A note by Nishita || EDKV TRIBUTE ||

Hey guys! I have a plan, since I just posted my 2 os’ s. And joyyee di posted her ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (continuation ff)’

So I’m stepping back, and I’m not writing that continuation ff. Cause, she’s such an amazing writer, so it’s best that she keeps writing this ff. She’s phenomenal! So, I thought that I’ll write my ‘4 am phone call’ now. But this is not why I wrote this note. This is something I’ve been noticing everywhere, that people have been complaining that why was ShraMan’s love confession so late? I just want to say to thosse guys, that meeting someone and falling in love is easy.

But knowing someone since childhood and having misunderstandings while in love is difficult, of course they could’ve said it before, Shravan decided to too, but guys, would you ever love someone, with whom you’re in doubt? Shravan got in doubt once when Suman introduced her to Nirmala, then once again when she started ignoring him. He wrote a letter, but Suman never read that. And then she insulted him. But they cared for each other. Always. Suman tied the bandage on his finger, despite ignoring him, he fought her case, when he was still mad at her, he stayed back for HER. Suman knew that Shravan loved her with all his heart, and that’s what was showed so beautifully. When Aditya was forceful towards Sumo, she was not able to free herself. The moment Shravan entered, she pushed him hard, as she believed in him. Her whole family stood there, but who did she hug? Shravan. Because she trused him, and felt safe in his arms. Aren’t they so beautiful? Okay, so im going to ask you some questions about EDKV. And you have to answer truthfully, not be melodramatic.

1. Your favourite character of EDKV.

2. Your favorite dialogue from EDKV.

3. A character you hated the most.

4. A character who you hated and loved.

5. A track you did not like.

6. Your favourite couple except ShraMan.

7. The most jolly character.

8. A point where you hated Shravan and Suman (individually)

9. Your favourite line from the EDKV title tracks? (All 3. The original, Zindagi kaha kaha se… and the 3rd ons, with Shravan’s POV)

10. Are you all in for Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Season 2?

And last but not the least…

11. Any message for SonyTV for ending EDKV?

Answer them truthfully. Since, I am an EDKVIAN as well, im going to answer them as well.

1. Pushkar.

2. ‘Pehle bhi jab tum chli gyi thi to bohot akela ho gaya tha mei. Aaj bhi chali jaogi toh bhot akela ho jaunga mei. I love you Sumo, and I need you.. I love tou so so much. Kya tum apne Shravan ko ek chance nahi de sakti? Itna toh chalta hai na, dosti mei..pyaar mei?’

3. Aditya.

4. Kamino chachi. I loved her when she was all in for shipping ShraMan, but I hated her when she was trying to seperate them.

5. There has been no track, but I think that the Daal track was dragged a little bit, juat a little.

6. Kamini Chachi and Lalaji.

7. Lalaji.

8. I hated Shravan in about the end, that part after PreeKar’s marriage, when he was dancing with a girl and the line he said to Sumo. ‘ Aurton ko bhi waisa hi hona chahiye, bed mei pati ko khush rakho aur pati unke liye sab kuch karega’ that was disgusting. And I was not all for Sumo where she never told Shravan about Ramnath’s deeds. She should’ve. I hope that if ever s2 comes, she reveals everything to Shravan, about why she accepted PCT from Aditya, and not from him..

9. That line from Shravan’s version
‘Aa rakh mita de ye nishaan, har pal ke intezaar ke.. mil jaane de dil jo bane Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’.

10. YES.

11. SonyTV, I just wanna tell you whatever you did was bad, heartbreaking, rude and MEAN. Please bring back S2 of EDKV.

You might not know this, but umm EDKV had great online TRP. And due to EDKV, heir online TRP was good. Their trp when edkv was on air was 1.12 and now it is 0.6.
They’re falling after ending EDKV.
That’s all I want to say.
Please answer the questions and tell me how excited are you guys about ‘ 4 am phone call’
Love you loads

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  1. Nikita

    Kamini chachi* WTFF autocorrect!

