Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 5)


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Without any other option Radhika sits between Arjun and Any;
Radhika: any tell me na how is your college going on?
Anu: it is all good Radhika but please dear dnt ask anything about it…its vacation time yaàr…
Radhika(smile): o yes…OK then tell me how long do you have your vacations?
Anu: I planned for one and half month, actually I hv to do lot of things and very first among them is lot of shopping..but as you knew mom is always busy with dad in hospital’ work and their patients and bhai doesn’t show any interest to accompany me so I dnt know what to do.
Radhika: same problem here yaàr, but Anu I think both of us have the solution of each other’s problem
Anu: how???
Radhika: arrreeeyyyyy…..yaaar both of us can go together for shopping na
Anu: l myself want to ask you for that and now it is final that after this trip both of us will roam in Delhi market…

Arjun getting bored now so he stared towards Anu and think oh god…these girls…CNT they stop even for a single minute…. And Anu u just se……CNT u understand that l am trying badly to talk with radhika and you………
Anu understands his brother’s expression and tell radhika : I want to sleep for some time yaàr…hope u dnt mind
Radhika: no Anu please talk with me otherwise I will get bored yaàr, I am not feeling sleepy at all.
Anu: very sorry dear but u can chat with bhai as much as you want, I don’t think that he also wants to sleep.
Radhika think o God…..but what to talk with this khadoos….
Arjun: ya Anu u can sleep, I will accompany radhika
Arjun turns his gaze towards radhika: yes madam…what you want to talk? I am here for you
Radhika super shocked think what does he mean to say he is here for me….” Nothing arjun….it was just a girly chat
Arjun feel rejected…it is not fair yaàr she is so eager to talk with Anu but now….”OK as you wish sweety” he replied
Radhika again shocked…..sweety????? Who is sweety here…radhika just close your eyes and sleep before he drowned you in lake of sweetness.” Arjun I think I should also sleep otherwise their will be dark circles under my eyes ” without waiting for his reply she quickly shut her eyes.
Arjun just love her like this also,such a cute darling she is…he thought. During all the way he keep staring his love,. Radhika put her head on his shoulder during sleep….arjun blushed with her touch, she is so soft he think.

Finally their flight is about to land, both girls wake up in with the announcement when radhika find herself so close to arjun she feels uncomfortable but their is some unknown happiness in this. She watched arjun….he is here…so close to her……arjun intentionally shut his eyes to know Radhika’s reaction and put his head in her head…. He feels very happy that radhika doesn’t react that much badly.

So after coming out of airport they hire a cab and move towards their pre booked hotel. Rohit booked two rooms one for boys and other one for girls, on 10th floor
Rohit: OK guys let’s get freshen up and will meet here after half an hour then we can go for dinner at ground floor. All other agree with it.

Credit to: Maandey

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  10. Wowwww maandey it’s superbbbbb episode. …I’m totally addicted to it. …so lovelyyyyyy narration n awesoooooome plots. ..arjun calling rads sweetyyyyy???…lol…I think neil’s soul came inside arjun…he’s openly flirting with rads….I’m loving it sooo muchhhhhh

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