expression as if he was thinking. Her lips curved, not so wide but definitely she smiled! She kept her head on his chest hugging him. he smiled and hugged her back. “SHONA!” she gets startled and immediately broke the hug hearing her mom’s voice. She started running when sanskar called her. “swara!” she turned and saw him pouting. “you always run away whenever I come to this topic!” she smiled and walked to him and locked his right hand between her hands. “we are going to be together life long sanskar! you can talk about this whenever you want!” she said hugging his hand against her lips and then ran from there shouting a ‘good night!’ making sanskar smile happily!…
Swara packed her lunch box still looking at the entrance as she hoped that sanskar will come to meet her! She frowned that he didn’t come, she looked at the clock and realized that there was still time for college. Ragini was also packing her lunch, she looked at swara staring the clock. “what happened?” ragini asked swara patting her shoulder, she looked at her didi and said, “I want to meet sanskar!” ragini laughed seeing her saying that with a cute pout. “accha, ok! Go and meet him! I was actually surprised that you didn’t get up at 4.00 today to meet sanskar!” swara laughed hearing her and said, “I was tired after the journey, that’ why I didn’t get up early today! But I will wake him up tomorrow!” ragini smiled and hugged her feeling very happy seeing her happiness. “I will go and meet him!” swara said and ran out of the home taking her back. “shona! Why are you taking your bag?” ragini shouted. “I will meet sanskar and will go college from there!” swara shouted loudly from outside the house. Ragini laughed hear her voice that was filled with excitement…
She was running fastly to his room and stopped at the entrance of his room as she saw sanskar standing in the balcony. His face looked pale, sujata aunty had her hand on his shoulder and her eyes were moist. Her gaze again went to sanskar who was looking down and his eyes showed emptiness, his bandaged palm was tightly closed in a fist. She almost shivered and got teary eyed seeing him like that. “sanskar!” she whispered and both sujata and sanskar looked at her and swara could see their expressions changing to shock. Sujata was about to say something when sanskar caught her hand and said still looking at swara, “mom! You go, I will tell her!” sujata nodded to him and walked out of the room before giving a worried look to swara making her more scared. Sanskar sighed moving near the bed,

he sat on the bed closing his face with his palms. Swara moved inside with tears flowing from her eyes seeing him like a lost soul. She sat near him on the bed and took his palms from his face, he was shocked seeing her tears, he was about to wipe them when she holded his hands stopping him. “what happened sanskar?” he sighed and released his hands from her grip wiping her tears. “swara! Why are you looking so serious? Arey! I am fine! Don’t you have college?” she frowned hearing him and stood up from the bed and walked out of the room. He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe, he really didn’t wanted anything to affect swara! He pressed his lips to control himself from breaking down. Not for his decision! It was for swara’s welfare and he will never regret for this decision, he loves her! But she knows now that there was something wrong.. he remembered her moist eyes he saw just now only because he was suffering! He sighed standing up and then moved out to see swara..

He was shocked seeing swara and sujata together. What if his mother told her? He immediately ran down the stairs and when he went near them, his mom was already walking to the kitchen while swara was just staring him.. “swara!” he said, and she immediately hugged him. he was startled but hugged her back caressing her hair. She made the hug more tight as she sobbed nuzzling her face in his neck. She knew exactly what was the problem. Sanskar was planning to resign his police job and the reason was… FOR HER! This was making her soul flinch with so many emotions, happiness to see his love for her! Guilty that he was leaving his job! Sujata aunty told that, according to sanskar, his police job will put swara in danger. “swara!” he whispered sensing her crying. He broke the hug and wiped her tears and once her tears dried out, she immediately dragged sanskar and made him sit on the sofa and knelt down in front of him, locking his hands between her hands. “aunty told me!”

she whispered closing her eyes and then continued opening her eyes, “sanskar! you joined in police for papa and you are leaving that for me?” she blinked her eyes continuing to cry, her voice becoming a slow and a choking whisper.. she held his cheeks in her palm and said staring at his eyes, “sanskar! why are you doing this?” he kept his hand on her palm that was on his cheeks, “swara! That’s fine!” she smiled sadly. “then, why you look so lost? Why you look so sad and..” tears flowed from her eyes as she continued, “broken?” sanskar sighed hearing her. Of course, he joined in police only for his shekhar uncle, but now it became a passion for him! it is hard for him to leave it, but he can definitely do this for swara! “you think, I will not be fine?” she asked in a slow whisper. “swara!..” he was interrupted by her. “yes or no!” he closed his eyes and nodded in a yes. For a long time, she was just staring at him. the way his eyes looked red, she can say that he was not happy with his decision, he was doing this only for her! She pressed her lips and cried, realizing how much she meant to him. she can feel his love for her in all his gestures and that made her feel blissful. Listening no voice, sanskar opened his eyes and saw her staring at him with tears.

he wiped them as she continued, “don’t you believe yourself sanskar? you think, you will not be able to save me?” he frowned hearing his words, why was she not understanding him? he was about to speak when she stood up and hugged him, he was sitting and she was standing. Her chin on the top of his head as she caressed his hair. “our love is not so weak sanskar!” she broke the hug and cupped his face, “nothing wll happed to me! You are there to save me na?” he gets tears hearing her. “I trust you! Please don’t leave this job! I will be proud, if you don’t resign this!” she wiped his tears and moved closer to him and whispered, “our love united us sanskar! it will also protect us!” he smiled hearing her. “believe me!” he nodded to her making her smile. She again wiped his tears, she moved away and took her bag all set to go to her college. “swara!” he called her and she frowned. He was about to say something when she turned and said, “I know, I should I complete all my notes and should eat my food properly. Right? You were about to say this na?” he laughed hearing her and went closer to her.

“nope! I actually wanted to say that I love you!” her frown turned into a smile as she hugged him. “sanskar! I remember what happened on holi day!” she said making him surprised, he was about to say something when she broke the hug and ran from there. “swara!” he shouted, she turned to him and said, “sanskar! I should go early to college to complete all my notes! I should not go late na? I should be a bright student! So, bye!” she shouted and ran from there laughing. He smiled seeing her cute antics. Any problem can be solved with her by his side.. and she is going to be with him forever. He will make sure that they are always together.. together till the eternity!…

Precap: ~My questions and his answers made a proposal!~
A/N- hey guys!
When I talked about ending this story, few people asked me to not end this! I am so happy seeing your love! But guys, this is a pure emotional love story, this is just based on their emotions and their tough decisions. Even this chapter was about an important decision of their life! It is just a simple story of friendship turning to love in which you all have supported me!
So coming to the point, I am going to end this soon, because the motive of this story is over! It was just about swara’s one side love and then sanskar also falling in love with her, which happened! that’s the reason I am going to end this soon… very very soon! Hope it will not disappoint you and I am sorry if it did..
Hope you all liked this chapter.
Thank you all. Thanks to all the silent readers too.
Love you all…

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    you know you gave a minor heart attack in that scene when sanky was crying but thank God it was nothing like that I thought (have slapped my mind for thinking that)
    the story is very much emotional yet beautifully described each and every epi is out of the world I will be missing it
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