She is not only my wife but also my life (Epi 6)


All stand around Ragini’s bed. She opens her eyes and sees all. She gets teary eyes. She says “I am really sorry. I will not play in serious matters. But plz talk with me. Don’t punish me. I can not bear it. Bhai, plz apologize me. I did not expect that it would hurt u a lot. Because u know that I do not know about love towards the life partner. Plz talk with me.” Now she cries. Sumi sits and hugs her. Sumi says “Do not cry or take stress. We have already forgiven u and Swara. So do not cry Princess.” She wipes her tears. Swara hugs Ragini. Both of them cry with smiles in their faces. Ragini gets up and hugs Shekhar. He pats her back and tells “Princess, u should be strong. If u got stress to this matter how will u manage ur life? So u should be strong.”

R: Yes Papa.
She goes to Sanskar and he immediately hugs her. Sanskar in mind: Oh God! If she gets to know about my suicide attempt surely she can’t bear it. Sanskar it is ur mistake and foolishness.
R: Bhai….I am really sorry. Will u forgive ur princess?
S: I should forgive u if I got angry on u. I didn’t get angry on u as u r my lovely princess. She hugs him with more proudness and happiness. All feel happy due to their bond.
S: Oh! Princess u totally forgot about ur medical camp trip. Won’t u go? (To change the atmosohere he asked it.)
Ragini breaks the hug and says ” So lawyer sir wants to chase me from here to enjoy with all?”.
S: No princess.
Su: Did u book to train princess. I also forgot that.
R: No maa. Our college did it for all.
Sw: But when and where r u going to go? U did not inform me about this.
R: Sorry Swara.I forgot to inform u. This is usual for final year students. We approximately fifty students both boys and girls go to JAIPUR by train for a medical camp.
Sw: To a long distance place.
R: Yes Swara. This was planned by our college to make new experiences for us and we r in seperate groups. Every group goes to different places. Today evening at 4’o clock I will leave for Jaipur.
Sw: Oh!
R: R u happy or sad?(in naughty way)
Sw: Ragini I am half happy for ur trip and half sad. I will miss u again for sometime.
R: Not for sometime but for whole week.
Sw: What?
R: Yes. It will take 2 days for going and coming. Camp is for 5 days. But surely u will not miss me. Lawyer sir is there for u. She smiles and twinkles her eyes.
Sh: It is enough. Arrange all things princess.

Swara only stands there. Others leave. Swaragini continue their talking.
In Jaipur, Laksh is in his office. A black car is shown. A 40 years old man with coat and suit gets down. He walks towards Laksh’s room. He comes inside without permission. Laksh looks at him and asks ” Don’t u know about manners? But u r great business man in Jaipur. Am I correct Mr. Arjun?”.

Arjun is slightly shocked and asks without showing it and sits in a chair “So u know about me very well.”
L: How can some one live without knowing about u in Jaipur? (in a sarcastic tone)
He is much irritated with Laksh’s activities.
A: I came here to tell u to close that file related to a journalist’s murder. I will pay for it.
Laksh claps his hands with a laugh.
L: So u r the one who related to it.
A: Yes.( in a high tone)
L: Do not raise ur voice. So u have added strength to my doubt. First say sorry to me for disrespecting me.
A: What?
L: So I will not close that file. Think about it. After two minutes,
A: Sorry. ( in an angry tone)
L: It is okay. So behave with good manners. I will see u with arrest warrent next time. Now get out.
A( in shock): U r playing without knowing me.
L: I know about u top to bottom.
A: Surely u will face difficulties if u make me as ur enemy.
L: I am ready to all. Now leave.
He leaves in anger. Laksh smiles looking at him. At once Raj enters.
R: Duty time is over ACP sir.
L: Tell me Raj.
R: Where is that drawing?
Laksh takes it from a file and gives it. Raj looks it. He is in great shock.
R: Is she beautiful and pretty like this?
L: Yes.
R: Really u r lucky to see her in a dream even.
Laksh smiles.

Arjun in a car (in mind voice): Hey ACP u have played with me. I will show u who I am later.
At evening,
Ragini gets into a train wearing her college t-shirt and denim jeans. All wave bye to her. Swara wishes that a happy journey dear. Unknowingly it makes happiness in Ragini’s mind and only God knows the reason. Screen freezes in the faces of raglak happy face.

Precap: Surely raglak meeting and swasan moments.

Sorry friends I was again busy. Raglak fans I beg u for sorry. I am sorry to my lie. Plz excuse me. I am a student. Eventhough I will try to update regularly. Comment me plz. So I can know ur views. Ur comments r important to me. If u dislike my story surely I will stop it. I am now also thinking to stop it as I get low comments. I agree that I am not good in writing or uddating in tym regularly. But hooefully I try to update one epi per a day. Sorry if I hurt u. Ty for ur support and comments.

Credit to: Ilavarashi

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