Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 14)


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Arjun hurriedly reached to Rohit office…….he is in meeting but Arjun interrupted in between….
“rohit I want to talk to u urgently….please”
Rohit understand that it might be something serious…..”ya…..m coming ”
Both of them come out of conference hall…. And arjun told him the whole incidence……he is much worried now…

rohit :”I also feel the same arjun…she is not well… is also out of station…..I will take doctors appointment for her”
Arjun: “I already done that…..dr. Bhaskar evening 5 PM sharp ”
Rohit feel happy with that much care of radhika from Arjun’s side….but that not new for both of them…..
OK….I will take her” rohit said
“And remember one thing…I want to be the first one you call to tell what happened to her” Arjun said with serious expression
Rohit: “sure”
Rohit reached home at 4PM and ask radhika to get ready for doctor appointment….. Obviously she is not ready to go at all and denied at first but then seriousness of his voice effect her….no other option she have to go….

They reached sharp 5 PM at hospital as per scheduled time……after radhika’s checkup doctor come out and ask her assistant to call rohit inside…..
Rohit quickly come there….”Mr. Maan please dnt get panicked…..listen to me carefully first…”
Rohit interrupted her in between “what happened doctor…is she alright…anything serious…please tell me what happened to her?”
Doctor” Mr.maan I have a doubt that radhika is suffering from br*ast cancer……please…. It’s just a doubt…I have taken her blood sample,we will get report in an hour……”
Rohit is literally cry now…:”does she knew this?”
Doctor: “not yet but we have to tell her”

Rohit ” please doctor…..dnt tell her yet…..leave it on me……please…I have to call someone….who can support her in this situation ”
Doctor nodded positively……
“Arjun” rohit speak after make a call to him..
Arjun who is eagerly waiting for his call feel some thing painful in his friend’s voice :what happened???? Is she okk?”
Rohit: where are you now?”

Arjun:”God damn…rohit tell me how is she?”
Rohit :come to hospital as soon as possible and then I will tell you” he cut the call
Arjun feel like……ahhhhhh everything is finished with the panic in rohit voice…he quickly pick up the key of car and left from his office for the hospital…..
He drive rashly.but this is the longest drive of his whole life….and reached there in half an hour only otherwise it easily take one and half hour to reach there…
He ran towards the reception area and ask for the directions towards Dr.bhaskar cabin…. “Go straight and then turn left” they tell him…

Rohit is standing outside doctors cabin…and radhika is seated there….on a side chair…wearing a hospital gown she looked so vulnerable to him it was all he cold do not to gather her into his arms and ask for her forgiveness…..more hard for him to keep the pained expressions off his face……rohit is stunned at the sight of Arjun’s walking into the room…..
What is he doing here? Radhika think in her mind….rohit do you call him? She asked finally
Rohit “yes”
Radhika:”for what….why you guys are so overprotective? ”
Arjun:” because you are special to us” and without waiting for her response
Arjun:.”rohit..what happened to her?”
Rohit:”Look is not confirmed yet…..”arjun interrupted “for God sake will you please tell me directly what happened to her?”
“Doctor have a doubt that she has br*ast cancer” rohit said…..radhika is dumb folded now…but it is just fever na??”
On the other side

“Arjun is dead now…….” She knew this?”
Rohit”no….I think we should wait for the report…if it is confirmed only than we should tell her….”and his eyes becomes wet now..

Suddenly doctor come there with her reports and a very deep seriousness on face….”Mr.maan… M very sorry..but reports are positive…..she have br*ast cancer…..
Rohit go to reach for her but before that contrary to her testimony ontestimony only moments ago,she quickly reach to Arjun’s arms…who embraced her tightly without hesitation… Lowering his head on top of hers while speaking softly to her…it is then rohit realised that he handled this whole thing with radhika and arjun wrong…..had he allowed arjun to confess his feelings to her when he wanted, she didn’t have gone through the stress of heart break besides the shock of what he just told her….her actions are completely opposite to what she had just said….in the end she need arjun to confront her not her own brother….

As his eyes glued over the couple it is definitely more than a reassuring hug. It is intimate and rohit almost felt as if he is intruding on the two…….they love each other…it is as obvious as a slap on the face……why hadn’t he see it before????? Is it that he was overprotective of his baby sister to realise that she is old enough to make mature decisions and that she is old enough to genuinely love someone…

Arjun hold her like that she will be disappear any moment…..”look sweety…dnt panicked yet…..untill we get other reports, then we will go from here” then he realised her fingers scrunch the cloth of his shirt as she cry clinging to him…
.”look at me honey…..I will hire the best oncologists the country has” arjun finally said placing his hands on either side of her head and tilting her red tearstained face up to his ” I will not let anything happen to you…I swear to God we will beat this”
Radhika” we??”
Arjun brushed his mouth across her forehead…”we….. You dnt think that I will let my little girl go through this alone..”
Radhika hiccupped now…..

