She is not only my wife but also my life ( Intro )


Hello friends! I’m Ilavarashi. I am new here. I also want to write a fiction titled “She is not only my wife but also my life”. Let me introduce the characters.
Shekhar: Husband of Sumi and father of Sanskar and Ragini. He is a manager of a private company.
Sumi: Wife of Shekhar and mother of Sanskar and Ragini. She is house wife.
Sanskar: Son of Shekhar and Sumi and elder brother of Ragini. He is a lawyer.
Ragini: Daughter of Shekhar and Sumi and younger sister of Sanskar. She is a final year medical student of Kolkata Medical College.
Swara: Daughter of Ravi and Rani. Her parents died in an accident when she was only ten. But
then she lives with Shekhar’s family as Shekhar and Ravi were best friends. Swara’s house is near Shekhar’s house. Now she is in USA and she is a software engineer.
Shekhar’s family lives in Kolkata.

Durgaprasad: Husband of Annapurana and father of Laksh. He is a government employee.
Annapurana: Wife of Durgaprasad and mother of Laksh. She is a house wife.
Laksh: Son of Durgaprasad and Annapurana. He is an Assisstant Commissioner of Police.
Raj (Raj from Aur pyaar ho gaya) : He is best friend of Laksh and he is an inspector.
Laksh’s family and Raj are living in Jaipoor.
My fiction will revolve around these people. But Raj is a side character. You may know the characteristics of all with the flow of the story.
I AM REALLY SORRY. SWALAK AND RAGSAN FANS PLEASE APOLOGIZE ME IF I HURT YOU. I am a great fan of swasan and raglak. So I make them as pairs in the story.

To my friends, there are 2 special notes. They are,
1. I am a tamilian. You may discover it from my name. I do not know Hindi. I feel bad for it.
2. I am not an Indian and do not know about your cultures and traditions.
I will post my first episode if you like my intro. Please support me. After my first episode if u hate my story tell me. I will stop writing. I want your support to expose my skills in writing. Hope you will. Sorry for my mistakes in English.

Credit to: Ilavarashi

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    1. Thank u dear. I won’t forget u as u r my first reader.

  1. Like it

    I am also Tamil and u also don’t know Honshu and I don’t come from India. I wish I can speak Hindi

    1. Ty. But I am unable to understand ur last sentence and honshu.

    1. Ty

  2. Super introduction dear and thanks a lot for RAGLAK and swasan

    1. Ty dear for ur valuable comment.

  3. Awesome yaar…keep love triangle between swara sanskar and laksh yaar

    1. Ty. But so sorry. I do not add triangle luv story between swasanlak.

  4. Nice like it

    1. Ty.

  5. Awsm yr

  6. mridulakrishman

    Awesome start dear….?????

  7. Nice and thanx for swasan

  8. Nice yaar…thanks for RAGLAK

  9. raglak perfect

  10. Thanks for writing ff on Raglak… Nice intro… Laksh Ac… Super… Dnt keep love triangle… Laksh shld fall in love with Ragini at first sight…

  11. Nice and thanks for SWASAN AND RAGLAK

  12. nice intro…..

  13. No problem
    If u want any suggestion plz ask us
    Its our pleasure to help u

  14. I whole heartly accept the pairs and is excited about the ff I know it’s gonna be an awesome one.. All the best

  15. awesome nd tanq u for swasan dr….dnt stop it continue

  16. Nice intro… any how all d best and thanks for swasan n raglak ff…
    dont bother about cultures and traditions… we read ff for story consistency not for traditions and all that…

  17. Nice Intro…Thank u for making it SwaSan…..

  18. please continue it is superb

  19. thanks for giving raglak swasan ff…. njce intro dear

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