Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 48)


They come back to their room and take rest for some time…..radhika move towards washroom to freshn up and meanwhile arjun call neil to come outside… on the other side sam is also taking a quick nap so it is not so tough for guys to come out without giving explanations to their wives…..

They reached to the restaurant area and order two cups of coffee…
Arjun “that girl is preeti…rohit meet her during one of our business meeting, she works for one of our competitors, you may call it a love of first sight. We cracked that deal and started completing the formalities, but It took more than required time and after that when we check out that girl she already left that hotel. Rohit tried his best to search her, even we call to the company where she works, but they told us that she it was her last project and she already quitted her job.
Neil “does that girl know that rohit likes her?”
Arjun “I think so, today when I saw her at the shopping center, I feel so shocked, but good also and when I introduce myself she behave weirdly and ask me not to follow her”
Neil “strange, why was she angry on u?”
Arjun “dnt knw, but I called rohit, he will be here tomorrow”
Neil “and from where did u get her address?”
Arjun with a side smile “she make her payment by card, moreover card of an Indian bank, so it is not that tough for us to find her address”
Neil also smile “arjun……very smart….!! Ok does radhika knew this?”
Arjun “no, button doesn’t knew it……rohit asked me not to tell her “
Neil “but she will kill you for this”
Arjun “she already killed me….” and wink towards neil “by the way neil, why were guys so late in the morning?”
Neil smile shyly…”wo…..mmmm….my phone is on silent..and we sleep very late”
Arjun laugh loud on neil’s shy behavior as he turn pink…..

Neil “ok…now lets go back…other wise our jagga jaasuus wife jump here anytime”
Arjun entered his room and found it empty, he called radhika several times but when he doesn’t get any response he move towards neil’s room….he knock the door and from other side neil shouted “come arjun door is open”
Arjun entered and find both sam and radhika laying on the bed hugging each other in thick and soft blanket. And neil, is sitting on the couch
Arjun “button….lets go to our room….”
Radhika “no, I want to spend some time with my jaan….sam”
Arjun and neil both drop their jaw….”what??”
Sam “why……you both went out quietly without telling us to spend some time together….now its our turn”
Neil “sam…!!”
Radhika “its decided…..”
Arjun come forward…took radhika in his strong arms and finally hang her on his shoulder…..radhika punches him hard on his back…but no response. Sam follow to help radhika, but neil cought her from back and lightly throw her on the bed and come on top of her “where are u going my google?”
Sam….”idiot….!!!” before she speaks further neil kiss on her lips lightly.

Arjun takes radhika to the balcony of his room…..they stay there some more time and after that sleep peacefully……

Next morning they decide to visit the great famous Eifer tower, One of the world’s most photographed tourist attractions, it presents an excellent photography opportunity for both day and night times. Radhika and sam started making weird faces and click as much as they can, they have their lunch at one of the finest restaurants situated within the tower.

After filling their quota they decided to visit Sacre-Coeur. Which Situated at the city’s highest point on Montmartre hill, this stunning basilica draws many tourists every year to see its marble architecture and gorgeous interior. It s fascinating with views of gold mosaics, stained-glass windows and one of the world’s largest clocks.sam place both of her hands on her heart side and melodramatically speaks “ohh….my idiot…I just want to stay here for ever….please…lets settle her”
Neil with a fake angry face “done with your drama….lets go now”
Sam fumes in anger…as radhika and arjun are laughing on their stupid antics, she turn and quickly move towards the parking nd grab a taxi…..but before the driver ignite the engine neil reached their…..
Neil “oye…m just joking yaar”
Sam to taxi driver “lets go”
Driver start the cab…neil open the door and pull sam ….finally take her in his arms and kiss lightly “my baby got angry”
Sam could not control anymore and burst out in laughter……”what do u think only you knew these acting skills of fake anger…”
They join arjun and radhika, who after witnessing all drama of their friends were reached to a ice creame stall…..neil and sam also join them with their favourite ones.

Now it’s the time for Place de la Concorde, the largest square in Paris with fantastic vistas in every direction…four of them enjoy a lot…..behaving like kids……some other outsider is going to sit on a chair and arjun move back the chair and the poor visitor fall down, he noticed that arjun did this and run behind him to catch…on the other side neil scared a women wearing a ghost cover on his face…..she fell down and her husband started running behind neil…..both girls are on the ground while holding their tummies……
Someone starts to sing a song…….
Matargashti khuli sadak mein

girls turn around to see rohit is standing their…..they ran and hug him….

Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
Ole gire sulagte se
Sulagte se sadak mein
Chhatri na thi bagal mein
Aaya hi naa akal mein
Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum
Akad mein toh socha phir

Geela hua hai wo sukhana ho
Chahe zanana ya mardana ho
Phainka naya paasa
Phir de gayi jhansa
Aive mujhe phaansa
Chirkut zindagi yun na

after a while arjun and neil also joined them……..

Tu hi hai wo
Jisne khenchi meri dhoti dhoti khenchi
Abb tu dhoonde kaha bande
Na main Kaaba, Kaashi
Main twitter pe hoon
DP meri dekho ho o..

All five dances while holding hands of each other….wearing monkey caps…..
People all around gather and start cheering them up…
Sunn re sun beliya
Dil ne dhokha diya
Aankhein mili tum se naazani
Mere hosh o hawaas ko gaye
Ho dil ka bhanwar boley sun sathiya
Chhup na dupatte mein tu oh chaliya
Prem pujari ke dil ka bayaan
Hota raha rota raha priye
Toh phir..
Tang tang tang ta..
Ding da ding ding da..
Song ended with a group hug and loud applause from audience

While hiring a taxi…radhika again hug rohit “bhai…what a surprise…”
Rohit feel so good getting his happy sister back….a chirpy beauty….making a pouted face he said “dnt worry…I will not disturb you”
Radhika “awww….dramebaaz”
And all five laugh loudly….
After coming back to hotel neil asked girls to move towards their room and they will join them after arranging a room for rohit
Rohit cnt wait anymore “arjun…where did u see her yaar?”
Arjun “hold on…I got all her address….she is here only for a few days…may be on a vacation”
Rohit “ok….do you know where she stay?”
Neil while teasing rohit “have some patience buddy”
Rohit with same manner “ohhhooo….u people got ur love na…thts y….me poor soul searching her from past 2 years…..and finally….”
Arjun handover him his room keys and a paper on which address of her hotel is mentioned.
Rohit’s eyes are shinning now…with hope of his love”

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  1. Sammy

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  6. Awesome episode, waiting for the next episode. 🙂

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      thx suga……lol…m happy tht u enjoy it!!

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