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“you believe me?” his innocent questions and his choking guilt filled words still echoed in her ears making her eyes moist as she hugged him more tight.. she felt very helpless to see his extremely red teary eyes, he was the same person who killed a person for her family and was now crying like anything for her!.. she smiled feeling his love in his tears, her soul almost drowning seeing his tears but as she finally felt his love, her lips failed to stop itself from curving widely! “don’t leave me!” she heard his whisper and opened her eyes and realized that she was crying as tears blurred her vision.. she took her head from his chest, but his hands still wrapped around her.. she cupped his face and wiped his tears.. “you call me devil na?” she asked in a slow whisper with her happy tears flowing endlessly.. he just nodded to her staring at her happiness and tear filled eyes.. “and a devil is always selfish! When I realized you love me, I can’t let your guilt affect that!” she smiled seeing him still looking at her confused with his loving gaze that shivered her to the core again and again realizing that he loved her! “don’t feel guilty sanskar! what was your fault?” she asked, her voice sounding too innocent as she caressed his cheeks like she always do.. “I don’t want to talk about it!” he whispered, tears again flowed from his eyes while she wiped them.. his memories going back to their awful and awkward days where he gave her pain. His soul threatening to fall in the guilty pit again that will separate him from his love. Swara smiled that even he wanted to forget everything and start everything again in a happy way! “I don’t want you to feel guilty, even if you didn’t come na, then also I would have not gone!” his eyes widened hearing this while she chuckled seeing him and said, “arey! What? Where will I go?” she pouted and again hugged him.. he smiled seeing her pout, it’s been many days since he saw her cute expressions. She did this to free him from the guilt but that was really not easy! Her words that she will go far from him shivered him, but his innocent devil couldn’t find any other plan to make everything fine.. “this was a very bad plan!” he said still hugging her. She again took her head from his chest and said, “but that worked na?” he laughed hearing her and wiped her happy tears that continued to flow endlessly.. “let’s go inside!” sanskar said holding her hand happily taking her inside but he felt her not moving and looked back at her. She again hugged him, “I am sorry for not believing you!” her eyes became moist again as she hugged him more tight and closed her eyes.. “please forget everything swara!” he said and broke the hug and wiped her tears..

“I was awake yesterday night!” he looked at her confused hearing her.. “when you thought I was sleeping and you talked to me… I was awake!” she said looking down, his face turned pale hearing her.. “even I am very bad! I made you cry!” she said choking with her tears, she widened her eyes when sanskar suddenly pulled her towards him. “I will also go far if you don’t throw this guilt.. NOW!” she laughed with tears hearing him and wrapped her hands around his neck.. “don’t go!” she said and he nodded smiling to her.. and then the moment just stopped with the both of them staring at each other’s eyes.. the sound of the temple bell ringing coming from inside the mansion startled them while swara widened her eyes and slapped her forehead, “pooja must have started and I am not even ready!” she said worriedly and was about to run inside when sanskar caught her hand, she turned to him confused while he smiled and said, “I love you swara!” she smiled, her happiness knowing no bounds, her heart jumping with joy as she whispered, “I love you too!” he locked her right hand with both his hands and looked in her eyes and said, “whatever happens, never say that you will go away from me!” she gets teary to realize that she hurt him, she immediately pulled her ear with her left hand asking a ‘sorry’. He smiled and took her hand from her ear and wiped her tears before they could come out. “I will never say sanskar! and I will never be away from you! You also don’t say that you will go far!” swara said still struggling with her choking tears and extreme happiness. “I will not say!” he said. After a quick and a tight hug, they ran inside the home for the pooja..
Ragini didn’t fail to notice the way her shona’s eyes sparkled with an indescribable emotion and the way the smile never left her lips during the whole pooja! As soon as the small yet the grand pooja was over, ragini dragged swara to her room..
Closing the doors, ragini turned back to find her sister looking at her confused. “where did you go shona?” swara was first confused hearing ragini but then remembered that her didi saw her when she was going out of the house. “I was just standing out didi!” swara said moving closer to her and then immediately hugged her startling ragini.. “SHONA?” ragini said worried feeling her sobbing. She tried to see her face, but swara was hugging her tightly and ragini hugged her back caressing her hair.. “what happened shona?” she asked worried. “I am so happy didi!” swara whispered crying, ragini sighed hearing her. “you scared the hell out of me!” she said and broke the hug cupping swara’s face and wiping her tears while swara was just smiling.. ragini made her sit on the bed and sat near her. “everything is fine didi!” ragini looked confused at her while she continued, “sanskar loves me!” she whispered. A slow whisper that made ragini smile. “no more problems between you both?” ragini asked still smiling for her sister’s happiness. “no!” swara said smiling nodding a no and again hugged her tightly. “I am so happy didi! I can’t even..” swara gasped continuing to cry, ragini laughed and broke the hug.. she kissed her forehead and said, “I am very happy for you, I will go and tell maa and uttara! They both will be very happy!” ragini said happily and walked out of the room while swara sighed and rested her head on the bed post and closed her eyes letting the happiness and sleep consume her.. the previous night she spent was sleepless and was filled with tears, pain and guilt but now this morning had given a new beginning to her.. a new happiness to her..
“WHAT?” sujata shouted and immediately hugged sanskar tightly making him laugh for his mom’s excitement.. she was just so happy that her son finally fell in love! “I hope the plan is cancelled at least now!” sujata gets confused hearing sanskar but then smiled realizing what he was talking.. the words she is chanting from the time she came to Patna is, ‘we will leave Kolkata!’ sujata broke the hug and caressed his hair blessing him.. she said, “I just wanted to take care of you because you looked very pale and sad. But now..” she paused looking at her son who looked very happy now, “but now, I know you will be alright! I am so happy for you both!” sanskar’s smile grew wider hearing her.. from now on it will always be the ‘both of them!’ their names are always going to be connected here after! They both looked at the door and saw ragini knocking the door. Sujata ran to her and hugged her making her gasp, “congratulations ragini!” ragini looked at her confused as she broke the hug, “you are my bahu’s sister!” ragini widened her eyes hearing her, they had just confessed and sujata aunty made her sister as her bahu?.. “where is shomi?” sujata asked. “in the hall!” ragini said and at the next moment sujata was running to the hall. Both ragini and sanskar laughed seeing her excitement.. “you don’t know how happy swara is”.. sanskar looked at ragini hearing her and smiled thinking about swara. Ragini cleared her throat and said, “I actually wanted to ask sorry to you sanskar!” sanskar became confused hearing her. “I am so sorry for going against you and for listening to Bhavendhar uncle! I was just so scared..” she was interrupted by sanskar, “ragini! Everything is fine! Don’t talk about those things now and I am really not angry on you!” he said genuinely and ragini nodded to him understanding, things were fine now but still she would have been very guilty if she had not asked forgiveness to him. she sighed and then forwaded her closed fist making him confused, she opened her fist showing him something and he was surprised seeing it and then ragini questioned, “how and where did you get this sanskar?”…
Sighaniya mansion was filled with happiness as all the girls got mehendi applied on their hands with all the guests blessing the bride Neha who looked very happy and she was blushing with the teasings of swara and uttara.. “I am so happy swara!” swara looked at neha hearing her. “I am seeing you laughing after a long time! From the time you came, you always looked sad and also you never used to spend time with me!” swara frowned. She was true, she was drowned in her own pain and miseries that she didn’t take care of her cousin sister. “sorry!” she whispered and hugged her.. the sisters had an emotional time and then swara also got mehendi applied on her hand..
“swara!” she turned and found sanskar. she smiled seeing him as he came and sat near her. She excitedly showed both her hands to him that had a beautiful mehendi design with ‘SS’ written in the middle of her left palm making him smile. “beautiful!” he whispered and her smile grew wider. “I am having a surprise for you!” swara looked at him confused but was really excited hearing him. “come!” he said and took her to his room holding her arm as her palm had the mehendi..

