Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 16)


Guys…..let me introduce myself to you all….I am a proper haryavi..jaatnii…with that mind and thoughts….have little bit more proud on my surname…… “Maandey” Presently i am living in Delhi….working as a research associate.. Love to play with numbers……very tough with alphabets….but I still I collect all my courage to write this ff….and please I dnt think I can express romance that much deeply… please bare this unromantic writer…..I seriously have lack of romantic words and thoughts…..shoooo soooorryyyy…..if I bore you…..

Let’s take a ride….what happened in rohit’s house after that….(*-*)

After leaving from house for office rohit called his mom and anu and told them everything….both of them are happy and sad for them…….his mom starts crying after listening this coz their father also had blood cancer and now radhika……..”i will be there in evening flight she said” on the other side anu also told everything to their parents…they also wanted to meet radhika and will be here till evening…..

Radhika:”Arjun….m feeling scared……”
Arjun:”but why??”

Radhika: “if my operation will not successful…..”
Arjun:”I think u really need a dose button”
Radhika(confused look): “dose of what???…….love???(with a smiling face)
Arjun:” dnt u think u r too eager to come on my bed….I swear my dear whenever it happens…u will not even able to walk properly…….” Radhika want to say something but he cut her in between “and I am talking about a dose of scoldings”
Radhika doesn’t understand what to express……this shamefully person……dare him to speak with me like this again……”m not going to talk with you…..I think v were good when didn’t confess our love….now….look at your shamelessness…….o God…….my ears start bleeding now……”

Arjun…”may be you are OK with that but your Romeo was slowly dying daily”
Radhika(put her hand on his mouth..tears in her eyes):” dnt say it again…please”
Arjun quickly huggg her”sorry my Babu….dnt cry please”

Both of them get ready and leave for Arjun’s office…he take her their intentionally for a change to her
“Keep an eye on her Nancy I will try not to take too long” and jun said to his secretary Nancy
“No problem sir” Nancy replied
You want to have something mam?” She asked radhika
Radhika” I would love to hav a cup of black coffee”
Nancy get a cup of same for radhika
“Thanks” radhika replied

As promised arjun took only half an hour and they left for doctor Jenson clinic…whole time he keep her close to him in the car with his arm wrapped around her shoulder…
Dr Jenson is an older doctor in his mid sixties and he is very polite. He also had no problem agreeing to Arjun’s request to take the whole lump.
“I have cleared my schedule for tomorrow for the surgery” he told to arjun and radhika
Arjun:”afraid button??”
Radhika:”scared stiff”

“Well, we will be with you every step of the way ” he assured her again

“Radhika you CNT have anything to eat or drink after midnight and I want you to back here by six thirty in the morning” doctor told her
After the doctor left radhika quickly turn towards arjun “take me home” she said gripping his arm…she never had surgery before and never thought about it..w.hat if she didn’t wake up? What if something went terribly wrong?
Arjun wrapped his arm around her “dnt worry my darling”
“Take me home” she repeated
Arjun :”okay”
“No arjun I mean to say your home” she said

He stilled”radhika???”
Radhika:”please i just really need to be with you right now” she saw pained expressions in his eyes “I know I didn’t measure up in kerela but…”
Arjun :”stop saying that radhika, you have no idea how I felt because you won’t let me tell you” she started to protest and he cut her off “but you will listen now. I have never had a women feel as good as you do. It’s like you are made specifically for me and I have missed you so much my heart hurts”
She couldn’t stop the tears falling this time,but he continued
I always prided myself on my self-control, but I swear to God button, the day I laid eyes on you, I had none” he continued ” I won’t lie to you and tell you that I hadn’t had anyone since I fell for you because there are just something’s a man CNT ignore considerably blew my mind”
“…..Arjun….you love me?” She manage to chocked out
He bent his head and brushed his mouth across hers, “more then myself button. I am sorry that I hurt you”

Radhika”rohit told me what he asked of you”
Arjun with a smile to make her smile ” what a jerk”
“I dnt know….I mean, I thought that I was invisible” she said
Arjun” no, u r not, far from it…I couldn’t take my damn eyes off you for a moment when you are around. I just wish I could have let you know sooner so you wouldn’t hv suffered . it tire me apart knowing that you were hurting inside and there I was nothing I could do about it”

“Radhika I want to marry you first” he said
Radhika:”it doesn’t matter in this day and age arjun” she surprised herself by saying that because she had pretty high morals, but she wanted him she wanted to sleep next to him and waiting for a wedding is too long for her…..

How is it ppl??? Need some change???

Credit to: Maandey

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  1. Awesome episode. I love the way Arjun is there for Radhika on her difficult time. 🙂

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  10. i just loved ur story

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    N don’t said that u don’t know how to potray romance deeply…u r too good…if u’ll see mine once u ll flew away…so horrible I m in romantic plots…

    The chappy was too emotional…u r a gud writer…let radz cured completely…i thought u r Mandy an old member of tu…sorry…tc…luv u??

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      1. I don’t know how to giv…but I didn’t write abt romance yet….my ff is mmz new dimension…thank u dear

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