Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

“Aunty!” sanskar came inside the bose mansion shouting and calling his dear shomi aunty. Sharmishta came out of the kitchen and smiled at him. He hugged her, he heard a shout “MAA!” he turned and saw swara descending the stairs fastly and worried. She was wearing a very beautiful and descent college wear. Sanskar smiled at her, its been a whole year, she actually looks a little matured now! Yesterday when she was in home, she was in her casuals. But in formals, he can really make out many differences but she was still the same innocent devil. Sanskar’s smile grew wider as she shouted her mother’s name, and sharmishta went near the stairs while swara stopped running as she came near her and was breathing heavily. “maa! My breakfast!” shomi glared at her, “for this, you gave such an over reaction!”

sharmishta said and went to the kitchen murmuring something, probably scolding her daughter. Sanskar took a glass from the dining table and filled the glass with water with the jug. He went near swara and gave it to her. She took it and drank it in a gulp and took a deep breathe. Sanskar chuckled, “what happened?” he asked. “sanskar! its getting late for the college!” she said as she ran to take her bag. Sanskar looks at her going and remembers what his mother said. That how she has changed in this one year. This was the same swara who purposely makes her way late to the college….. bunks her colleges…. Always does mischievous things! He looks at her going to the kitchen to again call her mom…..”devil!” he called, she stopped and turned to him, he signaled her to come to him, swara sensed it to be important through his expressions, so she went near him silently. He sat on the sofa and she too sat near him. “yesterday mom said to me that you didn’t visit my home for the past one year! Is it?” he asked and swara nodded. “but why?” he asked and swara almost jerked, it was he who told her to not come to his home, it was he right? Yes! It was he who told this before one year! “because you told me to not come!” swara said still shocked, sanskar smiled at his innocent devil.

Sanskar: swara! Actually I was teasing you! Before going from here, I just thought to gave you a long class and irritate you! But never thought, you will take it seriously.
Swara blinked her eyes not able to believe what she was actually hearing.” that means, you will not scold if I did not eat healthy foods?” swara asked. Sanskar chuckled and nodded no. “you will not get angry if I come to your home early morning and wake you up?” sanskar frowned, that was the actual reason he told her to not come to his home! God! She irritates him a lot in the very early morning but it was true that he missed it in this one year! There was no one to irritate him…to make him smile. He looked at her puppy eyes and melted in it and nodded a no indicating that he will not be angry, swara’s eyes gleams, “woah!” she squeals and immediately jumped and hugged him tightly. Sanskar hugged her back. “shona! Breakfast is ready!”

sharmishta said coming out of the kitchen still holding a knife. Swara immediately released the hug and said, “sanskar! its getting late. I have to go!” saying this she gets up from the sofa and sanskar holds her hand. “swara! Don’t go to college today!” he said, swara widened her eyes, shomi dropped the knife she was holding. What was even happening? “are you serious?” swara asked and sanskar nodded. Swara kept both her hands on her cheeks, “OH MY GOD!” she just couldn’t control her happiness. “sanskar!” sharmishta said, “don’t worry aunty! Only today, she has to go from tomorrow!” sanskar said teasingly while swara pouted. Sanskar laughed, “ok! Have your breakfast now.” Shomi said. They both of them went and sat for their breakfast, but swara didn’t had it and said, “maa! I don’t want this! Make something spicy na!” “swara!” sanskar said warningly. “you said you will not scold!” swara complained while sanskar frowned. Sharmishta smiled and said, “its okay sanskar! its been many days since she had oily food! Nothing will happen if she have it once.

I will prepare it for her!” for the first time, she was taking swara’s side against sanskar! because she knows that its really been a long time since her daughter had her favourite foods. She patted swara’s cheeks and went inside the kitchen to prepare something tasty for her daughter. Sanskar saw swara who was so much happy and excited, he smiled, “why are you so happy?” he asked. Swara looked at him and answered excitedly, “sanskar! I am eating this so called healthy foods for….umm….don’t know for how many ages! I am very happy to have my favourite foods again”. “devil! Always keep smiling like this! Never take my words this much serious! Ok?” sanskar said and started having the untasty food which shomi already prepared. Swara looked at him admiringly, don’t take his words serious? How is that even possible? All his words meant so much to her…. His presence meant so much to her….. he meant the world to her…….
“sanskar! where are we going?” swara asked as she sat inside sanskar’s car. Sanskar smiled and said, “wherever you wish! Mom said you always used to be sad! Tell me where you want to go, I promise, no restrictions today!” he said and was hoping to see an extremely mad swara right now because of happiness, well that happened too! Swara closed her fist and raised her hands in the air squealing with joy! “lets go to temple first!” she said, sanskar was confused, “please! Please! Take me!” she said dropping her head a little right side and shrinked her eyes. Aww!! She looked very cute, sanskar smiled and nodded and started his car while she excitedly wore her seat belt….

