Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 4)


feeling nervous with your so much appreciation….hope to entertain you…thx

Morning…..8 o clock
“Radhika…..radhika……get up yaar…….” Rohit shouted.
Radhika: “you…..when do you come? And by the way…why did you not come yesterday…I am not going to talk with you and its final”
Rohit: “I am busy radhika…really…I was stucked somewhere, I also wanted to come but…sorry baby”
Radhika” no way”

Rohit: “ is that so….ok I am also not interested in talking with you, am going bye”
Radhika with a sad face : “ that’s not fair bhai…..tears roll down from her cheeks”
Rohit: “hey why are you crying my baby….i am just kidding”
Actually, arjun want to go to get radhika from here hostel so he asked rohit about that and as rohit know about his feeling he allowed arjun for that
Background: Arjun is in love when Radhika is 15 Year old, he always stare her with love and obviously his friend Rohit noticed it…one day he asked arjun about it…so arjun told him that he loves his siter and at first rohit got very angry, but after noticing arjun’s love he finally agreed with him with a condition that Arjun is not going to tell about it to Radhika until she completed her college and also becomes enough mature to take her decision….Arjun had to agreed for that.
Anu is Arjun’s secret sharing sister, he is very much comfortable while sharing his feelings towards radhika with her….and Anu is also very supporting sister…..loves her brother very much …..
Now only one more year and Arjun get the permission of proposing Radhika…but it becomes very hard for him to control himself now…

Radhika: “ it’s ok now but…last time, and why did you send your bestie for taking me?”
Rohit: “do you have any problem with him?”
Radhika: “no…..he is nice but…..i dnt knw”
Rohit laugh….” Ok now get up…we are going to Kerala in evening….pack your bag”
Radhika: “oh…he told you already that I am coming with you….very fast”
Rohit: “you want to come or not?”
Radhika: “definitely bhai……..i will be ready at 5pm’
Rohit: “good”
After coming out of radhika’s room Rohit call Arjun…..

Arjun: “hello”
Rohit: “listen I told Radhika that we will going to leave for kerela in evening at 5, now you also tell anu about this, both of you dnt be late please”
Arjun: “ sure yaar…ok now bie…c u in the evening”
Arjun thought that how could he late for today evening…he got a chance for the first time to go anywhere with Radhika on vacation. Ok now let me tell anu about the timmings
Arjun: “anu….anu…where are you yaar?”
Anu: “coming…coming bro…what happened? Why are you shouting?”
Arjun :”we are going to Kerala, so just pack your back we are leaving at 5”
Anu: “wait wait wait…who are going? I mean you didn’t tell me before about this and now I have my other plans so I can’t go…m sorry bro”
Arjun: “No way anu..u are going with us….me, Rohit, Radhika and you are going to Kerala for one week long vacation, Radhika only agreed because of you…so don’t u even think to say no, I am sorry that I forget to inform you…but please(with a sad face)”
Anu(laughed loudly): “say sorry and please for one more time”
Arjun: “listen to me Anu if you are not coming with us then I will not give you your gift that I bought for you” now it’s his turn to laugh loudly.
Anu: “really? Please bhai give that to me please…you know na that I love you so much….please dnt do this…I will cancel all my programs and come with you…I am just joking, Rohit already told me about this trip”
Arjun raised his one eyebrow: “that means you are doing drama… front of me??? Now you just forget about your gift”
Anu sit on a side table with a sad face and Arjun goes towards his room, after 2 minutes he come back with a gift wrapped box in his hand and handover it to anu….anu excitedly open it and shout “thank you so much bhai for this phone…I actually need it…I love you bhai…” and hug her brother.
Rohit and Radhika reached outside arjun”s home and Start shouting their names.
Both Anu and Arjun come out and join them…

Radhika excitedly come out of car and hug Anu tightly; “hey sweetheart…how are you….we meet after a long time…I miss you so much”
Anu(with the same excitement) “same here darling and now let’s go….will start our chitchat on the way….”
Arjun feel mesmerized after watching his lady love in a baby pink floral print frock….he don’t even blink for few minutes then Anu noticed him and kick him…”what are you doing? Do you want to flop your plan before even its beginning…..she will kill you if she notice you like this…please control your emotions bhai” and tease him.
Arjun( take a deep breath): “ you cnt even imagine Anu…how much I waited for moment when she give same expressions to me like she give you right now…..i love her more than my own life…this lady is definitely going to kill me with her innocence and beauty”
Anu: “ok now dnt be senty…lets go”

All three of them sit in the car.
Sitting arrangements:
Rohit drive the car, Arjun sits beside him and both the girls sit on back seat.
Radhika: “rohit what is the time of our flight?”
At here Arjun just can’t stop himself and replied” we have to reach airport before 7”
Radhika thought why he is replying to my question…I just never ever understand this guy…..and also who cares, just one week…I don’t have any need to understand him.
On a silence mode they reached airport….

In the flight sitting arrangements are like this… 3:1
Rohit: “both of you girls talk so much…I am not going to sit beside you so I selected that single seat…”and wink towards Arjun
Arjun understand that Rohit give him a chance to sit with his sister…he thank him with blinking of eye
Anu: “ guys I want window side seat…please no discussion about it….Arjun want to hug her sister at the same time because if she sits on the window side that means Radhika have to sit between both of them and Arjun can do anything to sit next her lady.

RAdhika speak with herself…oh god…please not again…why are you doing this to me….how can I sit with this khadoos…….she is just about to cry but somehow handle herself….

Credit to: Maandey

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