She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 7)

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After a day, in a car, Raj is driving and Laksh is sitting beside him in normal costumes.
L: Where r v going now?
R: What happened to u? I already told that Prakash is coming from Kolkata to attend my bro’s marriage. We r going to receive him now in railway station.
L: Oh! O.k.
R: What o.k? U should also come to that marriage tomorrow evening.
L: O.k. I won’t forget.
At railway station plat form, Prakash gets down from the train. Laksh hugs him and talks with him. Raj too joins them. Suddenly Laksh feels something strange and happiness. A cold breeze caresses his hair among that crowded plat form. His eyes and legs move without his control. Raj and Prakash talk b/w them. Laksh collides with a girl. A current passes through him. Her bag falls on his legs. He comes to present and bends to take her bag without seeing her. He sees her soft legs which r dancing slowly. He smiles and sees her bottom to top when he stands up. She is our Ragini and his dream girl. He is shocked, surprised, mermorized and happy to see her. She says with a smile “Sorry for my mistake and thank you for ur help. By the way I am new here. But I love this place at first sight. It is said by my heart. I do not know the reason. R u also new here?”. She talks continuously and a friend drags her. Laksh is in a stage of confusion whether it is real or dream. She calls him ” Sir!! Sir!!”. He doesn’t reply. She shakes her head horizontally with a smile and turns. Raj who didn’t watch this comes in front of Laksh. Prakash leaves from there attending a call.
R: Come Laksh.
Laksh who comes to senses by his voice searches Ragini.
R: Whom r u searching?
L: That dream girl.
R: What?
L: I saw her here some seconds before.
R: Laksh r u dreaming in day too? U should go to a doctor sure.
L: Raj I am telling truth. He says every thing to Raj. Laksh’s eyes r searching through whole dialogue for Ragini.
R: Then where is she now?
L: I missed her. Shit. He worries so much. Raj (in mind) Y is he worrying too much? Does he love her?
R: Do u love her? (suddenly)
Laksh is shaken. After one minute silence b/w them,
L: No. I do not love her. But I want to see her cute face continuously and get her friendshipda. I do not know y.
R: O.k. I trust u. Now come on. If she is real u will meet her surely. But (in mind) I am sure u have fallen for her. I am able to see some thing new in ur eyes for the first time. They go. Camera comes to Ragini. She also feels extreme happy. The friend who dragged her is Avni.
A: Do u know him?
R: No.
A: Then y did u talk to him so much?
R: Do not know.
A: Strange.
R(in mind): Yes. I too feel strange and new. She smiles unknowingly.
Camera shifts to temple’s entrance in Kolkata.
Su: Swara u go home. Shekhar and I will come later. Tell this to Sanskar because his phone is switched off. O.k.
Sw: Bye aunty.
Su: Call me as maa Swara.
Sw: O.k maa.
Sumi hugs her and kisses her forhead and leaves.(Swara did not talk with Sanskar after that due to her fake anger. But Sumi and Shekhar do not know about this) Swara goes Ragsan’s house which is opened. She goes to Sanskar’s room which door is opened lightly. She knocks the door. At once some body pushes her into that room. She sees that room. It is fully decorated with her favourite white and red roses. A board is hanging with a word “SORRY”. There r chocolates, cake and her favourite dishes on a table. She is happy seeing them. She turns and sees Sanskar who is locking the door. ” What r these? Do u think that these will change my anger? ” she asks with fake anger. Sanskar sits on his knees and stretches his hand with a white rose bouquet. He tells and asks ” I am really sorry Swara. Plz forgive me. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MYSELF SWARA. U R MY SOUL. U R THE REASON FOR MY SURVIVAL NOW. Will u accept this fool as ur life partner? I promise u that I will make ur life happy. I will support u in right things. I will change myself according to situations as a lover, a friend, a well wisher, a father, a mother, a future husband and a body guard when necessary. Will u marry me?”. He says and asks emotionally. Swara’s fake anger disappears. She gains that bouquet and says ” I LOVE U TOO SO MUCH. U R MY LIFE TOO. I AM READY TO MARRY THIS FOOL”. She says with tears full of happiness. Sanskar stands up and hugs her. She reciprocates with that bouquet. He says “I love u”. She says “me too”. They want to stand like this for ever. Let us wait and watch what will happen next? Screen stops with hugging swasan and smiling raglak seperately.
Precap: Will Laksh meet his dream girl next time? What is the twist in swasan wedding?
I am sorry for my late update. I tried my level best for describing raglak meeting and swasan stages. I am sure it is worst to u. But forgive me as I am younger in writing. Hope so. Do comment.

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