Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 13)


i am very sorry guys that i give them pain….but please have some patience… is not that much easy…i dnt like any saas bahu issues….so give me some time….i want to justify the title i give to this ff…..actually its my favorite line…..very close to my own heart and soul……!!!

Arjun knock on the door now….she opens it and he entered straight into the room he turned to her and tell her to shut the door. She do as he say…

Arjun: “We need to talk Radhika”
Radhika: “ I already told you”
“Listen” He said holding up his hand and walking toward her. She took several steps back and he stopped, “I‘m not going to hurt you.”

Too late for that she thought. She still couldn‘t get that image of their kiss out of her mind. Every time she thought of it she is sure her heart tore a little more.
He don‘t take another step toward her after seeing her expression, “Radhika, I want to take you to dinner tonight. Then we can talk.”
Radhika: “I can‘t.” while tilting her head up and looking at him. It is hard. Those grey intelligent eyes of his could have whittled away her courage instantly, but lately she seemed little bit better. At least she thought she was until the seconds passed and she felt that familiar twinge in her chest. Obviously it was visible on her expression for what he said next.
“I‘ve hurt you Radhika, I can see that. Unfortunately that wasn‘t my intent.” Arjun said softly.
Radhika(said honestly): “I understand that Arjun. I really do.”

Seeing that she seemed a little less upset now, he took a couple of steps toward her and took her hand, “Dinner babe, that‘s all.” He was glad she don‘t step back this time.
Radhika: “I really can‘t Arjun. I know you feel guilty, but we can‘t change anything. I know I‘m not what you expected”
Arjun(narrowing his gaze): “I tried telling you that you were wrong.” It stunned him that she could say that after he reassured her, but again, he knew she had nothing to compare him with and it was going to stay that way as far as he was concerned.

She knew he was trying not to make her feel any worse, but she still didn‘t want to discuss it and pulled her hand out of his, “I‘ll be all right.”
Arjun: “You don‘t look all right Radhika.” He suddenly noticed the dark circles under her eyes and she looked a little pale. A twinge of guilt hit him again.
Radhika: “I am.” Her eyes gave him a pleading look, “Just please don‘t tell Rohit”

“I haven‘t” he answered looking down at her while shoving his hands in the pockets to resist the urge to hold her. “I won‘t” He continued. His gut hurt over that. Rohit should know. He‘d never kept secrets from his best friend, especially where Radhika was concerned even though it was very personal. He felt as if he betrayed him.

She nodded believing him before she opened the door and left.

It still don‘t heal his conscience, she looked terrible. This is getting ridiculous. Why the hell shouldn‘t he have her like he wanted? Rohit knew his intentions from the start. Now, Radhika is suffering and it’s eating him up with guilt that he couldn‘t tell her anything. He ran his hand through his hair roughly and swore out loud feeling like he wanted to throw something. For the first time in his life he didn‘t feel in control over his emotions. His biggest fear was her not returning the affection he felt for her if he let this go on any longer. What if he did carry it too far and hurt her more than she let on? He never even considered that she didn‘t want him, but would he in her position?
Radhika is precious and he knew when she hurt, it ran deep…….

Finally on the next day they come back to Delhi…..
After the first couple of weeks of coming back Radhika began to feel unwell. She had trouble sleeping, she felt nauseous, but never to the point of losing her breakfast, and she lost her appetite.
Is this what a broken heart felt like? She thought.
Rohit has notice her fatigue and became worried. Try as she might, she couldn‘t help but look depressed. It was getting hard forcing a smile when her brother was around and he mentioned something about her not looking as cheerful as she usually was.
Radhika go out of her house to get some fresh air…suddenly she feel unconscious and laid down on the road….Arjun passes from their and got shocked after looking at her lady to lie down on the road like this…..he literally died at that moment…so many people gather around her now….someone asked for water and sprinkle some drops of it on her face….she get up only then….Arjun hold her now…..she try to stand up ….”get in the car”..Arjun said softly
Radhika: “please I dnt have any need for that”

Arjun with full anger now: “Like hell!‖ he said turning to face her to give her the full dose of his authority. ―You‘ll get in the blo*dy car or I‘ll toss you over my shoulder and drag you there”
Radhika is stunned with his this behavior and she also lost her control: “You are not my brother!‖ I‘m sick of listening to orders from the both of you”
He narrowed his gaze but never said anything Radhika lasted a whole ten seconds under that piercing stare before she released a huff of breath and went to Arjun‘s car……
Arjun: “Radhika…”
“I‘m not speaking to you” She said not looking at him but keeping her eyes on the passing scenery.
He took a deep breath and prayed for patience. He knew he handled this whole thing badly, but he couldn‘t see straight when he saw her in that situation. He take her to home…drop her there and leave without coming inside. She feel bad for that…..but why????…no answer…

yo cuties there…how is it…do tell me….please bare me for some more time….i will definitely do my best to make you cry with their happiness and closeness in near future…..some more time….and i hope this is not that much short

Credit to: Maandey

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