i could not wish for more – a twinj two shot (last shot)

Hello guys!! Aleena here!! I am here with the last part of these shots. I am very glad that you all liked it very much indeed I am very very happy with all your support and comments! And I am literally with so much of my heart I am so sorry for making you all wait so much!!
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So here we goes,
Twinkle’s p.o.v:
We settled ourselves on the seashore. We both were staring at the sea waves which were continuously striking the shore and then backing off. I slowly moved towards him and slowly kept my head on his shoulders, I could feel how surprised he was. But soon he came in senses and kept his hand on my waist, don’t know why I didn’t felt any type of uncomfortableness in his touch I just cuddled more in his shoulder and he tightened his grip on my waist.
We both again started to look at the sea waves in silence while enjoying each others presence around. “Twinkle, shall I say something?” he said and I replied “You don’t need my permission Kunj just ask when you feel to!” “Hmm, Twinkle you know when I was 20 years old na then I made a promise to myself and thought to tell it to someone for whom I fell. Shall I tell you?” he said. I hummed in response.
“You know Twinkle when I was doing my MBA degree my best friend’s girlfriend broke up with him and in her grief he became a drug addict and indulged in many bad activities after that I promised myself that I will never have any girlfriend and will always bent my head in front of three women in my life! “He said.
“Who were the three ladies?” I asked. “One was my mother, second is the women for whom I fell means you and the third would be our daughter!” he said. OMG!! Did he said “OUR” daughter so sweet and I kind of a blushed after hearing him…

Wait! Wait! Did he said his mother? Hmmm I knew nothing about his family. “Kunj who is there in your family?” I asked him. “Twinkle, for now I am living alone. When I was 8 my father got heart attack when he came to knew about the betrayal of his brother in business and he passed away. Five years back, when I was starting my business, my mother fell from stairs and due to lack of financial resources she could not get full treatment and after a week of hardships she passed away” he said.
I jerked my head after listening to his painful story only to find him having tears in his eyes. I don’t know what I was doing but I sat on his lap facing him and hugged him as tightly as possible. I could feel him tightening his grip on me and I could feel my shoulder getting wet and wet as he dug his face more in him.
I just rubbed his back to console him after a while he loosened his grip on me and quickly wiped his tears before I could see them. After that while I was staring him, his red puffy eyes and swelled nose due to so much of crying. “What?!!” he asked and I turned my gaze from him and turned around while sitting on his lap and turned my back towards his front. “Nothing,” I replied and pushed myself more on him to feel him.
I guess he understood me and he put his hands on my belly protectively and pulled myself and nuzzled his nose in my shoulders. I just shut my eyes to feel him, I just loved when he did like this.
After sometime he said that we should leave I obliged and sat in his car. He drove me to home. When we reached there I don’t know what happened to me I just hugged him and I could feel that how surprised he was because after a few minutes he also hugged me. After a long hug, I broke it and quickly pecked his lips and ran into my house.
From my window I saw him smiling goofily while rubbing the back of his head and after a while he left. From that day there was not a single day when he did not surprised me from his antics. Unknowingly, I started to fall him for him. He would give me surprises daily like once he gave me a box of my favorite chocolate, planning secret dates, going out to movies. One of his best surprise was that when he planned a surprise date in the middle of a river with diyas (it is a small sort of a bowl made from mud and it is burned) all around the water and Chinese lanterns in the air like the one in tangled.
Yeah he knew how much craze I had for Disney movies I know I am quite big for that but still I loved it and once he planned a dinner for me keeping the theme of Disney princess and I could feel like one.
We were spending our lives happily and from the day of his proposal he would daily give me a sweet kiss but still I would not let him enter my mouth until one day…….

