Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 2)


Hello everyone…..i am not so good in writing anything but cant control it anymore and give a try to myself…….hope u ppl enjoy it……fingers crossed…waiting for your views!!!

Waiting eagerly for her brother to come and pick up her from hostel, she will definitely going to enjoy these 2 month long vacations with full of adventure…….Ahhh….she is like this only….even she love to be like this…full of excitement…full of life……our none other than “Radhika Maan”. Family living in Delhi, and her college is in Dehradun, she has big brother Rohit Maan and her Mom Janvi Maan in her family she just lost her dad in her young age. Her mom handles all their business and after completing his studies her brother also joins her mom in family business. They think a same future of joining family business for Radhika also and on the other side she is not interested in this at all…..she is very creative in her mind and good thing is she knew that very well……..

Come back to the track…Its 5 pm now and she asked her brother to come at 4 but Rohit is not here…..”Can’t he understand how much eager she is to meet mom and……?Finally she listen a horn and she turned back to she and shocked to see Arjun there…………….”Oh my God, Why does Rohit come by himself and send his bestie to pick HER?” she feel awkward….. ….Arjun wave his hand and then come towards her…she replied him with a fake smile…..then she pick up her bag without looking at him and start moving towards car that Arjun parked outside college gate. Arjun also followed her and come quickly towards the car to keep her bag in car dickey.
Finally she is in the car….missing the short smile spread across Arjun’s face….After he closed her door, he walked around to the driver’s side got in, started the engine and turned to her masking his ire “any stops?”

“No, just take me home.” She is trying not to look at him and instead focus her gaze on something outside but she already feels his eyes on her. Both of them remained silent for a long time and finally after a long one hour Arjun asked her ”Are you enjoying your college?” she briefly replied ”Ya…kind off”
Again he asked “Any future plans?”
she just give him a weird look and think why he is showing so much interest in her life but keeping all that aside again she replied “not now….let us c what happened..I still have one more year of college studies.”

She thinks in her mind how she can discuss her carrier dreams with the person who is not so close to her….even she doesn’t know the answer herself.
Now Arjun also understand that she is not at all interested in chitchat with him, so he focuses on his driving only. Near about one more hour of deep silence in the car Radhika asked “how is your business going on?”
Arjun feels good that at least she starts talking with him and replied “it goes well and we achieved a growth rate 40% last year which is very much higher than our competitors.”
Radhika “do you enjoy your job?”
Arjun: “ I spend near about 12 hours in a day in my office….now I think you can easily guess how much I enjoy it” Radhika impressed with his answer but doesn’t show that on her face.
5 more minutes passed in silence before Radhika shout……”stop the car….stop the car….”
Arjun give him a confused and ask “what???”

Radhika: “I am feeling very hungry…..”
Arjun give her a stare.
Raddhika: “I am really.”
Arjun: “do you think that we could find any food court at this route?”
Radhika: “that is all your fault then…why don’t you take any other busy route?”
Arjun is totally stunned at her this behavior and he also enjoy this….” O really… is mine fault!! You already knew that we have to cover a 4 hour long journey…you should carry something with yourself while coming out from your college.”
Radhika do not feel it funny and but she keep quite after his answer.
Arjun somewhere misses her arguments, he want her to fight with him……but….after a while he checked her and found her fall asleep…he park the car on the road and pay proper attention to her allover…..he just love her….not from now…..but from ever since he come to know the meaning of word “love”

He want to touch her, hug her right now but……control his hands……control himself to do love to her…a cute smile come on her face while looking at her after 10 minutes he restart his car and move towards the house….
Radhika wake up after car parked in the porch of her house……she have a very beautiful house……full of greenery…her mother designed it with the help of her both children.

will be back soon!!!

Credit to: Maandey

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  1. Nice one… Arjun and Radhika knew each other… Wait… Brother’s best friend?!

    Post soon… Love you ??

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    Plz update soon☆

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  8. story super ….. please continue ………

  9. Lovd it dr 🙂 keep going. . . It wil b vry intrstng to knw hw rads fal for arjun 🙂 🙂 ho saketoh regularly updt karo yaar. . .
    do any1 knw wer is kfar gone. . . Its been a mnth nw dat she hasnt updtd :-/ farah, if u r readng dis, pls post nxt part. . .pls 🙂

  10. Will try my best dear…..and m also want to know WHR is kfar…

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