  2. IME

    2.Sumo ka shravan shravan ki sumo
    5.none of the track was unnecessary
    8.He always trusted hi father blindly………..when the didnt tell the deeds done by ramnathan
    9.Kyu ye dabi khewise tere dil me bewaja


    take care
    love you

  3. Love_forever

    Whoa! Wonderful post!
    I am definitely gonna answer all these questions!

    1. Preeti/Dabbu
    2. Kuch vi ainvayi (Kamini’s this dialogue just used to make my day!?)
    3. Aditya
    4. Kamini?
    5. The Aditya track..I seriously hated him and his sequence.
    6. Pushkar-Preeti!!
    7. Lalaji!
    8. Shravan, when in the beginning, I don’t remember properly, but that dress sequence, when he had insulted her in that party.
    And Sumo, when she was being too much of a sacrificing lady, not telling Shravan about Ramnath.
    9. Kahin teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaaye pyar se..mil jaane de dil jo bane..ek duje ke vaaste(Jubin Nautiyal?)
    10. You have a doubt?
    11. Sony TV, sorry to say, just after the moment you put EDKV off air, I stopped viewing your channel. Sorry, but I seriously feel that KRPKAB is a clichéd serial, with the same Saas-Bahu drama, you could have put that off air instead. If you can, do bring back EDKV S2.


    1. Love_forever

      And yes, I am hell excited about 4 am phone call!!

  4. Beas

    1 Suman
    2 Mai aur Shravan ek duje ke vaaste baane hai.
    3 Aditya
    4 Kamini
    5 the unnecessarily exaggeration of the Aditya’s track.
    6 Preekar
    7 Durendar
    8 Shravan at the beginning…. I just hated him especially after that revenge of reunion party. And Sumo……I think she should have confessed Shravan everything what Ramu told and show him the blank cheque as an evidence.
    9 Kahin Teri Khamosiyan jeet na jaye pyaar se….mil jaane de dil Jo baane ek duje ke vaaste?
    10 Do I need to spell it out??
    11 I merely forgot the channel no. As I vowed that if ever in future edkv s2 turns up then only I’ll switch it again. And sorry to say that if Sony continues at this rate then I can guarantee that in future it will air only Crime Patrol from dawn to dusk and no other soaps? and if they think fans will get over this soon then they are totally wrong.

    1. I m very much exited for 4am call…..plz post soooooon.

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    First of all u r a better writer than I am, and i wanna really write of u but at the same time i m excited for ur 4am call ff .
    And wow interesting segment
    1) My fav character was Cutie pie Daboo. He is soooo adorable and cute. And the way he says Suman Didi.
    2) Diabetics na Hojaye Sale Ko (Shravan to Google Voh yellow helmet Uncle)
    3) Aditya (Like him offscreen but onscreen main show kharab Kar Diya)
    4) Kamini Aunty She brought Shraman closer but her intentions weren’t right but she is funny overall
    5) That Aditya track was dragged
    6) Preekar
    7) Mausaji (the way he says Jai Ma ta di lol)
    8) Shravan when he said to adi that everything happened between him and that revenge episode the prom wala sumo and what he meant ? And sumo when she was teenager and she insulted Shravan and when she became sati savitri mahan atma types and she agreed to get married
    9) Kahin Teri Khamosiyan Jit Na Jaye Pyaar Se
    10) Of course I want season 2 yeh bhi koyi puch ne ki bath hain
    11) Sony Jaye Phar Main Okay honest message after the abrupt ending of EDKV without any valid reason they lost one loyal viewer of Sony which is me and yeah whatever ratings Sony is getting is only because of kapil Sharma show
    And Super super excited for ur ff

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    And this one I m posting on behalf of neeti as her data almost got finished
    Accha fav character – Sumo
    Fav dialogue- Shraman k sare convo k dialogue
    I hated- Ramu kaka, nd last me Kamu
    Hated nd loved- Ramu kaka
    I didn’t like- aisa koi track yad to nhi
    Fav couple- Shraman k bad obviously Preekar
    Most jolly character – Dabbo
    Hated Shravan or Suman- Shravan when he insulted Sumo. Sumo when she was talking too much abt self respect.
    Fav line frm the title tracks- mile jo hai lamhe kahi chut na jaye hat se, mil jane de dil jo bane ek duje ke vaaste.
    10. Yes
    11. Bht lamba msg hai???

