Nothing is immortal except my love for you…. Chapter 1

**Chapter 1**

It was too Crowd and noisy, and when he finally stepped out of the large and busy airport completing all the formalities, he took a deep breathe…KOLKATA… It’s always so peaceful when you return to your hometown after spending your whole one year in a foreign country without your family, he had gone for an important contract but now, it feels too good to be back. His thoughts disturbed when he heard a scream, “SANSKAR!” he looked back startled and his happiness overflowed seeing his lovable mom and dad. He went near them and took their blessings, while they had happy tears in their eyes for seeing him back after a very long time. “how are you son?” sujata asked her son emotionally, sanskar just smiled and wiped her tears, “sorry son, we couldn’t come on time to receive you! Actually the car got punctured and……” “dad!

That’s fine!” sanskar said interupping his father ram Prasad who was giving an explanation to him. “how are you both?” sanskar asked his parents. “very happy after seeing you!” sujata said and hugged him. Sanskar hugged her back while ram caressed his hairs and they shared a family time. “how is shomi aunty?” sanskar asked, “she is fine, you yourself come and see na. she is very excited to see you, she is preparing many sweets for you in home, you know! Even swara took leave for college today hearing the news that you are coming back today!” sujata explained as they made their way to the car. Sanskar just shook his head in disbelief, “no mom! Swara is lieing, she is not taking leave for me! She always find reasons to bunk her classes!” “chup! Don’t you dare talk about my daughter”, sujata said and seeing ram too supporting her, sanskar just frowned. Everyone was at this devil’s side but he was sure that his dear shomi aunty will always support him…..
Sanskar made himself fall on the soft and fluffy sofa as soon as he entered the home…his sweet home. “I will call shomi, she will very happy”. “mom!” sanskar stopped his mother who was almost running towards the entrance. Sujata stopped and looked back at him, while sanskar just smiled, “I myself will go and meet her!” sujata smiled while he whispered, “and also the sweet devil, it will be fun to tease her”…..
“shomi aunty!” sanskar shouted at the entrance of the bose mansion, shomi popped out of the kitchen and smiled happily at him, she went near him and he took her blessings, “always be happy!” she blessed him and he hugged her. And he looked back at her, he was surprised seeing swara looking at him with tears with her beautiful smile and also her cheeks was adored with a little bit of flour which actually looked so cute on her. “hey devil!” sanskar said and he noticed her smile getting wider. She hates if he calls her like that. But now she was smiling? Not shouting for calling her like that? “I am out from your fight”. Sharmishta says teasingly and giggled knowing her daughter would burst out now because he called her ‘devil’ and went from there to kitchen. Swara went near him slowly as tears flowed from her eyes and when she finally went near him, she said as her voice choked, “I missed you!” sanskar looked at her shocked. She was crying, while a smile was also playing on her lips for seeing him. “hey! You are really crying”. Saying this he took his kerchief and gave it to her. She took it and wiped her tears. “I thought you will be happy that I left, stop doing your drama you drama queen”. “sanskar I really missed you”. “but I did not!” swara gets sad hearing this, she goes and sits on the sofa with a pout. Sanskar chuckled seeing her, he went and knelt down near her.
Sanskar: swara! I lied, I really missed you. Forgive your friend
He said holding his ears, swara smiled and took his hands from ears and lightly hugged him by sideways
Sanskar: what is on your cheeks?
Swara rubbed her right cheek, sanskar just giggled, it was actually on her left cheek. He rubbed her left cheek,
Sanskar: what is this?

He said as he showed her the flour he rubbed away from her cheeks. Swara saw it and was astonished but then said excitedly
Swara: I was actually preparing rotis for you
Sanskar became shocked hearing this
Sanskar: what?
Swara: yes. Actually today only I am preparing it for the first time. Wait! I didn’t prepare fully, I will go and finish it
She started going but stopped hearing sanskar’s voice
Sanskar: oh no! I am gone today. God! Save me from her food.
She sat with him on the floor and pouted. Sanskar just smiled
Sanskar: accha! Leave that now! Where is ragini and uttara?

Swara: ragini di went to college and chote went to school.
Sanskar: see how responsible they are both. But you bunked the college taking my name
Swara(sadly): no sanskar! I took leave because I wanted to see you. You know I didn’t bunk my classes for the past one year. I regularly went to all of them because you said me to go!
Sanskar: stop lieing swara!

Swara: no sanskar! I am bunking my class today after a whole one year, because before leaving from here you told me not to bunk na? I really listened to your words.
Sanskar: swara!
Swara: sanskar believe me! And talking about responsibilities. Ragini di is a professor, so she she have to go and chote have her exams today. But today is a practical class for me, it’s not so important that’s why I took leave.
Swara cried as sanskar didn’t believe her. Sharmishta came there and on seeing her, swara wiped her tears and turned her face.
Sharmishta(teasingly): arey waa! I thought you both will be fighting and I was expecting to see a crying swara, but I am glad that you both are not fighting. And swara? Is this the way you prepare roti? You left it half and came, go and prepare it fully.
Swara started going from there, sanskar smiled wickedly, he just loves teasing her. Even after a numerous pranks played by him like this she will cry if he scold her. She still believes that he will really scold her, he shook his head in disbelief. Sharmishta called him,
Shomi(excitedly): sanskar beta! Come and taste this.

