i could not wish for more – a twinj two shot

Hello guys!! Aleena here!! I am new to TU World and this is my first writing on twinj I have written this also for swasan and thought to give a try to twinj as well!
I don’t know whether you have read this story anywhere else or not, because, this story is familiar to other stories maybe but I have tried my level best to change it and yeah to write a little longer as well! And I am not so good in giving dress description so I am giving links if you wish you want you can see their dress!
So here we go,

Twinkle p.o.v:
“Twinkle”, after listening to his manly voice shiver ran down my spine and my back straightened. I immediately stood up before my boss, or we can say one of the biggest business tycoon of India at such a young age, sometimes even I also get surprised at him that how could he do this at this young age. Thinking about this I got lost in my thoughts when I was called in my senses by my boss who again called me but this time with a little anger yeah he was a bit short-tempered.
“Yes sir,” I replied.

“Twinkle complete this file tomorrow because I have got a call from the clients they want to celebrate our first victory so please be ready by 7 and reach the venue by time because you are my p.a and inform the other staff members and today you all can leave by 5.” He said.
“Ok sir,” I replied.
And went from my cabin to do the duty assigned by him after announcing to everyone what he said I left back to my cabin to pack my bag. After packing my things, I left from the office to my home to get ready for the party. I got dress in a black and red saree because I like to wear saree and I mostly wear Indian dresses and saree was my favorite one. I let my hair open and applied kajal with a little eyeliner and red lipstick and wore matching earrings and my watch and left my house for the venue.
Link for Twinkle’s dress:
As I entered the venue, my feet got froze at the entrance by seeing my boss who was looking not less than a Greek god talking to his clients. Unknowingly my mouth got a little open and my eyes widened.
Link for Kunj’s dress:


I got in sense when my shoulder was jerked by a woman who just passed by me. Got in sense, I entered the hall and I don’t know why everyone was watching me as an alien. Did I looked that strange? I questioned myself and looked at myself from bottom to top but in my view I was looking fine. I was shocked to see the reaction of me sir who has stopped talking to the clients and was looking me without blinking me eyes, his eyes widened, his one hand in pocket and other in the air and his mouth wide-opened.
I just bit my lower lip to stop myself from laughing out aloud. I just entered and went to my best friend, Nikhil, who said that I was looking very beautiful. I just thanked him and continued to talk to him regarding random things and in between I stole glances of my boss and also caught him stealing my glances which made me a little blush. I also don’t know the reason behind my blushing.
Soon Nikhil asked me to dance as a slow song was playing when I went on the dance floor I saw my boss also dancing with someone. I don’t know why his eyes got red when I started dancing with Nikhil and a sudden fury also arose between me when I saw him dancing with a girl.

Soon the partners got exchanged, and I circled to my nest partner and while turning I just stumbled. And got hit in someone’s hard toned chest. I just got lost in his manly cologne when the next song got me back in senses.
As the song started I got locked in his eyes, so deep so beautiful eyes, in my boss’s eyes which were just so mesmerizing.
Iss lamhe ko rok doon
Yaa main khud ko is mein jhonk doon
Kya karun.. kya karun.. kya karun…
Iss lamhe.. main kuchh bhi jaanu na

As the song started my eyes automatically went up his shoulders still being lost in his eyes. A shiver ran down my spine and my whole body felt an electric shock when I felt his bare hand on my bare waist. While Nikhil just put his hands on my back I felt a little uncomfortable though he was my best friend but feeling his touch was not at all uncomfortable yet it was magical and my eyes automatically got closed to feel his touch. Slowly we just started moving according to the beat and I could feel the spotlight on us….

(Naina naina laage…)
Tose naina jab se mile
Tose naina jab se mile
Bann gaye silsile (x2)

During these lines he turned me around and suddenly pulled me towards him due to this sudden jerk I just hit his chest with my back. I could feel his hot breathe in my shoulder and I just closed my eyes to feel the moment. Suddenly I felt him slowly nuzzling his nose in my hair and inhaling deeply. “Amazing fragrance,” he whispered which was audible and I blushed hearing him. Don’t know why but I just felt like that.

Tose naina jab se mile..
O sudh-budh khoyi hai khoyi maine
Haan jaan gawaayi, gawaayi maine
Haan tujhko basaya hai dhadkan mein
Saanware… (x2)

During these lines, he again turned me and pulled me closer to him. Really really closer. We just stared in each other eyes. Just staring and staring. Don’t know for how long we stared but we kept moving with the beats. My heart beating faster and faster with the increasing proximity between us.