Arjun:”first dnt get so upset until we hear all the results. Then we will panicked…” He smile a little bit now…
Okay” Radhika said weakly….
” i will not abandon you neither rohit…you have family that loves you” arjun said again
Finally doctor come back again, she look at rohit who is on phone then held out her hand and introduce herself
Arjun take her hand but keep other wrapped tightly around radhika”I am arjun, radhika’s would be fiance”
That bought radhika’s head up abruptly and she looked back and forth at arjun and rohit, neither one of them look at her.
I suggest you Dr. Jenson…he is from you us and has available in our hospital tomorrow…..
Arjun:”I would like a referral to him”

Sure, i had them double checked as mr.maan asked, but they are not good…i will call mr. Jenson and set up surgery for a biopsy” doctor said
“No biopsy….take the lump…I am not wasting time finding out if it’s benign or malignant. Take the whole damn thing, she is not going through two surgeries.” Arjun said
All right, I will speak to the doctor” doctor said
Come on honey… need to get dressed…you are going home” arjun and rohit both said
After doctor left rohit pulled arjun aside “thanks” he said
“I should be thank you for the phone call. I may look in control but half dead from inside” arjun replied and continue
“Rohit you knew I love her…more than my life. I can’t leave her even for a minute. I will clear my schedule for the next few days”
Okay, i am not going to be greedy and demand that she spend every second with me…but we are not going to smother her even though we are dying to do it. So we will take turns. In this way someone is always with her” rohit replied

Radhika” I may not be able to hear what you two are saying , but I kno it’s about me, so stop it”
Arjun smiled…”it sounds more like Radhika ”
Rohit “sure dear”
Finally they reached rohit home, once radhika go to her room to get ready for sleep, rohit move towards kitchen to get something to eat…arjun also follow him
“I am staying here tonight ” arjun said
Rohit “with radhika?” with a raised eyebrow”listen she is my baby sister”Arjun:” yes I knew but she is my future wife, you already knew how I feel about her…..and if this is serious, I dnt want to miss out for a moment,you have to accept that she is more mature then her age, she is a big girl and make her own decisions”
Rohit: ” yes…I have seen the way she looks at you”
Radhika also joined them on dinning area now….

How are you feeling now?” Rohit asked
I am still trying to absorb it all. It seems like a really bad dream ” she answered..
Arjun’s phone ring and he excused himself from there
Rohit” dnt worry….we do have an advantage that a lot of people dnt have”
Radhika:”what’s that?”
“Arjun” rohit said and that made her smile
“You love him sis?” He asked
It took her a moment to respond ” I think from the moment I knew the meaning of the word love, but i think i am just another women in a long line of women to fall for him”she replied…sadly
“Do you think that’s how he see you?” He asked again
“Ahhhhhh….I dnt know….. There are times I think, may be then something happens and he withdraws” she answer

Rohit knew it is his fault…he made arjun promise him that he would give her time to grow up…
Radhika: “why dnt arjun go his home?”
Rohit:”do u even have the slightest idea on how much he cares for you?”
Radhika:”yes, he love me like a little sister of his best friend”
“I suppose I should blame myself for you not knowing the truth radhika…I have asked arjun to take it slow”
Slow…for what?” She asked
” arjun was not saying that he is your future husband to show his care which you assumed…he really does want to marry you” rohit tell
Radhika’s mouth hung open..”what…..but he…I mean….he love his girlfriend whom he give name “button” ”

“Wait…listen to me first..the only reason that you are not married to her is that .I told him to stay back and allow you to grow up for a few more years as my friend he respect my wishes….” Rohit answered
Radhika burn in anger now…”you told him??”
“He want to tell you when you were 15 only….way too young” he answered

Now everything start making sense to her. He didn’t want to betray rohit and that’s what kept him from making love to her…..
After this confession rohit leave from there……he got an important job and have to go office for sometime..

Just then arjun came down the hall “rohit I…….he stopped when radhika got up from the chair and launched herself at him…he is startled but easily embraced her” wow,what’s this for?” He said looking over her head to Rohit
“I am going to office for a bit” rohit replied…I will be late so dnt wait for me guys..he added
Arjun is staring at him completely baffled. Then he felt radhika’s hands on either side of his face causing him to look down at her
“Who is button?”she asked

He stared down at her still confused about the sudden affection not missing her tearstained eyes…then he smiled slowly…..” In my arms right now” he said
He reached up and brushed her long hair back over her shoulders to cup her face in his hands and search for some sort of apprehension, there was none “I would have married you…button, but rohit was right in a lot of ways”

To be continued

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Credit to: Maandey

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