Kunj’s p.o.v:
After one week of my proposal, I tried my level best to convince her and I think that she too had fallen for me hope my wish come true. But on a day I don’t know why I got a very high fever I tried to go to office to meet Twinkle but my condition was not so good; and I was alone so I myself had go to doctor and after that I had to get some drips and injections.
After that I felt quite well and thought to go to office tomorrow because of so much of weakness. I just directly went home from hospital. I just adjusted myself on my bed and soon sleep crept over me and soon I went in deep slumber of sleep.
Oh god this headache!! I screamed at night when I was not able to sleep I just took pain killers and laid down but sleep was far away from me.
When in the morning I opened my eyes I could feel a burning sensation in them and when I saw in mirror they were red maybe because of lack of sleep I guessed. I just quickly took shower got dressed and have some juice after which I took my medicines and left for office.
Before entering in office I just put on my shades to hide my puffy red eyes especially from Twinkle because if she got to know she would get angry on me.
I just entered the office in a bossy manner when I saw Twinkle working; seeing her after a day feels like I have not seen her from a year and a smile crept over my face. I could see her seeing me blankly without blinking. I just turned my gaze from her and entered my cabin.
After entering my cabin I just settled myself on my seat after a second or two I could my cabin door getting opened and Twinkle coming inside. I stood from my chair and walked towards her. She just quickly jumped on me and hugged me so tightly I just stumbled a bit but responded to her. After a while I could feel my shoulder getting wet I just broke the hug only to found Twinkle crying.
“Twinkle, why are you crying?!!” I asked. “Crying! Why I am crying?? Like literally Twinkle where were you yesterday I tried to call you but you did not answered me!! Is everything fine?!!” she said. Oh shoot!!! I just forgot about that!! “I am so sorry Twinkle I just forgot about it. Yeah and you don’t worry I am fine now,” I tried to handle the situation.
“What do you mean by you are fine NOW and why the hell are you wearing shades?!!” she just screamed on the top of her lungs; and started to take off my glasses I tried to interrupt but after receiving a death glare from her I just kept quit. I could feel her getting teary eyes after seeing me.
“Ku…Kunj what happened to you?” she spoke in a broken and crying voice. “Nothing I just got some fever,” I said calmly. “FEVER!! Kunj if you had fever then why the hell did you came to office today?!! You should have rested at home or you could have called me I would have helped you!!” she just screamed on my face and for once I also got scared of her.
“Twinkle relax I am fine now,” I just said to calm her. But no she started to cry more loudly and I just hugged her to calm her and after a while when she calmed down I broke the hug and looked at her. “Please don’t this ever to me again if you were not feeling well then you could have at least informed me and in future if it happened then you feel inform me first! OKAY” she commanded to which I just nodded my head.
I was holding her waist and she was holding my shoulders I just looked at her pulpy lips and started to lean on them and she also closed her eyes giving me a positive answer and soon I captured her lips and started to kiss her I could feel her responding to it by caressing my hair while I tightened my grip on her waist.
While kissing her I could feel her opening her mouth as if she was giving me a chance to taste her and I did not delayed and entered her mouth and started to taste every bit of her. After a fifteen minute of a good kiss we broke off due to lack of breathing.
It was just too wonderful. I mean she tasted so sweet and indeed it was best kiss ever in which she herself gave me the opportunity to enter in her mouth. After we broke the kiss I just had a big smile on my face while she was looking down shyly and soon she ran out of my cabin.
After this incident I continued to surprise her just like before and while we were returning to her house it started to rain heavily and our car stopped working. I just stepped out to see what happened while warning her to not leave the car because it was raining heavily.
As soon as I opened the car’s front a lot of steam came out of it and I just coughed due to it. I could see her coming quickly out of the car and rushing to me. She just came and rubbed my back and started scolding me I just stopped her by keeping my hand on her mouth and she stopped and soon we got busy in staring each other.
We were disturbed by the thunder due to which Twinkle hugged me tightly due to fear maybe. I just thanked the thunder in my heart while responding to her. “I love you Kunj,” I could hear her whisper. I just quickly broke the hug and looked at her in shock surprise and what not.
She again continued “Yes Kunj I really really love you so much; I don’t know how and when I fell for you but I just wanted to say it to you as soon as I realized it because it is said that ke ache kaamon mei dair nahi karni chaiye. You know you so cute that any girl can for you and you know I am very very lucky to get you. I really love you and would be honored to be your better half.”
I was just in aww after listening to her and was staring her with blinking my eyes; I was soon brought in senses after she jerked me. “Kunj are you listening?!!!” she screamed loudly. While I just hugged her tightly and she too responded.
We just broke the hug and I was still staring her while leaning towards her face while she closed her eyes. Soon we were tasting each other’s lips I could feel how excitedly she was responding to me today. We soon broke our kiss and she lowered her gaze due to shyness.
Aww!! I just loved it when she blushed. I just entwined our hands and started to walk towards her house which was near. We just walked together holding each other’s hands in the rain which was pouring love on both of us……

After two years:
Twinkle’s p.o.v:
Life is just perfect now. I am so happy, this happiness cannot be explained in words. I am just laying on hospital bed no no I am all well and so happy too because on one side there I my daughter to whom I just gave birth a few hours ago.
Yes! The symbol of my and Kunj’s love and on the other side of my bed there is the love of my life Kunj holding my hand and sleeping.
Uff!!! He looks so cute while sleeping and I just can’t help but to stare him. “Staring is rude jaan. If I am awake you don’t bother to see at me because you are too busy and if I am sleeping you are staring me!!” he complained while lazily opening his eyes.
I just turned my gaze from him and said “It’s just that you look cute while sleeping and when you are awake half the time you are in office and half the time I am busy.”
He just stared me and we both burst out laughing. Life is so perfect now I thought and the whole credit goes to my hubby and to bhagwaan ji.
Thank you so much bhagwaan ji for giving me such a loving husband and a cute daughter. And by thinking this a lone tear escape my eye. I saw him quickly cupping my face and with a tensed face he asked “Are you okay jaan?!! Do you need anything?!!”. Aww!! My caring hubby.
“Kunj! I am all fine and this was just tear of happiness. It’s just that I am thinking life can’t be perfect anymore, I have you and our daughter. I am so thankful to you; it’s you who had made my life so perfect. I could not wish for more” I said.
“Oh god you and your tears. Two years have passed after our marriage and I still can’t understand why you always have to cry at happy moments. And rahi baat if you see from my perspective then you can see that it’s you who had made my life so perfect and indeed I could not wish for more!!” he said.
I just don’t know how to react at his so sweet words; I just hugged him tightly until my little angel started to cry we just laughed and I picked her up and made her quit while she stared both of us.

Uff thank god it has finished I am so sorry guys for making you all wait I had written half of the episode earlier but I had to continue it today because of the severe migraine I had yesterday. Once again I am sorry. And guys I hope that you all liked it please drop your comments in the comment box!!

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