Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 3)


So let’s go with the next part…..
“Mom……mom….where are you?” she shouted loudly…..ran fast into her house….
“Here I am doll” mom replied, with a wide smile on their faces both hug each other……
Mom: “how is the journey my bachha?”
Radhika stares towards arjun who is also watching her from the corner of his eye “its not so bad mom….and please I will answer all of your questions but only after eating something, I am very much hungry”

Mom: “ya sure beta….even its 9:30 pm and time for dinner also…you go and freshen up…will see you on dining table after 5 minutes….and Arjun why are you standing there..come and join us for the dinner, you must be feeling tired after driving almost 9 Hours”
Arjun already waiting for their invitation and accept it quickly because he get a chance to stare his radhika for more time……”sure aunty”
Radhika after watching towards Arjun with her weird expressions: “ok mom”
While going towards her room radhika thought what the hell is happened to mom, what is the need to invite him for dinner and where is Rohit…I am definitely going to fight with him for not coming to college and instead send his too much khadoos friend…!!!
5 minutes later, after freshening up but without changing her clothes Radhika came down, all three of them comes to dining table and mom starts serving both of them their dinner…..radhika already feels so much hungry she eat with so much speed and our Arjun only keep staring towards her…..

Mom: radhika what is this please beta eat properly…do you forget your manners how to eat?”
Radhika while staring towards Arjun angrily: mom people are so much insensitive now a days, nobody cares about others, sometimes ago I asked some one that I am hungry but instead of getting something for me that person started giving me lectures.
Her mom instantly understands that she is pointing towards Arjun…she just smile on little bit and went towards kitchen
Arjun :”So I am that much insensitive, and even given you lectures? OH MY GOD…How dare I can?” and laugh on her
Radhika’s anger reached at high level….she stood up from her chair and start leaving that place
Arjun feels very sad…..want to say something to stop her but words doesn’t come out from his mouth….
Finally he also got up from his chair, take her favorite ice cream which her mom kept at there for both of them and go towards her room…
Arjun is Rohit’s best friend so he knew all the direction and rooms of house…as he comes here to meet him almost daily.
Arjun comes outside her room and even before knocking the door he noticed that Radhika don’t shut it properly. He push it little and door open …Radhika sits on her bed after changing into a loose night knee length dress with loose hair and her back is towards the door, she does not notice that arjun is in her room at the moment. On the other side…Arjun feel it amazing….near about for 2 minutes he stands their like that….watching her……feeling her…..and then he sudden realize that ice cream starts melting… “ohhh…” come out from his mouth and radhika stand straight listening his voice….she turns towards him and asked “ Hey…what are you doing in my room?”
Arjun “ First of all sorry, and I bring ice cream for you…please have it”
Radhika : “sorry??? For what?”

Arjun: “you left your food because of me and also on the way to home I cnt bring something for you to eat…..actually when I got a food court you fell asleep…so…sorry again”
Radhika raised one of her eyebrow…..” is that so?”
Arjun :” Please eat your ice creame otherwise it melts toltaly. Then you can investigate me”
Radhika does never ever expected in her dreams even that Arjun and she talk like this someday……so she take her ice cream and starts eating it….
After 5 minutes of silence, Arjun: “What are you going to do in these two months?”
Radhika: “ I don’t think anything but I just realy want to enjoy them without any problem…….
Arjun: “ Me and Rohit are planning to go kerelaon one week long trip, you want to come with us?”
Radhika thought what is going on here……o god please help otherwise I will definitely die with this much sweet talk of this Arjun Mehra……” can’t say, and what I will do their alone, I mean both of you will become busy with youself, I don’t think it is good option”
Arjun nodded in yes and after thinking a while “ we can take Anushri (arjun”s sister) with us.”
Radhika with a big smile : seriously, where is she.. I mean to say when does she come back from college?

Arjun: “yesterday night, u can decide and then I will ask her to come with us, I am sure she will not reject as she also wants to meet you.”
Radhika: “ no need to think anymore, I decided that I am going with you for sure, I want to meet her….”
Arjun……feels just like a bulb of thousand watt switched on in him after a very long Darkness..” ok then it is decided”
Yes yes yes” Radhika said
Arjun: “ ok I think I should leave now….sleep well good night”
And he come back from their after wishing good night to mom also, he come out of the house sits in his car, a single and small drop of water come in the corner of his eyes….he is so happy…he will be going to spend a long week with his life… one know this….except two people….Rohit and Anu.

Credit to: Maandey

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