Swara was surprised seeing the anklet that sanskar had in his hand, it was her favourite anklet and she thought, she lost it. Sanskar remembered how ragini gave it to him asking how he got it, because she found this in his cupboard in maheshwari mansion when she went to Kolkata to get the proofs that were against Bhavendhar! “sanskar, how did you get this?” swara asked surprised. Sanskar smiled to her and said, “do you remember, you came to my home before coming to Patna?” swara nodded to him. of course, she remembered it! “that time, you left this in my room. I kept it in my cupboard, but now when ragini went to Kolkata, she got it from there!” swara frowned as she remembered her mother telling her what all happened in the hospital. Bhavendhar uncle, his threatens on her ragini didi! Sanskar saw her face suddenly turning pale and on realizing what it must be, he immediately cupped her face, “swara! Forget those bad days!” she nodded to him closing her eyes and taking a deep breathe. She opened her eyes and smiled. How sanskar understood her even without her words, she became very happy feeling his love again.. “this is my favourite anklet, the other one is in my bag! I kept the other one safely!” sanskar nodded to her and said, “I know! Ragini told me and she even gave this!” he said dropping his hand in his pocket taking the other anklet that ragini got for him from swara’s bag after he requested her! Swara smiled seeing her favourite anklets and her smile filled his heart. He made her sit on the bed and knelt and made her wear the anklets.. swara stared at him lovingly, her hands reached his face to cup them but then she stopped seeing her mehendi. Sanskar smiled at her, he moved a stroke of hair from her face making her close her eyes as sanskar lightly hugged her so as to not spoil her mehendi.. swara gave him a smile and then started to go out of the room when he suddenly called her, “swara!” she turned back and faced him as he called her.. “do you remember what happened on the holi day?” her breathe hitched hearing his question, feeling heat rushing up to her cheeks as she bowed her head down. “do you remember what happened in the car?” she became nervous hearing him but at the same time, she felt happiness engulfing her as she remembered the kiss.. her cheeks turned to the darkest shade of red as she finally looked up at him. the intensity of his gaze shivered her.. “you remember?” swara asked blinking her eyes. Sanskar nodded to her controlling himself from smiling.. “I do remember! I am asking whether you remember that you ki…” he was not able to complete his sentence as she ran out of the room unable to control herself from blushing making sanskar break in fits of laughter thinking about his innocent devil!..
The bride and the bridegroom was getting binded in a pure relationship taking the seven rounds promising to be with each other forever and ever.. all the people present there showered the couple with flowers giving blessings to them.. all were very happy, swara saw sanskar standing in a place, she went near him and wrapped both her hands on his right arm resting her head on his shoulder. Sanskar looked at her and smiled holding her hands that looked beautiful with the dark shade of her mehendi, he then looked at the marriage unaware what swara was thinking.. she was extremely happy to finally get the love of her life, she looked at her sister’s marriage! Even she will be marrying like this someday.. with sanskar! she can imagine a happy and lovable future with her sanskar! she looked at sanskar lovingly as she can feel a dream running in front of her where she was the bride and he was the bridegroom. Sanskar felt her gaze and looked at her, he also smiled at her. He placed his head on her head holding her hand tightly, while all the rituals were completed with the priest declaring that the marriage is completed…

Precap: ~We will be together till eternity~
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