Sanskar: coming aunty
He went near her and she made him sit on the dining table and served him a dish which she had newly tried today. Swara went in the kitchen and whispered sadly, “he never understands my LOVE for him”. She sighed and wiped her tears and started making the roti specially for her love……
“hi sanskar bhaiya!” uttara said excitedly. Ragini too entered with her and was happy seeing sanskar. uttara gave him a hug while ragini just smiled. “hi sanskar!” “hi!” sanskar said. Ragini has always been so formal with him. She was not so close with him like swara and uttara. “didi!” swara ran and hugged ragini. “didi! You know, I prepared rotis”. “really?” ragini asked and swara nodded. Swara dragged her to the dining table and made her sit. Uttara left from there for freshing up.
Sharmishta: shona! Let her get fresh!
Ragini: maa! Let it be!

Sanskar: this devil will never let anyone be at peace.
Ragini: sanskar! maa! No one should scold my sister.
She said as she hugged her sister. Swara brought the rotis she made, sanskar also sat. she served both of them, sanskar spit it the very next moment he had, while ragini had it without saying anything.
Sanskar: yuck!
Swara becomes sad, ragini noticed her getting sad

Ragini: sanskar! she is making it for the first time, its not bad for the first time. Swara! You don’t take him seriously. Its really very good.
Sanskar: I hate them! Maa! You serve me the food you made.
Ragini: swara you serve it to me
Swara served her sadly as sanskar didn’t like it.
Ragini looked up from her book as she heard the knock and was surprised seeing swara.
Ragini(surprisingly): swara! Why are you knocking dear? Come in
Swara went inside and sat on the bed silently. Ragini sighed knowing what must be the reason, she went and closed the door and locked it. She went near her sister and sat on the bed. Swara lied on her lap
Swara(guilty): I am sorry didi!
Ragini(shocked): shona?
Swara: I had the roti, it was really bad. How did you had it?
She got up from her lap with tears, ragini just smiled and wiped her tears.
Ragini: you made it for the first time, and you know I really found it very tasty. If the person we love makes something for us, we will definitely like it
Swara(on the verge of crying): that means sanskar doesn’t love me because he didn’t like the food.

Swara went near the window and leaned on it as tears flowed from her eyes, sanskar was her neighbor and both the maheshwari and bose family were friends but swara had always loved him, and when he went to abroad before one year, she lost all her fun. She became so gloomy. She was so happy today when sanskar called her ‘devil’ today. It is true that she hates it when he calls her like that, but she loves it too. After a whole one year, when she heard his voice, when he called her, tears failed to stop. She missed him….she missed him like hell. Ragini sighed and went near her, she kept her hands on her shoulder and swara immediately hugged her
Swara(breaking down): why didi? Why is always scolding me? I changed na? I became very quiet, before leaving from here he gave me a long advise, I am following all that na? still he is scolding me
Ragini: shona?

Ragini gets shocked seeing her miserably breaking down. She broke the hug and wipes her tears.
Ragini: when did he scold you?
Swara: today he scolded me for taking leave
Ragini: did you tell him that you didn’t bunk classes for the past one year?
Swara nodded.
Ragini: may be he is playing prank, he always does that na?
Swara(sadly): maybe!
ragini sighed. She took her near the bed and made her lie and caressed her hair
Swara: why is he not loving me?
Ragini(smiled): we can’t force someone for such feelings shona! He will understand it someday!
Swara(angrily): and that day I will punish him.

Ragini giggled and then suddenly turned serious
Ragini(worried): you really don’t care about your age difference with him. I mean he is six years elder than you!
Swara(assuring): I really love him. I don’t care about those things.
Swara sleeps after sometime. Ragini just smiled, she always thought that her sister just had an affection. Because she was just 19! And was really small but the way she changed in this one year just because sanskar hated the fact that she talks more, the way she cried everyday missing him and now….ragini saw her sister who was sleeping peacefully with a smile because sanskar has returned. She smiled seeing her sleeping peacefully.
Sanskar came inside his home whistling. Sujata saw him and smiled while he came near and hugged her.
Sanskar: I feel so happy to be back
Sujata too became emotional, but then asked angrily.
Sujata(threatening): I hope you didn’t trouble my daughter.
Sanskar(slapping his forehead): oops! Mom! I forgot to say her that I actually played a prank, she might be still sad.
He started going but sujata holded his hand.
Sujata: go tomorrow sanskar! it’s too late!
Sanskar(worried): but mom I scolded her very much, I should say that I played a prank on her.
Sujata: for what you scolded her? Why are you always playing pranks on her?
Sanskar: mom! Its really fun! And this time she deserved my scolding, she lied that she never bunked her class in the past one year. Haha….does she think I will believe her? I know she never goes to her class properly.
Sujata: no sanskar! she really went daily and not only that she stopped talking more, whatever you said her to follow na, she is doing all that. And I am very angry with you sanskar! did you tell her that she should not come to our home? In this one year, she never came here! I told her many times to come but she never came!
Sanskar gets shocked hearing all this…..

Precap: ~A peaceful and a blissful journey~
A/N – hey guys!!!!! its me Raina. i am very happy to be back again with a story. it would be starting as a simple love story but i hope you would find it interesting later! hope you liked this chapter.
Thank you all…..
Love you all….

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