Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 51)


So much irriked……… I write whole chapter and at the time I press ctrl+s to save it….MSWORD stop responding……..

Arjun-radhika and neil-sam…their tickets were already booked so they got their seats in a sequence, while rohit and preeti got their seats quite away from each other…preeti is sitted next to an old man….rohit requested him to change the seat and after a little drama old uncle agreed…now preeti seated to the right of rohit…
He feel so nervous to start the conversation…..after struggling with his mind for at least 5 minutes when he decided to start a talk, he look towards preeti and find her already slept….all his dreams and thought vanished and near about 3 hours later, when preeti wake up she find him in deep sleep…..ahhh…so no single conversation at their…..other two couple laugh on the helplessness of rohit…!!!

After deboarding their flight they come out of airport and booked a cab….neil, sam, radhika and arjun settled themselves in the seats while rohit keep rubbing the back of his neck and blushing, preet also standing behind him..when they doesn’t not move from their place radhika speak “bhai..what are you waiting for…come na”

Rohit “wo actually..”
Arjun interrupted “radhika when will you grow up and stop these stupid talks…”
Radhika mouth opened…”whay are you talking like this?”
Arjun “button they need some time and space to understand each other”
After listening his words both rohit and preeti blushed pink, arjun wink towards rohit and speak again “rohit I have already booked your seprate cab, it will be here any moment…take care and see you soon”

Rohit come forwards and hug radhika and sam…
Arjun shut the door and asked driver to start the engine… radhik ashow anger to arjun and without speaking anything arjun open his arms wide for her to hug him…she also turning a child and give him a bear hug….
Neil “drama queen….”
Radhika punch him on shoulder and they all laugh..

On the other side, rohit opened the door of cab for preeti…she denied first but when rohit insist much then without second choice she accept to go with him…
After some minutes of silence…rohit try to start a talk
Rohit “so….with whom do u live here?”
Preeti with a sad smile “am leaving alone…actually mom dad passed away when I am 15 year old in a car accident… uncle asked me several times to shift with them in paris but I dnt want to leave my parents house”
Rohit “oh…sorry for that”
Preeti “no….m ok with that now”

Rohit “and where are you working these days?”
Preeti while laughing “m jobless…..”
Rohit “what??? I mean, how do you manage?”
Preeti “hey..dnt worry, I have no financial crisis…my parents left a lot of property behind…I have everything except someone I love…someone whom I love” her eyes become wet with the last words bu she quickly control her emotions.. “Moreover, I was a single child, so have no siblings also…..your bond with your sister…m feeling jealous with that now” she laugh at this now
Rohit feels pain in her eyes… “dnt worry…after our marriage….she will fulfill all your wishes of having sibling, making you insane with her continuous blabbering”
Preeti’s mouth hung open…it will touch the car base anytime……what…marriage?”
Rohit “o madam…..u cnt even imagine how much I waited for you”
Preeti have lost her words and turning to be more and more pink with nervousness and blush obviously…

Rohit “ok…when will we meet again now?”
Preeti after thinking a while “mmm…lets not decide it….if we have each other in our life and if I am your destiny…then we will definitely meet soon…”
Rohit “look sweetie……I already lost my patience while searching for you for 2 long years…now no more destiny game please”
Preeti blushes even more with the word sweetie…and keep gazing him without blinking of her eyes..
Rohit comes close to her ear “if you keep staring me like this…it will become impossible for me to leave you at your home”
She blinks her eyes numerous time in the fraction of minutes to absorb his proximity…..but doesn’t speak anything
Rohit to himself..what the hell are you doing..control…control “ok…..listen…as you say I will wait…but if I cnt then u have to come to meet me…please”
She smiles and nodded positively…

By the time they reached outside preeti’s home…it’s not like a big mansion but not so small also….a beige three floor building surrounded by garden covering multiple color of flowers and big old trees on the boundaries of the house….a very decent look….
Preeti “dnt u cm inside?”
Rohit with a side smile “some other time…..u need some rest now” to her shock, he holds both her little hands in his strong and big ones and kiss on their back….. she quickly ran to her home to avoid any more unexpected gesture….he smile on her nervousness and finally take his seat inside the cab to leave for his own home now…..

Radhika entered her house and hug anu who is sitting in the living room… Prerna also comes there after listening girls excited voice…Arjun comes inside holding their luggage like a torched husband….but after getting the view of her button’s face, which is covered with a very happy and genuine smile all his tiredness lost….. Prerna also feel overwhelmed getting the chirpiness of her daughter back…..!!!

Rohit reached his home all happy and smiling when his mother notice that and started questioning….
Janvi “why did u suddenly left for paris? You have an important meeting here na?”
Rohit with a broad smile “yes mom…I am sorry for that”
Janvi little shocked “its ok beta…but will u please tell me the reason of this special smile?”
Rohit “nothing special mom… just… happy to see Radhika back in her real world…”
Janvi teasingly “m your mother…I knew what effect you so much…you love ur sister but this smile tell me something else”

Rohit thinking that might be radhika already told about preeti to janvi “did she called you?”
Janvi “no….”
Rohit relieved “ohkkk…mom…m bit tired..want to rest”
Janvi cupped his face “okk….but tell me the real reason when you feel I should know that”
Rohit blushed and move towards his room after giving a hug to his mom”

Neil and Sam reached their flat…
Sam sits on the couch…
Neil “it’s been an amazing week….”
Sam lazily “really……I enjoyed a lot..and at the gives a new start to rohit’s love story”
Neil “u okk…”
Sam “yea….need a hot water bath”
Neil…teasingly “may I join you?”
Sam “shut up…….”
Both of them laughed at this …….!!

Guys….i will be back soon…..may be on Monday!! Gv me your reviews……plzz

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  1. Jessie

    Loved it…!!! Rohit shocks preeti…lol.
    .marriage.. sweetie..destiny..hope he surprises.her more.. sleepy flight 4 and happy Radz back.?

  2. Finally you are back with your it dear….

  3. hey
    i have read your all previous updates
    its nice
    i don’t know why i think u r story started with ardhika and their ups and downs now your update mainly contains or write like one shots about other pairs. there is no correct continueation of their journey
    as a obedient silent reader i m requesting you to update concentrating on pace of the story because i love ardhika’s roller coaster with cheesy romantic way journey

    please update regularaly


  4. Myra

    Loved it

  5. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  6. Sammy

    haha ..all cute romance ..rohit arjun and neil all boys are shameless..

  7. Amazing..

  8. Rossy

    Tigress ur Ms word not supported u!! I mean…btw happy to see u back..hi 5

  9. Kavina

    Loved it

  10. Gauri

    Awesome Ritu 🙂 loved it and happy you wrote it….. tc and keep smiling

  11. Finally rohit-preeti love story is on track, so happy to know that. Loved this episode especially rohit and preeti part, their nervousness is so cute. Stay blessed ???

  12. Too good

  13. Superb 🙂

  14. Dipika

    Di this so lovey dovey episode.. I just love the way u express rohit n priti’s nervousness n nasha of pyar thy r so cute..pls don’t take much time foe m hardly can wait foe you.. Muhha

  15. Nice one. ..Dear. .

  16. Jnana


  17. _Ritu

    Awesome dear…finally u updated…loved it..plz update RaNeil ffs as well..eagerly waiting for dat…

    1. RituM

      hey…i updated thst one also!!

  18. Awesome, wowwww ritu….after very looooooong time….my buddy sissyyyy. …I’m so sorry for late comment. …the episode was awesoooooome. …loved ardhika n nesam. …Rohit n preeti were veryyyyyyy cuteeeee. …loved it to the coreeeee. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

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