Nothing For You DARLING but Still “I love You” (Episode 1)


hie guys……i try to write something after getting inspired by you all…..really wish that you give me a chance….m not good in English writing but still gave try to myself….

Waiting eagerly for her brother to come and pick up her from hostel, she will definitely going to enjoy these 2 month long vacations with full of adventure…….Ahhh!!….she is like this only….even she love to be like this…full of excitement…full of life……our none other than “Radhika Maan”. originally from Haryana, but right now family shifted to New York, she have big brother Rohit Maan and her Mom Janvi Maan in her family she just lost her dad in her young age. Her mom handle all their business and after completing his studies her brother also join her mom in family business.They think a same future of joining family business for Radhika also and on the other side she is not interested in this at all…..she is very creative in her mind and good thing is she knew that very well……..

Come back to the track…Its 5 pm now and she asked her brother to come at sharp 4 but Rohit is not here…..”cant he understand how much eager she is to meet mom and……?Finally she listen a horn and she turned back and shocked to see Arjun Mehra their……………..”Oh my God, Why does Rohit not come by himself and send his bestie to pick HER?” she feels uncomfortable…..Arjun wave his hand and then come towards her…she replied him with a fake smile…..then she pick up her bag without looking at him and start moving towards car that Arjun parked outside college gate. Arjun also followed her and come quickly towards the car to keep her bag in car dikky.
after that both of them sit in the car and Arjun drive it towards her home.

Ok now let me introduce you to Arjun, a very handsome gentleman with a height of 6 feet, have dimples on his cheeks while laughing, shy in nature and generally speak only to the point. He is also belongs to Haryana basically but shifted at here few years back in search of something or someone……”but what???” only God knows….his mom Dad and sister lives in Haryana , sister runs a restaurant in Gurgaon and both Parents are doctor.

let us c what happened next……………..????
please comment below to encourage or discourage me……as you like!!

Credit to: arya

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  1. Intresting story line

  2. Awesome, wowwww, superb, another ff on ardhika, I just loooooooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeeddd it my dear….keep it up. It’s really interesting plot…already very curious to know what will happen next n how these two become one….plzzzz continue dear. ..all the best. Love you loads

  3. If you don’t mind…I have a suggestion. ….add manmarzian in the title n change dp image to mmz…I think mmz fans didn’t notice it due to name or picture….I bet you as soon you’ll change these two things, you’ll get bunch of and I mean it all mmz fans comments. ….love you loads. …

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