  7. 1-Shravan
    2- Shashti chhijo ka shauk nahi hai mujhe
    4- kamini chachi
    5- useless love traingle track which was not necessery at all
    7- lalaji
    8- Shravan when he said get lost to sumo in his Office.. Sumo when she started her Self Respect lecture
    9- kanhi teri khamosiyan jeet na jaye Pyaar se..
    10- yes
    11- don’t want to say anything about this khatara channel

  8. Prettypreeti

    Welll.firstly i would like to say i would love to read ur ff by heart.i know it will be very interesting…ok the answers r—–
    1-i am lilttle diplomatic no triplomatic i would like to say except shraman the answers r obviously dabbu, pushkar(our pushu babu)and preeti(oz she have my name also she was loving sis)
    2-fav dialouge ahhh……. Ya when shravan gave lift to sumo and dabbu remember and shraman was angry from each other and dabbu said “kya aap dono ek doosre se katti hoo”i liked it.so cutely he said and bakki at last shraman convo..oh it was just…..
    3-i hated aditya yaar he was really disgusting but in real life he is good every1 know…
    4-i loved and hated kamu chachi..she was funny yet hatred filled character….
    5-i hated adi track but that wasnt the most hatred one was one ramnath interupted in shraman love…
    7-no doubt lala ji he was good and jolly character.
    8-i hated shravo when he didnt understand sumo even after marriage and drank everyday.Instead i wanted him to talk to sumo.i hated sumo when she didnt tell shravan his father’s intentions and also not the truth of nirmala
    9″mil hi jaate hai jo bane ek duje ke vaste” my fav no doubt..
    10-uncountable yessss…..
    11-sony tv walon kyun thoda hmara dil,
    Kahi akele mei hmko aake mil..
    Itna aacha show chalaya tha,
    Kyun hatana ka mann mei vichar aaya tha…
    Pls season 2 lekr aao,
    Aur vapis hmara pyaar paoo…
    Thanku niki for this wonderful questions..i feel i m back in my edkv memories……..
    Love u yaar…..
    Infinity good wishes……

  9. Diya

    1. ShraMan (can’t choose between them)

    2. (A) Pehle bhi jab tum chli gyi thi to bohot akela ho gaya tha mei. Aaj bhi chali jaogi toh bhot akela ho jaunga mei. I love you Sumo, and I need you.. I love tou so so much. Kya tum apne Shravan ko ek chance nahi de sakti? Itna toh chalta hai na, dosti mei..pyaar mei.

    (B) Aaj se mera kamra, yahan ki har cheez, main, meri aatma, mera pyaar, meri zinadgi sirf aur sirf tumhari hai !

    3. Ramnath

    4. Kamu Chachi

    5. PreeKar Marriage

    6. Ramini !! No actually PreeKar

    7. Pushkar !!!

    8. I hated Shravan when he insulted Sumo at the party. How dare he ! After that he came to give napkin to her to make her feel more miserable. I was feeling like,”Sumo !! Usse dhakka mar ke swimming pool me gira de !!!”
    I hated Sumo when she accepted Ramu’s deal of PreeKar marriage on the cost of her love confession. PreeKar weren’t children that Sumo needed to safe guard them against Ramu. They could have fought for their love. Sumo should have confessed Shravan.

    9. Title track– Kahi teri khamoshiya jeet na jaye pyaar se
    Zindagi– Kaheta he dil mera bas tujhme sama jau
    IDK the lyrics of the edkv song from Shravan’s pov.

    10. Yasss !!!

    11. Message nhi novel he. Bad me sony tv ko parau ga.

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