Swara stands in front of the idol of the god joining her hands and closing her eyes thanking god…..yes! she was thanking god that sanskar was successful for whatever work he went far away from her….she was thanking god for bringing him back, as those one year without him was very cruel. She gets tears in her eyes, there are a lot of chances that sanskar may go again like that after few months and then….she presses her lips and looks up to not let her tears flow in which she miserably failed and of course a small inaudible shaky voice came out of her mouth, that was a very bad habit. She can never cry silently. She wiped her tears and looked towards sanskar who was roaming around the temple. She smiled looking at him, she has never wished to god that sanskar should love her! Yes! Well that was really difficult because he was her very big dream, he was her soul, her everything, still she never wished, because she wanted him to love her back with his heart!

She wanted him to reciprocate the same pure feelings which she had for him but with his own will, not by any other external power! That sounds so stupid because just wishing for him won’t make him fall for her, but she was a girl who blindly believed god… who believed that whatever she asks, god will give her! ….. sanskar saw her and waved his hands, her smile grew wide and she went near him. “shall we go?” he asked irritated, it was not that he hated this place. He do believed on god, but he didn’t like to spend a lot of time in such places. Swara smiled, “show your hand” she said. “why?” sanskar asked. Swara whined and said, “arey show na!” “no!” sanskar said adamantly making swara to frown, she then showed her closed fist and opened her palms revealing a red holy thread, “sanskar! please wear it for me!” she said, sanskar looked away uninterested. “please!” she said again, sanskar sighed and showed his left hand. She smiled happily and tied the thread around his wrist. “shall we go at least now?” sanskar asked, swara chuckled and nodded and they both went from there…..
“Now where?” sanskar asked after getting inside the car. “lets go to your home! I miss aunty’s hand made food!” she said. Sanskar started the car and murmured, “such a foodie!” “I heard that!” swara said glaring him. “I don’t care!” sanskar said. Swara frowned, yes! It really doesn’t matter to him because…she can’t be angry with him! He knows that very well and that was the reason he said, he doesn’t care! She just can’t live without talking with him. She folded her hands near her chest. An adorable pout occupied her lips realizing the bitter truth that she can’t get angry with him! Sanskar saw her pouting and smiled realizing what she would be thinking. Swara turned her face and started seeing outside.

His smile grew wider, he looked towards the small music system in car and switched it on. ‘soch na sake’ plays from half as it was actually played in FM. When sanskar on it, the line was…
ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
main tujhko kitna chaahati hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

(it’s not possible to live without you,
don’t ever keep me distant from you.
how much I love you,
you can’t even think..)

swara smiled and turned to sanskar, it sounded as if those words were meant for her. Sanskar felt her gaze, he turned towards her and raised his eyebrows asking a ‘what?’ swara smiled and nodded no. sanskar turned away and started concentrating on the road, while she continued to admire him and those lines coming in the song reflecting her love for him, ‘how much I love you, you can’t even think’…..
Swara ran and hugged Sujata tightly as soon as she entered the room. “aunty! I missed you so so so much!!” sujata hugged her back laughing. They broke their hug but still their hands were wrapped on each other’s shoulder. They both were walking towards the dining table as if they were besties! Sanskar rolled his eyes, swara forget what was his mom’s age while his mom forgot her own age! Sujata made her sit and then went to kitchen, while swara looked around the hall, a lot of things changed in the house. She was seeing the change of interior designs, while sanskar said, “both of you are impossible!” swara chuckled and asked, “feeling jealous?” sanskar on the chair beside her and said, “why would i? she is my mom after all! She loves me more!” “you know what? I also say the same to myself whenever my mom pampers you!” sanskar grinned hearing swara. “no! shomi aunty loves me more!” swara frowned hearing him, this man wanted her mom to love him more and also his own mom! He was 25 while she was 19! But he was the one behaving like a kid! “that’s fine! I love swara more than you!” sanskar frowned at sujata who came from the kitchen and took swara’s side! “me too!” ram said entering the house. Sanskar gets irritated! While both his parents hugged swara! “ok beta! I will come after getting fresh!” ram said and swara nodded. Sujata too excused herself and went behind ram! “both my parents are supporting her!” sanskar murmured. Swara’s expression suddenly changed realizing something. She smiled sadly and said, “at least you have your dad!” sanskar saw towards her and suddenly widened his eyes! She always became very vulnerable whenever this topic came! Oh shit! Sanskar immediately stood up from his chair and rushed near her, “shh! Swara!” he knelt down because she was still sitting on the chair. “swara! How much shomi aunty will feel bad when she sees you like this! And what are you talking? You have your mom whose suffering a lot but hiding her emotions in front of all. You have to be strong for her!” he said, while she already became teary eyed! “I want papa!” she said crying aloud like a child. Her nose became red, she almost fall from the chair but he holded her. He stood up while she hugged him by waist as she was still sitting.

