Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 19

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FINALLY! She has waited years for this, to see the same undying and pure love in his eyes for her! Today, she felt it from the core of her heart when she met his pain, guilt and love filled gaze! LOVE! Yes! Sanskar loved her! Her heart and soul brimming with joy, tears flowed endlessly from her eyes with a beautiful and a slight laugh escaping her lips and her cheeks turning to the darkest shade of red as she whispered happily…
She touched her palms feeling his drops of tears. she touched her wet hair joining his tear drops with it, closing her eyes and remembering the way he caressed her hair on the night before holi when he made a promise that he will always give her happiness, in which he was slowly succeeding! Her lips curved wide again and again gasping the wonderful truth of her life! The way he caressed her hair the previous night thinking that she was asleep! The way he placed a tender kiss on her hair in the hospital. Her overflowing emotions overwhelming her as she remembered him.. his eyes, his smile that has always filled her heart.. she blinked her eyes crying and laughing more as she realized that this was the reality! Not any dream! Sanskar loved her! She immediately stood up from the chair and looked at herself in the mirror, “I really love you swara!” she closed her eyes and laughed with tears remembering his words… she sighed and opened her eyes, wiping her tears, she immediately ran out of the room to meet her love.. whom she belonged to now.. and now without any fear, without any pain, without any awkwardness, she can happily call him as ‘her sanskar!’ because he loved her now as much as she loves him!…

Sanskar walked to his room almost dragging himself with tears paying no attention to the way the pillars of the house were beautifully decorated with so many kinds of flowers for the mehendi and marriage! Everyone was walking in a hustle bustle, the marriage house was filled with joy and noise, but he continued to walk to his room crying.. he lost her! He gulped and blinked his eyes continuing to cry, destiny has played such a cruel game with him or maybe it was all his fault! It was he who rejected her and was now hopelessly in love with her.. losing all his hope, he just felt like disappearing somewhere. He stopped walking shivering with his tears and then suddenly ran to his room avoiding the crowd.. He finally stepped inside the room, closing the doors he slided down it sweating and crying loudly..
Swara ran to sanskar’s room almost pushing everyone, her anxiety reaching its peak as the smile never left her lips, “what happened swara?” she stopped and turned to find one of her aunt. “arey beta! You are blushing more than the bride!” she said as she laughed a little, she disappeared from the place after patting swara’s cheek.. swara’s smile grew wide hearing this compliment and she continued to run to sanskar’s room. She breathed heavily finally coming in front of his room, she saw a translucent image sliding through the door, she frowned, was sanskar crying? She knocked the door but there was no response..

