She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 8)


Hai friends! I am really sorry. I was unable to update yesterday as I had severe headache. I was unable to watch phone screen for 10 seconds even. Plz forgive me. Let me start.
Sanskar breaks the hug and brings Swara near the table. He makes her sit and he sits beside her in another chair. Swara is very happy to see the cake, chocolates and dishes. Immediately she keeps that bouquet a side and starts to eat chocolates without noticing or caring about Sanskar. He watches her lovingly. He thinks and looks at her who is eating as a child who did not eat chocolates for years. After some time she turns to him with full of chocolate in her mouth. She asks ” Don’t u want?” with full chocolate in mouth. She looks like a bubbly kid in that state. He shakes his head in negative with a cute smile. She says “O.k” happily. Both do their works continuously. After finishing chocolates she turns to him and asks “cake”. There is some chocolate around her mouth. Sanskar sees it and cleans it with his handkerchief. She smiles cutely. He takes one piece of cake and feeds it to her. She does the same. Then she eats herself. Both finish the dishes and clean their hands with tissues. Swara who is so happy says “Sanskar if u give these daily for me then I will become fatty. Then I can’t walk. I should roll to move then”. She smiles telling this. Sanskar says lovingly ” No need to roll my sweet heart! I will lift u in my hands whenever u need”. He smiles broadly. Swara gets shy and rests her head on his right shoulder happily. Both smile cutely.
At Jaipur, in Laksh’s house,

Laksh is walking around his room. (in mind) Did I dream as Raj told? No. No. No. I didn’t dream. It was real. But I missed her. How can I see her? U fool. Don’t u have time to get memorized? Oh God! Y am I thinking about her? Leave her thought. Shit. I can’t help thinking about her. Y? Sometimes…. Do I love her?……..No. No. No. Relax Laksh. Just relax. Go and sleep now as a good boy. He falls on the bed. He closes his eyes. Again her image appears before his eyes. He thinks ” I am unable to think about other things. O.k. Her face is too beautiful. She is ….”. He sleeps with her pretty face.

Next day, Raj and Laksh r going to police vehicle to their station. Laksh sees a boy who is following a girls’ group and teasing them. He gets angry and and applies breake. Because he is ACP u know. He goes towards him. He gets the same feeling. A cold breeze caresses his hair. He ignores it and helds the boy’s shoulder from back. He turns and looks shocked. Laksh slaps him immediately and starts to beat him. Suddenly a girl shouts “stopppp”. Raj also comes there. The girl is Ragini. Laksh is shocked, surprised again, happy and mermorized seeing her. He leaves that boy. Ragini continues her talking seeing Laksh. She also has same strange feelings and neglects it.

R: Sir if u r a police then do u have rights to interfere in others’ rights? He sang to himself and came behind us. He also has right to sing and walk in this road too. Who r u to stop that? Did we complain to u that he was teasing us? No. Then y r u beating him?”. She asks in one breathe. Laksh, Raj , the boy and others r shaken. A little crowd also comes there. Ragini doesn’t bother about anyone. “Say sorry to him” she says. Avni who gets senses first drags her and “Sir really so sorry sir. Princess what r u saying? First u say sorry to him. U have made a little fight here. Look around”. Ragini looks around and says ” Sorry for insulting u. But u sho…..”. Avni drags her before she completes. Their group goes. Raj also is relieved from shock and drags Laksh to their vehicle. Raj orders him to sit. Laksh does his orders like a robort. Raj asks sorry to the public and starts to drive the vehicle. Inside the car,
R: U did not dream yesterday. She is real. But y did she behave like that? What do u think about her? Laksh is lost in shock. Raj shakes him with his left hand while driving. Laksh comes to senses.
L: What happened? Is she mad really? If any girl was in her place, she would really appreciate me. I am unable to understand her. Different. She is so different from others.
R: O.k. I also agree. What r u going to do next?
L: Leave her topic. I am going attend the meeting.
R: O.k. U go. I will join u half an hour later.
L: y?
R: I have a small work.
L: O.k.
Laksh gets down from car and goes inside. Raj turns and goes somewhere.
After half an hour,
Laksh is thinking in mind. What type of girls is she? She is fully disturbing me. I want to know the reason for her weird behaviour. Dangers r always behind the pretty. It is truth. Shit. My lucky angel is ……. His thoughts r disturbed by Raj. Raj asks ” y did u cancel the meeting?”.
L: I am totally confused by her. Her act made a hurt in my heart. It pains me. I want to ask her the reason.
R: U can ask that tomorrow.
L: How?
R: She will stay here for 6 days.
L: What?
R: I followed them and met her friend Avni who dragged her. She told everything to me.

Credit to: Ilavarashi

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