Tose naina jab se mile
Tose naina jab se mile
Ban gaye silsile
(Naina naina laage….)
Khud ko kho kar tujhko paaya
Iss tarah se mujhko jeena aaya
Khud ko kho kar tujhko paaya
Iss tarah se mujhko jeena aaya

I could feel myself slowly hugging him. We hugging each so tightly that I could hear his heartbeats. We just kept moving slowly with the song yet closing our eyes and feeling each other and just forgetting our surroundings ….

Teri lagan mein sab hai gawaaya
Iss tarah se mujhko jeena aaya
Teri hansi, meri khushi
Meri khushi tu hi…
Tose naina jab se miley
Tose naina jab se miley
Bann gaye silsile
Naina naina laage…

We still hugging each other when our moment was broken down by the applause of the people. I cursed them under my breathe for breaking our moment. I could hear him chuckle hearing me. I felt quite embarrassed and was about to leave when I realized my saree got stuck in his watch. Quite filmy scene though. But still we moved down the dance floor in order to release it because my saree was of chiffon and it could get tore easily.

As we moved down the dance floor, we were stopped by our foreign clients. “Hello Mr.Sarna and Mrs.Sarna!,” he said. I got quite shocked after listening to him and my eyes got widened and I just looked at my boss in shock. He also had these expressions and by god he was looking so cute. While we were staring at each other in shock the client again said, “You both danced quite good and you both make a very perfect couple”, I just blushed listening to him and I could see a little red color on my boss’s cheeks oh my god he looked so cute while blushing I did not know that he could too blush; the client again continued,” I would be really very pleased if you both would come to my house for my 50th anniversary,”. Kunj sir tried to interrupt him but he had already left.

I tried to walk away but again was stopped by my stuck saree. I walked closer to him while my heart beating so fast. Still I walked closer and tried to get my saree out of his watch but was again and again disturbed by my hairs which were coming on my face. I felt his hand moving up to my face. He removed my hairs from my face and while doing so his fingers just brushed past my cheeks and again I could feel heat arising in my face and my cheeks going red. He chuckled seeing me like this.

I quickly freed my saree and muttered a quick good night to him and quickly left to my home. I just went home and got changed and laid down. Sleep was far away from my eyes because whenever I closed my eyes I could see his face. I just closed my eyes just because I wanted to see him don’t know but still I just wanted to.
I was disturbed by the sunlight and just then I realized that it was morning. I just took a quick bath and left for office. I was still feeling quite awkward after yesterday but still I went inside and started my work. It was then Nikhil said that sir was calling me.

I just took a deep breathe and knocked on his door. “Come in,” he said. Again a shiver ran down my spine after hearing his voice. Don’t know why he had such an effect on me. “Yes sir,” I said. He just looked at me from his file and it was then I looked in his orbs but before getting lost in them I just started to look at the floor.

“Swara, I know you are feeling quite awkward after yesterday’s incident,” he just took a deep sigh and then continued, “But I really can’t help it because he is a foreign client and was an aged one so I could not hurt him”. I was just in an aww after listening to him but just continued to look at the floor. “If you remember he asked both of us to come in a party which is going to be today and we both have to go as husband and umm a wife,” he said.

Listening to him I just jerked my head and stared at him blinking twice. He was seeing everywhere but not me. “But sir you could have refused na,” I replied in a very feeble voice. “Do you think I have not tried I have tried my level best but he just cut the call,” he said.

“Ok sir, I would be ready sir and when will I have to come at the venue,” I replied.
“You don’t worry I will pick you at 7 and yeah please wear something western because the clients are foreign you know and please do look good”, he said.
I just looked at him with o face and got angry and in anger I left his cabin cursing him in mind. I could hear him chuckle standing outside his cabin. He was chuckling as if he knew what I was saying. Whatever. I just left the office at 4 and first when to mall to buy something for myself to wear and then went to home to get ready. I got dressed in my dress and wore a heart shape platinum locket and matching earrings and bracelet with a minimum makeover and tied my hair in a loose bun.

Twinkle’s dress:


I was just wearing my shoes when I heard a horn. He arrived I quickly wore them and rushed downstairs. There he was standing looking like a Greek god in a blue suit with white shirt and blue tie, blue coat and blue pant with black shoes. We both were staring each other conveying many things just through our eyes. It was when we heard a car horn and regained our senses. “You are looking beautiful,” he said. I just muttered a thanks due to shyness and blushing.

Urghhh!!! Again blush!! Why?!!! I just passed these thoughts and sat in the front seat. And he started the car and our journey began which I did not knew would change my life…….

Recap: how did this journey changed twinkle’s life????

Hey guys!! Hope I had not bored you with this and fulfilled your wishes. So please drop your views and comments in the comment box! And a big sorry if you don’t like this!!

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