She cried aloud. He too became teary seeing her crying. How will you feel when you see your bestest friend breaking down? He controlled himself and said, “swara mom and dad can come!” swara left his waist and wiped her tears. He was right! Ram and sujata came and they all together had some light snacks. Swara looked gloomy all the time. Sanskar gets sad seeing her……
“now where?” sanskar asked. “I wanna go home!” swara said wearing her seat belt. Sanskar looked at her. Her nose became very red, her eyes looked very tired. “swara!” sanskar said. “hmm…” swara said, her voice breaking indicating that she can cry….anytime! “you really want nothing?” sanskar asked. Swara nodded a no. “you are lieing! You want something!” sanskar said looking at her while she was just looking down, “hmm….. I want to cry!” she said as tears formed in her eyes. “then cry!” sanskar tells sadly as she looked at him. Then she burst out crying. Sanskar immediately hugged her. She holded his shirt tightly and cried more. Sanskar remained quiet but he too got tears, he caressed her hairs while she continued to cry.

After sometime she broke the hug and said, “am fine! Lets go home!” she said. Sanskar nodded and started the car. The journey remained silent as none of them talked but swara was surprised when sanskar drove the car straight to the back side of her house where her old cycle was present. Not so old! But she stopped using it before two years! Sanskar stopped the car and they both got down. Before swara can say anything, sanskar said, “lets clean your cycle!” saying this he went…maybe to bring the required items. Swara smiled looking at her cycle, she loved her cycle very much! She remembered how she roamed around with it.

Suddenly she realized that before few minutes she was crying and now….. she looked at sanskar who was going. Sanskar brought her here because he wanted her to smile, her smile grew wider and she becomes happy! Not because of her cycle but because sanskar cared for her. He came back with a big tube which was already connected with a pipe far. He came near her and they both cleaned her cycle…..
“woah!” swara shouted enjoying the wind. Sanskar became irritated, he mentally slapped himself for this idea. He thought he can make her happy by the cycle but this devil had made him ride the cycle…

“ahh! Done” sanskar said as they finished cleaning the cycle. “sanskar! I want to go on a ride!” swara said, sanskar smiled. His plan worked. She indeed looked very happy! “ok! Go ahead!” sanskar said. Swara said, “you ride it, I will come with you!” he widened his eyes and asked, “what?” swara giggled and said, “don’t tell me you don’t know how to ride!” sanskar gets angry and said, “of course! I know” “then come na! please please!” swara said cutely holding his hand and dragging him to the cycle, “ok!” sanskar said irritated and got on the cycle, swara squealed with joy and then she sat in front of him, while he rided the cycle.
“sanskar! go faster!” swara shouted with joy. Sanskar smiled, though he didn’t like riding cycle now, but he was happy for her. He started pedaling fast, swara laughed feeling the cold air on her face. She raised her eyes a little up and saw sanskar concentrating on the road. She joined her back on his chest and closed her eyes feeling him….feeling so blissful being in his embrace to which he didn’t even bother. This saddened her, but still she was happy. Being with him in his embrace while the cold wind made her hairs fly and made her more happy….. there was no one around except the both of them and the beauty of nature!…. How she wished that this peaceful journey never ends….

Precap: ~First dance~
A/N – thank you soooooo much guys. i am very happy. hope you liked this chapter. thanks to the silent readers too.
Love You All….

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