Sanskar lay down on the cold floor letting his tears flow uncontrollably remembering her silence for all his pleads, which he considered as her rejection! He failed to hear the sound of the knock on the door completely immersed in his pain and guilt when a voice startled him.. “sanskar?” he sat on the floor recognizing the voice, “sanskar?” swara shouted again from outside banging the door, he immediately stood up and wiped his tears before turning to the door, he opened them. “swara!” he whispered in a choking voice, she smiled with tears meeting his eyes, she blinked her eyes and closed her fist and pressed her lips to control her tears and happiness in which she miserably failed, seeing tears in his eyes shivered her but there was love in his eyes for her.. his newly found and newly realized beautiful feeling! He failed to see the immense happiness in her eyes as he sighed looking down inhaling a deep breathe, he went and sat on his bed. Swara stepped inside the bed room closing the door a little, she walked to him. her hands reached his cheeks to wipe the tears but he immediately hugged her by waist sobbing more, she was standing while he was sitting. She caressed his hair as he whispered in a choking voice, “please swara!” her eyes shrinked as she gets clueless about his words, he took his face from her waist, he looked up at her with his red eyes, “please believe me!” she cried seeing him so much vulnerable, he lowered his head and closed his eyes tightly crying more, she immediately cupped his face making him look at her while he continued with his innocent pleads, “please swara!” she wiped his tears and sweat feeling very guilty for making him suffer. “why are you crying?” she asked choked still cupping his face. His hand travelled to his own cheeks and he held her hands that was cupping his face, “because I am very bad!” he said. His voice very low as tears flowed from his eyes again. Holding her hand, he made her sit near him on the bed. “I always make you cry!” he whispered looking down pressing his lips and sobbing more. “I don’t know why I always..” he looked up and saw her looking at him crying, he continued wiping her tears, “why I always hurt you”.. he saw his lips curving beautifully, he was confused but still his hands were cupping her face while she had her palms on his face. “what about the happiness you are giving me now?” she asked still smiling with tears, while he continued to look confused at her. “you don’t know how much I have waited for this day!” she said laughing as her heart bursted with joy. “I always wanted you to love me!” she whispered crying more with excitement as she moved more closer to him. his moist eyes still locked with her eyes when he suddenly realized her words. He wiped her tears still shivering as he asked choked, “you believe me?” she closed her eyes and pressed his hands on her cheeks more feeling the warmth, sanskar remembered how he pressed her palms on his cheeks like this in the hospital.. “swara! You really believe me?” he asked his question again making her open her eyes as she smiled and nodded. Her happiness overflowing as everything is going to be fine now. He suddenly took his hands from her cheeks and turned standing up making her frown. “I..” she heard his suffocating choking voice and immediately stood up from the bed. “sanskar?” she turned him towards her and caught both of his arms not realizing his wound on his left arm. “what happened sanskar?” she asked weakly getting tired of the fact there was a one more problem! “I don’t deserve you!” he whispered looking down closing his eyes and crying loud. She gets shocked seeing him crying, she tightened her grip on his arm and he hissed in pain. She widened her teary eyes realizing about his wound, “sanskar! I am so sorry!” he holded her arms stopping her from caressing his wound. He said crying, “I am very bad!” she sighed and made him sit on the bed struggling with her own tears and pain seeing him very guilty. She cupped his face and said, “sanskar! please don’t say like this!” he gulped his tears seeing her crying, he has again made her cry! He continued to cry while she wiped his tears and sweat again and again. She gets very sad for him, his guilt was killing him. she immediately hugged him and caressed his hair. She heard his loud sobs and felt his guilt. She closed her eyes feeling his pain, she wiped her tears still hugging him. she loves sanskar like anything and now even he loved her! She can’t let his guilt give them pain anymore! She broke the hug and wiped his tears, “sanskar, listen to me!” he looked at her hearing her. “do you know that I was planning to leave after Neha’s wedding?” he gets confused hearing her, “you are leaving? Where?” he asked frowning as he was unable to understand anything. Swara realized that he doesn’t know that she was planning to leave. The way her ragini didi consoled her the previous night, she thought that her didi would have told sanskar. “I will go now!” he frowned more understanding nothing, “far away from you if you don’t stop me!” he clutched the bed sheet hearing her shocked at her words, his throat choking thinking that she will leave him. “won’t you stop me?” she asked titling her head in a slow and an innocent voice. “I don’t want you to be away from me!” he said choking holding her hand. “I love you swara!” she closed her eyes hearing his words that was giving her immense happiness. “I will not go only if you will be freed from your guilt!” he frowned listening this while she wiped her tears and walked out of the room, she stopped at the entrance and looked back at him disappointed, why was he not stopping her? She felt tears blurring her vision but she immediately wiped them and said, “sanskar!” he looked at her. “I am going.. NOW!” she said and ran from there shutting the door behind her..
Sanskar looked down sobbing more, his love screaming to stop her while his guilt screamed that he don’t deserve her…
But maybe he can just stop her, maybe within his one move, everything can be fine!…

“swara!” she turned and saw her ragini didi calling her. Ragini was confused to see her shona walking out of the house. She went near her and asked confused, “shona? Where are you going?” ragini gets worried seeing her tears and wiped them. She looked at swara, who was wearing a beautiful saree with her wet hair. She was not even ready to go anywhere! “I am not going anywhere didi! I will come back very soon!” swara said looking at sanskar’s room, the doors of his room was still closed making her cry more. “didi, please! I will come!” ragini nodded to her and hugged her. “take care!” she whispered and went away while swara once again looked at sanskar’s room. It was still closed. “don’t let me go!” she whispered crying and then walked out still fearing that sanskar might not stop her…
She had just screwed up the situation! She lost her hope when she stood near the gate of the sighaniya mansion. She cried holding the gate tightly. “SWARA!” she turned startled and was shocked seeing sanskar. she smiled happily, at least now everything will be fine! Sanskar ran to her and caught her arms, “please don’t leave!” sanskar said crying and immediately took her in his embrace. Her smile grew wide as she hugged him back more tight dugging her face in his chest crying with happy tears finally getting the true happiness of her life. Her so much longed dream! She felt sanskar hugging her more tight sobbing silently, she said laughing, “I will not go sanskar!” but still his hold was tight. He kissed her wet hair. She smiled feeling the soft, tender and heavenly touch. He kissed her like this even in the hospital! He placed his chin on the top of her head and closed his eyes feeling happiness consuming him…
The complete joy he enjoyed with his best friend and then awkwardness to know that her best friend loves him! and then after crossing all his pain and guilt, he finally got his love! Love has healed all his guilty wounds giving him the immense happiness..
Swara gets overwhelmed with the happiness as she cried in his embrace..
The journey of their tough decisions and painful emotions was finally completed with the magic of love leading them to a castle that was filled with happiness…

Precap: ~Dreams~
A/N- i am very very happy to be back! i missed you all so so so sooo much!!
finally! no more emotional chappies! there is a one more emotional scene for this story! only one, other than that i can promise you happy chapters after this!!
hope you all liked this chapter!
Thank you all. Thanks to all the silent readers too.
Love you all…

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